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WoD: How to Get the Fruit Hunter Pet!

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What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a new video for the Warlords of Draenor expansion. In this video, I'm going to show you how to get the Fruit Hunter pet.


Getting the Fruit Hunter pet is actually really easy. Head out from your garrison and go to area that I am on at shown by the in-game map. Once there, head up to the top of the buildings and towards the back is a nest. Loot the egg that's there and the Fruit Hunter will hatch from inside it. It takes three days similar to some other egg hatches that you might have done in the past but this one seems to have a 100% drop rate for the pet.


Here's a close up of the Toucan Fruit Hunter and its stats. Just ignore my sorry battle pets. You can definitely tell I do not do battles much.


Well, that's it for this Tarou mini-short video and I hope you liked it. To see more videos like this and many other types, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, RyutaroAkaTarou.


“Now Go PvP or Something!”