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WoD: How to Get Exalted Rep w/ the Steamwheedle Preservation Super Fast & Easy!

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What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a new video for the Warlords of Draenor expansion. This video will show you how to get exalted with Steamwheedle Preservation fast and easy.


For this guide, I suggest being level 100 although you can start once you're high enough to be in Nagrand. The quickest way to hit exalted with Steamwheedle is by farming the rare elite mobs in Nagrand. They are solo'able at 100 by most classes but things go much quicker with a group or at least spamming general chat when you find one of the rares. Most of the rares are stationary and I've made a map to show you where they spawn. Make sure you learn the names and pay attention to general chat as people will let you know when one is up.


Each rare drops an epic reputation item that awards 500 Steamwheedle reputation without bonuses that can be turned in. There are also chests scattered about around trees and other areas that also have a reputation item called Highmaul Relic that award 350 reputation without bonuses. Some elite mobs around Nagrand can also drop the Highmaul Relics. The Highmaul Relics can also be awarded from Garrison missions but they are pretty infrequent. The chest and mobs in Nagrand can also contain Gorian Artifact Fragments which award 250 reputation for each stack of 20 without increases.


If the Darkmoon Faire is going on, you can get a bonus multiplier to your reputation gains by riding the Merry-Go-Round. Just buy a ticket and hop on the ride until you get a 60 minute buff that increases rep and experience gained by 10 percent. Make sure you have a decent amount of rep items to turn in before you get this buff.


When I was doing this grind, I wrote down the order of the mob spawns to help setup a sort of rotation to which mob to kill and which mob to go to after that kill while sort of setting up a giant circle to reduce travel time. As long as noone kills the mobs out of order, the order of mobs being scattered by their spawn times helps make the grind fairly easy with only small amounts of spawn waiting. I also had Aviana's Feather from my Garrison's Inn that allowed me to quickly fly from spawn to spawn incase my group or the group I was following got out of sync due to another group or player starting to kill a rare elite early. Some people also have luck with hoping servers and checking spawns but that might be too complicated, too RNG, or not very feasible for most.


Currently, the mobs allow for tag-sharing regardless if you're in the same group or not which is nice. The reputation items are also BoA so you can send to alts if you want to increase their rep or want to send them all to your main. The rare elites also seem to have a spawn time somewhere around 40 minutes. Which is also a near perfect amount of time to kill all nine elites with minimal waiting.


Once you have roughly calculated how many you need, you can start turning them. If you find you need more, go back out and run your rare elite rotation again until you get what you need. All in all without bonuses expect to spend about 6 hours in Nagrand farming to exalted. That's not too bad considering how long some prior rep grinds have been. Furbolgs anyone?


What I would consider as the best rewards for this rep grind are the two pets – an Albino River Calf and a Forest Sproutling which are available at revered. Also, at revered is the follower Professor Felblast. At exalted you get the “Conservationist” title and a Domesticated Razorback mount which are both pretty neat.


Well, that's it for this Tarou reputation video and I hope you liked it. To see more videos like this and many other types, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, RyutaroAkaTarou.


“Now Go PvP or Something!” You totally deserve it.