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Tarou's 200,000g ++ Christmas and Holiday Gold & Item Giveaway Recap!

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Hey guy and girl players of World of Warcraft. Tarou here bringing you a quick video recapping my Christmas Holiday gold and item giveaway.

So, it's Christmas day in this video and I thought it'd be fitting to giveaway some items and gold. First, I'll be giving my best friend 50,000 gold so he can get whatever he likes. I love hooking up my friends along with people I don't know.

Next, I'll be wrapping some Christmas presents. They ranged from a Volcanic Deck to Bloodthirsty and Vicious PvP set pieces down to some random pets.

After everything is all wrapped up, it's time to giveaway those presents along with some gold. I invited everyone on Facebook and my realm to come to the Christmas tree in Org. The only thing I wanted from players was to be dressed or act in the Christmas spirit. I was especially looking for players who had full Winter Veil sets. I gave away gold based on randomness RNG fun and the way they were being Christmas-y. Some players got 2,000g while others got 777g or 888g or whatever I felt was good at the time. Some Christmas spirit goers got presents or gold or both. Some people just didn't get it and would spam trade with me. I warned several times and finally just started ignoring them completely.

I tried trading a few players some gold and they would cancel the trade immediately. I guess they didn't want it. This was annoying but, I do the same sometimes when people try to trade me every 2 seconds kinda like the greeds who keep spam trading me. Eventually they get ignored for being greedy and annoying.

I don't let that screw over the rest who are waiting patiently. It took a lot longer than usual to give away gold this time. Not many people were being very Christmas-y and that was what I wanted to see. The less people I could give gold away to, the longer it takes to give out over 100,000 gold ya know. Carrolers got a bit of a bonus compared to others and festive mounts helped even more.

I ended up giving away 123,000 gold along with 30,000 gold or so in items for a grand total of 153,000 given away to players on my server for simply showing me their Christmas spirit. I hope it can help those players enjoy the game more.

Well, that's it for this vid and I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.

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"Now Go Tell Me Something Nice or Mean That You Did During the Holidays!"

I donated all the food and toys in our house that we didn't need.