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MoP: Tarou's Trending Top 3! Black Market AH, Helm Enchants, & Dragon Turtle Mount

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Mists of Pandaria: Tarou's Trending Top 3! Black Market AH, Helm Enchants, & Dragon Turtle Pandaren Racial Mount!

In this video I'll talk about the top 3 things that Tarou finds trending this week in Mists of Pandaria. We'll cover where to find the Black Market Auction House, what happened to shoulder and helm enchants, as well as a look at the Pandaren racial mount, the Dragon Turtle.

First up we have the Black Market Auction House that you might have heard of. Take the Path of a Hundred Steps which is way more than a hundred by the way and head into The Veiled Stair and finally into the Tavern in the Mists. Inside you'll see one of those clothes changing walls or whatever and the Madam Goya behind it will give you access to the Black Market.

The Black Market isn't fully implemented in game yet but should be soon. So far we know it will have items like Ashes of Al'ar, old school tier pieces, stuff for transmog, and many others like pets and they will cost a good amount of gold. If you're rich, which most players are not, you'll now have a gold sink to dump some of it that you've been saving for.. no other reason than to be rich or just simply that you didn't find anything interesting to ever buy. Keep in mind you'll be fighting over these items on a bid system so even though Ashes starts at 20,000 gold, expect to pay a whole lot more during the first month of Mists of Pandaria's release until things settle down.

We also just got blue confirmation from none other than Ghostcrawler himself that helm enchants will be removed from the game. No longer will you have to farm rep for a faction you could care less about just so you can max out your character and avoid having your psycho raid leader kick you for being a lazy noob by not having.

Shoulder enchants will also be removed from vendors but Scribes will be able to make them.

The last thing I want to mention is the new Pandaren mount, the Dragon Turtle. It looks awesome and I can't wait to get one. One of the coolest and silliest mounts in the game. Hopefully it will be put in the next beta build so, I can test it out.

Well, that's it for this Mists of Pandaria video and I hope you liked it.

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