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Noblegarden - Best Spots/Towns to Hunt Eggs! Get Your Swift Springstrider Fast & Easy!

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What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a quick video and guide comparing the Horde locations for Brightly Colored Eggs to see which is best for egg hunting and farming.

So, I'm sure a lot of you are wondering which town is best for Noblegarden egg hunting since there's a nice holiday mount, the Swift Springstrider out this year. That gave me the idea to help all of you out by doing a rough comparison of all the towns.

I'll first be checking out Bloodhoof Village. I wouldn't expect too many people to be here but there were a few even though it was mid-day. Overall the egg spawns seemed to be very low. It's possible I had bad luck but after 5 minutes and only 8 eggs, this place wasn't worth the time.

Next up is Razor Hill. This should be the busiest place and since Blizzard devs know that, I wouldn't doubt if it has several extra spawns than Bloodhoof. Either way, Razor Hill crowded or not, provides an excellent place for egg hunting. After 5 minutes we we're able to get 18 Brightly Colored Eggs which is a whole lot more than Bloodhoof.

I'm not ready to dub this place the best though so let's hit up Brill and find out how it does. Right off the bat I can see there is mild competition. That's good for us because Brill is a nicely packed town that has tons of egg hiding spots. I've never hunted eggs here before but found tons pretty easily in 5 minutes. With a little more time this place could put out even more I'm sure. The total for Brill was 20 eggs. Not too bad and now to check our last spot to find out which of the four is the best.

Last up is Falconwing Square which you can get to by taking the orb in front of Undercity and then ride over to the west of Silvermoon. Unlike the others, I can't fly here but I can use travel form or the egg basket speed buff. Competition was able the same as Bloodhoof and Brill. This town is probably the easiest to find eggs. They're just along the outside and in the center at the fountain in a small area. Except for in the bushes and wagon, none are very well hidden. After 5 minutes I was able to get 25 Brightly Colored Eggs which makes Falconwing Square the best place to hunt for eggs.

Here's the recap of each 5 minutes and taking these numbers into consideration, if you're going for the mount, it'll take you appoximately 2 hours of straight egg hunting regardless of your class.

Well that's it for this video and make sure to check my channel tomorrow for the whole holiday achievement guide.

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"Now Go Hunt Some Eggs or Something!"