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WoD: How to Spend Extra Garrison Resources & Make Gold Doing it! Guide for Patch 6.0.3

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What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a new video for the Warlords of Draenor expansion. This video will show you some great options for spending your leftover Garrison Resources and making gold while doing it.


After you max out your Garrison and its building's levels to level three, there isn't much to spend Garrison Resources on aside from follower missions. Resource reward missions can also get pretty large like this one at 875 for just one mission since I have two followers that have a scavenger trait. Some of you might already have maxed out at the 10,000 resources and have no idea what to spend them on. Well, I have some solutions but the first does require that you get a Trading Post building. In a future patch that might change but for now you have to have it and can't use a party member's garrison to interact with the special NPC.


Your trading post will come with an NPC labeled as a 'Trader' who can trade out your Garrison Resources for profession materials among other things. You'll want to compare your server's pricing on the items to see which will net you the most gold per Garrison Resource. For most servers, that is going to be Draenic Dust. A stack of five only costs twenty-five resources and each Draenic Dust sells for about five to six gold. That is roughly one gold per resource so if you have the cap, that would be 10,000 gold on my server. Not bad but I wouldn't go spending all your Garrison Resources at once. Future patches will likely make changes and additions that will require Garrison Resources so I wouldn't spend all of yours and instead just do a few thousand to keep you below the cap.


Oh and if you're curious about the Smuggled Sack of Gold that costs 50 resources, don't waste your time as it only contains an around 15 gold average. I bought some to test it out and it just isn't worth it since it equates to about 32 silver per resource versus 1 gold or more from Draenic Dust trading.


The Trading Post also produces Garrison Resources at a rate of 30 per work order. Each work order changes everyday from all sorts of profession mats but almost always works in your favor. For example if the stack of five mats are one gold each, as is common on my server, it'll cost you 5 gold to make roughly 30 gold which is a return of 600%. When the mat for the work order is Draenic Dust, I just wait a day for it to change. When it's a cheap mat, I loaded it up to max work orders to allow for skipping a day or so.


Another thing I spend resources on are the War Mill work orders which give gear and upgrades. This helps gear up my followers quicker and that makes quests higher levels and that leads to better rewards.


If those things don't suit your needs, you can use Garrison Resources to purchase Garrison items that can help you get gold on an invasion or if you have yet to hit 100, 100 resources can buy you a potion that gives an increase to experience gained by 20% for one hour. I'm hoping they make this BoA in a future patch.


The final use I have for Garrison Resources is to buy the 3 weekly Seals of Tempered Fate. The first one costs 300 resources while the second is 600 and the third is 1,200. These are useful for bonus rolls on raid bosses.


Well, I hope you liked this video and it gave you some ideas of what to do with your excess Honor Points. To see more videos like this and many other types, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and visit my website at


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