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WoD Opening 791 Crates & Bags: Salvage Yard Big Crates for Gold Making!

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WoD Opening 791 Crates & Bags: Salvage Yard Big Crates for Gold Making!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here and this video I'm going to show you what it's like to open 791 Salvaged Crates. Yes, 791. Crazy I know but should be fun.

I have four level 100s so I used them all to gather as many Big Salvaged Crates as possible. It took about two weeks to get this many so about 14 per day per character give or take. First up We have Ryutuarou who's my Warlock. He had 211 Big Crates and 5 bags. It took forever but he eventually ended up with 24 blues, 231 greens, and 1 665 BoE epic. I vendored pretty much everything even if it made more sense to DE it just to be a bit conservative. I also got a ton of armor and weapon upgrades for my followers, lots of vendor trash, along with some reagents to auction.

Next up we have my Jr Druid who started out with 134 Big Crates and 3 bags. He's my most neglected hence the smaller numbers. With him I had 152 greens 16 blues, and 1 BoE 665 Epic. Not bad and he also got a ton of vendor trash, weapon, armor upgrades and lots of reagents.

For my third alt, my Mage, I had 176 crates and 7 bags to start. This led to 181 greens, 36 blues, and 0 high level epics. I bet you're asking why I'm vendoring all the greens. Well, I don't need the luck of a transmog to show the gold making in this video. I can't assume everyone will get good transmog pieces so instead I assume you get none to keep numbers on the low side.

Finally, we have my main, who of course is Tarou, my Druid. He had the most Big Crates with a whopping 244 and 11 bags. Tons of chances for 665 BoE epics but no dice as his luck was thin. Instead I netted 250 greens and 32 blues along with reagents and the follower upgrades.

If we add everything up, it breaks down like this.

765 Big Crates & 26 Bags equalled:

Greens x 814
Blues x 108
Vendor Trash x a lot
Total = 10,421g

Epics (BoE 665) x 2 = 18,765g
Reagents = 3,787g

Grand Total Potential = 32,973g

I did not factor in any blue, green, or lowbie epic that I sold on the AH. Which could have made a decent difference. Almost 33k gold is pretty good anyhow considering the effort involved is pretty minimal. You do a little more than two sets of missions per day which doesn't take much time at all.

Well, I hope you liked this video and it gives you an idea of how worth it, it is to have a Salvage yard. I have a huge announcement coming in a video tomorrow you don't want to miss so watch your subscription inbox for it.

Lates every one and have a great week.