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Tarou Gives Away Over 1.5 Million in Item & Gold! - Christmas Recap

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Tarou Gives Away Over 1.5 Million in Item & Gold! - Christmas Recap

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a recap video for my over 1.5 million in items and gold giveaway!

I first want to say that the turn out was huge and insanely chaotic not only for who showed up but for me as well. Constant spam in yells, say, trade, and whispers was hard to keep up with. Was a lot of fun though and the Holiday spirit was everywhere with players singing and dressing up with holiday cheer. I only had to ignore a few greedy players. All in all a success.

It was quite entertaining. A lot of people were going nuts trying to figure out what to do and were way over thinking things. The only thing anyone had to do was follow my instructions. Most did but some decided to ignore it and they likely lost out because of that. In the beginning I handed presents out to anyone who was not trying to get something. So the ones who looked patient around the tree got the initial presents and gold.

From there I switched it up to have everyone trade with me. I moved around the tree to give everyone a chance and did my best not to give anyone a trade window more than once. In a game world it's really difficult to hand out everyone something not just because I had a limit of 500 presents but also because you just can't easily click and go with everyone's movement. Sorry if you didn't get something but no giveaway is ever a guarantee to get something. I think the 600 who got items was a pretty large number for a giveaway. Normally you expect no more than a few people to ever get anything. Odds for my giveaway were about 1 in 3 or better.

I also liked how a few people took on to the giving and started giving away things they had as well. One of my favorite parts of the Christmas event. Really awesome to see that.

Once all the presents were gone, I selected 48 players to get a big present which could be gold, a mount, something random, or pets. To get into my raid all you needed to do was not beg like crazy, be jolly by singing or other be comical, transformed into a gnome, or dressed for Winter Veil with a reindeer. 8 of them were level 1s which I set a pet, mount, or gold to. The 40 in the raid got 3,333g each and a chance at presents which included pets and mounts like the Deathcharger, Panther, Camel, and X-51 Rocket. They also had a chance to get a slice of almost 400,000 gold.

It wasn't all cheerfulness though. I got tons of begging, sulking, not fair, I hate you, I didn't get anything, unsubbed, blah blah give me give me damnit give me messages and sorry but it's likely that attitude that got you nothing. Oh and if they think I do giveaways for subs or to keep subs, they're sadly mistaken. If that were the case, I would do it much more often.

I do it in the spirit of giving and the holidays. To give back with what I can to hopefully those who are in need.

The whole point of the holiday season is giving, not getting and no matter how old or young you are it's something super basic everyone should know unless you grew up with troggs in some desolate cave.

600++ Players got a piece of:

Pets = over 100,000g++ worth
Mounts = over 900,000g++ worth
Other = over 50,000g++ worth of random items
Gold = 500,000g++
Grand Total over 1.5 Million in Items & Gold!!

The total hand out was worth over 1 million gold in items plus 500,000 gold giving us a total of over 1.5 million in items and gold. By far the largest giveaway in World of Warcraft's history. No other person has given away more than myself and you can bet your ass I'll be doing it again and upping the amounts.

Thank you everyone so much for the kind words, thank yous, holiday wishes, and overall support of me, my website and YouTube channel. From my family to yours, happy holidays and may 2013 bring you all tons of joy and good fortune.

Now Go PvP or Something!