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Stockpile List for Patch 5.2: Make Thousands on Patch Release! All Professions & Auction House Flippers

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Stockpile List for Patch 5.2: Make Thousands on Patch Release! All Professions & Auction House Flippers

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here and I'm bringing you a video telling you what items you need to stock up on for Patch 5.2.

This patch could come as early as February 26th and it's bringing a lot of new items, dailys, raiding content, and a new PvP season. That means tons of players will be getting new gear and they're going to need enchants, gems, leg armors/threads, and buckles.

They'll also need flasks, potions, and other things. For the fresh 90s or players just entering raiding or pvp'ing on their alts or main, they'll need everything including gear. This patch introduces new craftable gear for PvP covering all slots aside from weapons as of right now. I don't know if they'll add craftable weapons but even if they do, most the mats I list will cover them anyway.

Dump List:
All Contender's gear within a month of release. (Players won't know immediately there is better gear and some will still buy the older Contender's PvP gear.)

Farming/AH reselling:
All mats for max level listed under the profession it's used for.

Leg Enchants
Windwool Cloth
Windwool Bolts
Don't forget your CD daily

Leg Armor
Mining & Herb Bags (Don't go crazy.)
Magnificent Hides
Exotic Leather

All max level enchant mats.
All popular max tier enchants.
Don't forget your CD daily

Ghost Iron Bars
Living Steel

Living Steel Belt Buckles
Ghost Iron Bars
Living Steel

All max level popular gems/metas
Uncut max level Gems/Primal Diamonds
Serpent's Eye
Ghost Iron Ore
Don't forget your CD daily

Max level Flasks (Elixir spec only)
Max level Potions (Potion spec only)
Living Steel (Use your CD everyday!)
Trillium Bars (Trans)
Ghost Iron Bars
Wild Jade, Vermilion Onyx, Imperial Amethyst (Trans)
Golden Lotus (Lots - Elixir spec)
Don't forget your CD daily

Max level herbs (Least expensive for milling)
Epic Shoulder Enchants
Don't forget your CD daily

Ghost Iron Ore/Bars (Go Crazy!)
Trillium Ore/Bars

Max level Herbs
Golden Lotus (Lots)

Magnificent Hides
All max level leather especially Exotic

I may have missed a few items so I'll update this list as need be on my website at Also keep in mind that some things may be speculative and Blizzard can change things with the live patch. There's always a risk but I eliminate it as much as possible.

Finally, this is a good time to clean up and clean out your bank, bags, and alts. You're going to need the space and having everything organized will help making gold a lot easier with less chaotic frustration.

You also want to make sure you have all the best money making addons like the ones listed on the screen. Each has a video tutorial if you need help setting them up.

Well, that's it and I wish the best of luck to everyone in your gold making adventures in Patch 5.2.

Thanks for watching and if you haven't yet please subscribe to my YouTube channel, and share this video!

"Now Go Stock Up Your Way to Riches!" Lates.