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WoD: Garrison Changes for Patch 6.1 & More!

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WoD: Garrison Changes for Patch 6.1 & More!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. In this video, I'll talk about some of the major changes to our Garrison in Patch 6.1.


The first thing you might notice is that you can now upgrade your followers to iLvl 675. I was lucky enough to have tons of upgrade items saved up and that let me upgrade quite a few of my followers. This is a welcomed change that now allows for better rewards but did Blizzard really have to add a confirmation dialogue box. At least give me an option to get rid of confirming my change every time. I hope they change that with a hotfix because it sure is annoying. To speed things up when I have a lot of upgrades I drag the item to my bar so I don't have to drag my mouse cursor around too much.


Next, we can now see that our Garrison Quartermaster outside the Town Hall will exchange Garrison Resources for several different items. Some of them the Innkeeper inside used to carry but many are new. The Scouting Missives are quests to get more Apexis Crystals and you can stack them with your Apexis Crystal daily quest. There are also some items that will reroll your follower abilities and traits that carry a steep price tag of 1,000 Garrison Resources. Lastly, you can buy Rush Orders which immediately finish 5 work orders. That's pretty cool when you really want something now. I imagine the Gladiator Sanctum one could come in handy if you didn't get your conquest points for the week or if you want to really make an item to sell or use for a raid.


A change that wasn't welcomed by me was Conqueror's Tribute now requires 20 Broken Bones instead of 10. If I were Alliance, I might not mind but on my server Horde does events so bones can be pretty light on some of my characters.


However, I did welcome that you can finally see how many reagents you have beyond 100. The asterisks really didn't help me much when something required 150 or 200 of something like the profession craftable items. I had to instead look for the text to change to bright white to know I had enough of an item. Now it tells you well beyond 100 into the 1,000s which is nice.


I also like that is now tells you when your work orders will be completed and I am so blind I have yet to notice the best addition to the work order pane, a create all button. As a creature of habit, I just clicked away until I noticed several minutes later. Wow, I'm noob.


We also got a contracts vendor who sells some of the followers that you might have missed or chosen not to get. Each one is 5,000 gold a pop and a nice way to spend some of the gold you've likely accumulated this expansion.


I also noticed that my Storehouse building has a reduction in NPCs or at least I think it does. The Trading Post also got some changes and no longer do you need a special macro for big quantity purchase since you can finally shift click the item and buy as many as you like up to 200 or the max stack size for the item.


One other change I like is the addition of a daily quest for Iron Horde Scraps from your War Mill. It takes 25 scraps and you get to pick an armor or weapon enhancement item for your follower. I have a stockpile of over 800 of these scraps so it'll take awhile to get rid of them all. New work orders give more scraps so I'm not sure I'll run out anytime soon.


Oh and not a clue if it was here before but I just noticed this random bird Pepe that sticks with you for 60 minutes. I couldn't find them flying around me but I could periodically hear them as I went about my daily routine. I'm not sure if that is intentional or not.


Alright and with all these changes, Blizzard couldn't leave out new follower missions. You'll notice a vast amount of new items and some of the reasoning behind increasing the max iLvl for followers. Blackrock Foundry Spoils have been introduced and they drop a iLvl 665 item for normal with incremental increases to Mythic. If you don't raid and clear bosses, you won't see Mythic level stuff for your mission rewards. You can also get Primal Spirits as a reward on a mission, runes, rush orders, increased gold, a selfie (S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera), new follower items, increased treasure trait followers, Savage Blood, and many other items.


Finally, some of you might notice trade chat spam talking about ore traders, fur traders, Harrison Jones, or other daily quest giving npcs. These change daily and may be different for each of your characters and other players. These traders will trade reagents for profession recipes and Primal Spirits. Be careful though as some are not worth the trade on some servers. For my server they all are pretty good right now. For example, hides cost 1.25g each right now so buying 50 Primal Spirits would cost 312g 50s. Each Savage Blood costs 50 Primal Spirits and sells for around 500 gold. That is almost 200 gold in profit and well worth the effort. This won't likely last so capitalize on it while you can. It's also a good way to get items for profession recipes cheaper and thereby increase overall profit when you sell the item.


Well, that's it for this video and there are many changes to the Garrison and its buildings I might not have mentioned like being able to summon world raid bosses into your Garrison. You're on your own for those.


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Lates everyone!