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MoP Mini's Ep.7: Box Art, Release Date, & Account-Wide Mounts Updated! Beta

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MoP Mini's Ep.7: Box Art, Release Date, & Account-Wide Mounts Updated!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here and I'm just bring you a quick vid showing a few new things with Beta that are trending. Let me know in the comments what you think.

First up we some box art that was leaked and it also looks pretty legit as it sits on top of a razer mouse. There are two boxes and this was found on redit although it could have been taken from somewhere else. All in all though it's nothing more than boxes with the game still in beta and this doesn't indicate any release date just that we're closer.

What could indicate a release date is the items found through data-mining. We can clearly see that Brewfest and Hallow's End items are in the game files. Here we have some trinkets for brewfest along with weapons from Hallow's End. This could mean a release date anticipated for before Brewfest. There's also some raid testing going on right now in beta and that is one of the final tests in testing. If I were to predict a release date, I would go with August 28th. That would give enough time for people to be level 90 and enjoy the Brewfest event. That would also mean we'll likely see the expansion changing event sometime early to mid August which is insanely soon when you think about it. That of course is if everything goes as planned. I wonder how that will effect school starting.

The last thing I want to mention which has nothing to do with a release but is news in my opinion. Just 5 or 6 hours ago we got a blue post from Mumper on the beta forums stating that these mounts will now be included in the account-wide list. The only mounts that aren't account wide are class specific or rewarded from PvP. Rewarded as in you kicked ass and got the mount in the mail after the season ended. Any of the ones you bought like the war kodo and the like are account-wide.

Well, that's it for this Mists of Pandaria Mini and I hope you liked it.

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"Now Go Tell Me Your Predicted Release Date in the Comments Below." Lates...