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WoD: How to Make Gold w/ Your Garrison! Over 6,000 Gold Per Day!

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WoD: How to Make Gold w/ Your Garrison! Over 6,000 Gold Per Day!



Hey everyone. In this video, I'll give you a glance at what I do on a daily basis for all my characters to make money from their Garrisons.


Making gold with your Garrison is really easy and takes minimal effort. In this video, I'm starting with 13,793 gold so keep that in mind. I start by taking a trip around my Garrison picking herbs and turning in the seeds for work orders. I do the same thing for my Frostwall Mine. After I have cleared out all the nodes, I turn in the stones to start some work orders. Each building has a follower and if I wasn't looking for an accurate daily total I would of course first loot the finished work orders.


Next, I finish up existing missions and start new ones. Since this video is for a 24 hour period, I have already cleared out and removed anything from yesterday's missions. To make the most money, I avoid Bonus XP and Garrison Resource quests first and focus on gold and items. If you have a Trading Post or can make good exchanges between resources and Rush Orders, that might be something for you to consider with your missions. Oh and I'm well aware I should have a Garrison addon but at the moment I don't mind doing the calculations myself and having control over which followers I use. The last missions I do are Bonus XP or Garrison Resources for usually single followers in the hopes of getting a Salvaged Box.


After that, I gather work orders and start new ones. They all make gold for the most part and are fairly even across professions. Alchemy just might be the worst one and one I have ditched on both my Alchemists in favor of an Enchanter's Study or the convenient, non-gold making Storehouse. This guy has the Enchanter's Study and Scribe's Quarters along with a Barn and Gladiator's Sanctum for gold making. Of course the mines and herb garden that you saw earlier too.


With all that done, we can start making gold by selling the trash we found in the mines and exchanging the Primal Spirits for a Savage Blood. Since we only have 12, we'll calculate the cost based on the 12 as a percentage of 50 spirits or 600g based on the going rate of Savage Blood after 6.1's launch. It's 24% or 144g.


Next, I'll list the stuff we have so far. Prices are pretty low which is great for making this video modest.


Once everything is up there, I go about my day by logging off or doing something else in-game. Periodically, I might check on completed missions and start new ones but I don't bother timing them or anything. I'm just not that concerned.


Sometime after the long missions are complete, I cross my fingers and hope for Big Crates of Salvage. It looks like I got 9 of those a few bags. These are hit or miss but can contain some good transmog stuff or even iLvl665 BoE epics. But, most of the time it's vendor junk or stuff to disenchant. I'm no transmog expert and probably have vendored something worth a lot but I don't want to spend a ton of time researching every single green I come across. So, I DE the BoP stuff and head to the Auction House with the rest. At the AH, I do one or so rounds of listing for 12 hours unless I know the items is worth something or nothing. After it gets it chance to be sold, whichever didn't sell, get vendored. If you've got the time, you can try checking Wowhead or other websites to see if it is a high-priced transmog items. I just don't have the time, all the time to worry about it.


As the day comes to an end, I finish up DE'ing mission rewards and start my overnight run. Any mats I have left in my bags also get thrown up on the Auction House. If I wasn't making a video, I would use the mats to make items or wait until the next day and list everything at once. For this video though I want you to see the break down as it goes.

The next day I continue my routine and loot all the work orders. My Gladiator's Sanctum usually makes me a great amount of gold daily from DE'ing the PvP items and turning the honor into vendor gold by visiting Orgrimmar's oldschool PvP vendor. Of course in this video I got shafted and got zero items and only a mediocre amount of honor.


I didn't do too hot with Savage Blood from my Barn either but we're shooting for a modest video so it's all good. Currently, the average worth of a War Paint is around 65 gold. We created 21 during the day and we'll use that to figure out our profession's and its building's worth for the day. It comes to 1,365 gold and every profession is around the same so this should give you a general idea of yours as well no matter what you have.


After I've finished up my auctions, I can now loot everything that is left and collect the gold from selling things. It looks like I looted 4,119 gold and still had a ton of greens leftover. We won't count those to add in some server fluctuation cushion but we will deduct 280g from the Savage Blood since it sold a lot higher than normal and add back in our 144g from our Primal Spirits and 1,365 gold from the War Paints. Once the vendor trash is factored in, our overall total for daily gold is a modest 6,378 gold.


Auctions: + 4,119g

Tons of Greens: + Not counted

Overpriced Blood: - 280g

Primal Spirits: + 144g

Profession & its Building: + 1,365g

Vendor'd Items: + 1,030g

Overall Total = + 6,378g


Not a bad haul for mostly sticking around my Garrison.


Well, that's it for this video and if you haven't yet, please subscribe and visit my website at It helps a ton and I thank you all.


“Now Go Make Some Gold or Something!”