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Tarou's Recap/Thoughts of Upcoming PvP Changes in Patch 5.2 & Beyond!

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Tarou's Recap/Thoughts of Upcoming PvP Changes in Patch 5.2 & Beyond!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a video explaining the upcoming PvP changes in Patch 5.2 and beyond.

It looks like Blizzard has been considering a lot of player feedback and they've decided to even the playing field with PvP by adding a curve. Reminds me how stupid some college classes are. If you have to curve a test, then either you suck at teaching or your entire class is morons. And when Blizzard plays the 'fair' card, it's usually going to piss off a lot of people and at the same time make a lot very happy. Casuals vs the hardcore, elites vs point cappers. Which side are you on? Personally, I'm a hardcore casual elite point capper. Try to figure that one out, haha.

Every season we see the elite players ready to go on day one of a new season. They have their teams all set up and with the best gear, they make a giant push back up to the top ranks. Once they reach the top of the ladder, they sit on their teams and wait for the rewards. They don't quit PvP or anything; they just play a different team size or environment. Now not all great PvP players do this. But if you've ever seen the top of the ladder, competition is bleak. There just aren't enough players up there playing. The numbers can be so low at times the players have to almost arrange matches or figure out when others are playing if they want to be matched to any remotely close rated team.

Blizzard wants to change this by adding rating increases or inflation to players who constantly play over the course of a season. For example, if Sam's team is at 2700 and his team doesn't play, it looks like he'll stay there as they don't seem to be adding in rating decay. Instead, Bob's team who plays all the time but normally couldn't get past 2500, will eventually pass Sam's team overtaking them at 2700. If Sam wants to hold their position, they'll have to play more or be happy with a lower rank. Early on in the season I don't see this being a worry for anyone. From the mid-season towards the end though teams are likely to become a lot more active and push for higher ratings and rankings.

Rewards are also being changed. Starting in Patch 5.2, top PvP gear will no longer have a 2200 rating requirement or any rating requirement for that matter. Instead it will be a Conquest Points earned for the season requirement. Players will need 27,000 Conquest earned to be able to purchase elite gear and 7,250 to purchase weapons.

This change has the elites of the PvP community pissed off and I totally understand that sentiment. You worked so hard to push above 2200 and now some points grinder can come in and get the same stuff. Super whack I get it. But here's the thing. It's going to take that person a whole lot longer to get 27,000 points compared to an elite like yourself. Will it take some of the prestiege away from it? Yes, yes it will. The point of elite gear will be devalued fairly quickly and by mid-season it may only be a sign of time invested, not skill and not elite.

On the otherhand, 2200 turns into a wall after the season has begun for a month or so. Most players rush to 2200 and stay there doing the minimum to get their cap every week. This creates a wall of players who should be moving up but instead are camping a rating too afraid to play. A lot like how some top ladder players think. That doesn't say elite in my book. Grow some balls and move up the ladder.

When 5.3 hits, Tyrannical Gladiator's gear can be bought with honor as long as you have earned 27,000 or more Conquest Points for the season. This is suppose to help players gear offspecs without affecting gearing their main spec or upgrading it. Elite gear will still have the Conquest seasonal currency requirement of 27,000 but weapons will no longer have a requirement of 7,250. This sort of thing will happen in every mid-season patch.

Also at the beginning of any PvP season, the upgrade system will be disabled. Meaning in 5.2 you won't be able to upgrade any of your gear with points until Patch 5.3 is released.

Finally they plan to add the catch up mechanic in Patch 5.3. Tons of players start late in the season and this usually leaves them at a huge disadvantage. There are lots of reasons for them slacking off in the beginning. Maybe they were focused on PvE doing the new content like raids, rep, and dailys or they decided their character sucks in the current patch and they switched their main or a multitude of others reasons that prevent them from the early rush of rating and gear. The point is they start at a huge disadvantage and if it were a skill issue, I'd say this catch up idea is crap. But, it's not crap since I've seen really good players, players who have always been glads get stuck a lower ratings because the caps just didn't allow them to catch up in time with gear or rating. This should be alleviated to some extent with the removal of 2200 rating requirements but adding this catch up system will literally leave no excuse for any player not to participate effectively in PvP and have all the gear to do so.

So what do I think? I think they need intermediary rewards. Rating requirements cause problems I get that but, they also give you something to shoot for and I think that's important to have. A title at the end of the season is too late and too long away. I don't know what would be a good reward but I do know that I was so much happier doing PvP in classic when I got my next rank or ranks' rewards & titles every week.

Good luck everyone in Season 13 and have fun in your PvP adventures.

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