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WoD: 8,815 in 4hrs: How to Make Gold With Alchemy Guide in Patch 6.0.3!

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What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a new video for the Warlords of Draenor expansion. In this video, we're focusing on Alchemy and its gold making potential.

To get started you need to have some of both the basic and greater version of a draenic flask. They cost one book for basic and five for greater. You of course accumulate books through your daily research cooldown. Depending on your server, some flasks will sell better and for more profit than others. I have listed the typical order on the screen of which recipes you should buy first.

Once you have the recipes, grab some mats from someone in trade selling in bulk, spamming trade yourself, your own gatherer, your garrison, or buy purchasing off the Auction House. I going to buy mine from the Auction House did demonstrate the worst case scenario.

When I'm buying mats, I only roughly make estimates on what I need to buy. It's okay to over or under buy since you can adjust it later and being too obsessed with perfection can lead to taking way too much time in preparation.

After getting some mats together, make whatever flasks you have a recipe for and buy new recipes if you can. If you don't have enough books to buy new draenic flask recipes, just continue to make and sell what you have until you have enough books to expand into other flasks.

To list flasks, and even buy mats on the Auction House, I like to use the Auctionator addon. I'm also listing during peak raid time which is around 6pm for most servers. I do this because I get almost instant sales and I have to do the least amount of work in the shortest amount of time. If I list at 10 in the morning I may have to check my auctions for hours without getting many sales. By listing around 6pm to 10pm I can grab the majority of the market which will let me sell me more flasks in a shorter amount of time even with increased competition. However, you don't want to buy your mats during this time. Instead, buy your mats over the weekend when lots of people are farming and selling them. The over abundance of sellers leads to fierce competition and much lower prices.

Alright, so I let the flasks sell for about 4 hours and most have finished their hour cooldown to my mailbox. I'm straight looting the gold from my mailbox using the addon Postal and selectively only looting flasks. Postal is a must have for anyone selling items on the Auction House and just as good for anyone else. After I've looted all the mail, I counted up the flasks and here is a breakdown of what sold.


WoD 6.0.3 Alchemy Gold Making Totals


Greater Draenic Strength Flask

+ Sold 195 @ 44.09g avg. = 8,597.55g

- Material Costs 195 @ 29.10g avg. = 5,674.50g

Total Profit in 4 hours = 2,923.05g


Greater Draenic Agility Flask

+ Sold 199 @ 35.16g avg. = 6,996.84g

- Material Costs 199 @ 25.80g avg. = 5,134.20g

Total Profit in 4 hours = 1,862.64g


Greater Draenic Intellect Flask

+ Sold 368 @ 39.65g avg. = 14,591.20g

- Material Costs 368 @ 28.70g avg. 10,561.60g

Total Profit in 4 hours = 4,029.60g


Overall total sales in 4 hours = 30,185.59g

Overall total material costs in 4 hours = 21,370.30g

Overall total profit in 4 hours = 8,815.29g