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MoP Mining/Herb Combo EP.1: 2,634g Per Hr - Best Mining & Herb Routes: The Jade Forest

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MoP Mining/Herb Combo EP.1: 2,634g Per Hr - Best Mining & Herb Combo Routes: The Jade Forest

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here and in this video, I'm going to show you the best routes for combined gathering with Mining and Herbalism in the Jade Forest.

In this first episode, I'll show you two routes I like to use in the Jade Forest. Before you begin your gathering adventures, make sure you have plenty of bag space by sending items off to an alt or storing in your bank, fully buffed, and repaired. Having at least one Herb and Mining Bag can be helpful but not necessary if you have big bags with lots of slots.

You'll need to have at least 500 in Herbalism and Mining to get started although 550 is best. If you have a Gnomish Army Knife, gathering enchant, or a racial buff this can be less of course. If you don't have Mining or Herbalism and would like to get them, check for an easy and fast way to level both at the same time.

I'll be farming in the Jade Forest on each route for 30 minutes. These routes are made by me using the addon, Routes. I do adjust them a bit from time to time and even in this video so if you want the latest version, check my website in this guide for a link to how to get my routes.

Mining/Herb Route

Mostly we'll be gathering Green Tea Leaf, Ghost Iron Ore, and Rain Poppy but we'll also find Golden Lotus, Fool's Cap, Silkweed, and maybe even some Trillium Ore. The latter is mostly found on Windward Isle where you might run into players doing dailys for the Cloud Serpents or farming eggs. If you're looking to get your rep to exalted with the Cloud Serpents and get the mounts, you'll want to check out the video I have up on the screen. Non-druids or players without a vanish de-aggro type of ability, may want to skip Windward Isle completely if it slows you down too much with aggro from mobs.

Often times when you run into other players, of even your own faction, that won't be courteous and straight jack the node right from underneath you while you fight a mob. This is why I say always CC or put a pet on the mob and gather first before fighting. Here I should have NS Cycloned the mob and so I bow to this sneaky Rogue.

To be honest, you can choose to be a douche or take the higher road and not steal from fellow players of your faction. If it's an enemy, you again have the choice but it makes more sense to kill them and take the node or CC and take it. Sometimes for kicks, I blacklist anyone who snakes a node from me and even out farm them where they're farming just to show them how being a dick doesn't fly. On the flip side, it can be a lot of fun to compete with people while gathering seeing who can get to and farm the nodes the quickest. I've found myself late at night laughing at other players and myself. Oh that was pro and you got that but you won't get this next one. Ba-bam in your face. Needless to say it can really pass the time even if it does cut into your profits. Fun and enjoyability is greater than money.

As you fly through the Jade Forest you might see some Herb nodes pop up inside caves. Through years of farming, I've usually found it to be a waste of time to head into a cave unless you see a Golden Lotus or Trillium Ore node or can stealth in and out without getting bothered by mobs. I do grab any near the entrance though.

Mining/Herbalism - Jade Forest Route #1:
Ghost Iron Ore x 211
Green Tea Leaf x 142
Silkweed x 29
Fool's Cap x 27
Rain Poppy x 37
Golden Lotus x 3

After 30 minutes we picked 235 herbs, three Golden Lotus, and 211 Ghost Iron Ore. That's looks pretty decent but we'll really found out when we see the gold we can turn it into.

Next up we'll move down to our second route and see how well gathering is.

I really like the Jade Forest for simple gathering using Mining or Herbalism separate or even combined like we do in this video. It's usually pretty quiet and competition is typically low even with new players leveling in the area. You also don't have to worry about mobs too much and really shouldn't catch aggro in-game. If you do get aggro, just blow them to bits by popping all your cooldowns. Saving cooldowns is mostly pointless. Use them.

If you're a Druid pulling aggro while flower picking doesn't even pose a problem and that makes them the best gatherers without a doubt. Especially when you're a Tauren because of the racial that reduces the cast time during gathering of herbs.

Paladins and Deathknights are pretty nice too and even other classes for different reasons like invisible from a Mage or vanish from a Rogue. Play what you like.

The best herb you can find while gathering is Golden Lotus and it usually has its own node that can drop as many as five at a time but I've only seen three. It can also be found inside other herb nodes but it's rare. The Golden Lotus specific nodes will give you a luck buff that lets you get Plundering Treasure from mobs. Check my farming guide for info on that.

When you're gathering with any profession you begin not knowing what to expect just like with anything. As you farm more and more you'll start to learn where nodes can and cannot be. Some places I always check is around bodies of water when I'm doing Herbalism and cliffs or rocky edges when I'm doing Mining. This sometimes might veer you off my routes and that's totally ok. It's just a good guide to start with that I have tested over and over again with great success.

Oh and make sure you have Mist-Piercing Goggles. These are awesome and give you a slight chance to find extra herbs and Mining nodes. You can buy them on the Auction House or have an Engineer make them for you. You'll make your gold back in one farming session. Best part is you don't even need to equip them or even bind them to your character. Just leave them in your bags and they'll do the work. You can tell they are working by the mist over some of the herbs.

Some players don't like gathering and that's fine but if you're forced into it for some reason you can make it a lot more enjoyable and fun by doing simple stuff like blaring music, watching your favorite movie, or talking with friends. It also helps to not burn yourself out by doing some short gathering sessions and taking breaks for raiding, dailys, heroics, PvP, or even IRL stuff.

Mining/Herbalism - Jade Forest Route #2:
Ghost Iron Ore x 272
Green Tea Leaf x 139
Rain Poppy x 61
Golden Lotus x 2

Alright the 30 minutes are up on the second route and we got 200 herbs, two Golden Lotus, and 272 Ghost Iron Ore. Don't mind the herbs or ore I didn't count. I got them when the timer wasn't running. It's an addiction that even therapy couldn't solve. Yellow dot on map, must gather.

With both routes done we can go back to Org and list everything on the Auction House. Everything gets put up for 12 hours in full stacks aside from Golden Lotus which I list in singles. There are a lot of addons to use for listing and I have videos on most of them but here I use Auctionator.

When listing any mats you can pretty much ignore the singles or stacks made up of a few that are way under-priced. Don't bother undercutting them and instead price above them. Anyone buying herbs or ore is going to buy more than just a few.

Mining/Herbalism - Jade Forest Route #1:
Ghost Iron Ore x 211 = 538.05g (51g /stack)
Green Tea Leaf x 142 = 293.66g (41.36g /stack)
Silkweed x 29 = 90.34g (62.3g /stack)
Fool's Cap x 27 = 240.3g (178g /stack)
Rain Poppy x 37 = 82.88g (44.80g /stack)
Golden Lotus x 3 = 162.48g (54.16g ea.)
Grand Total = 1,407.71g in 30 minutes

Mining/Herbalism - Jade Forest Route #2:
Ghost Iron Ore x 272 = 693.6g (51g /stack)
Green Tea Leaf x 139 = 287.45g (41.36g /stack)
Rain Poppy x 61 = 136.64g (44.80g /stack)
Golden Lotus x 2 = 108.32g (54.16g ea.)
Grand Total = 1,226.01g in 30 minutes

Mining/Herbalism - Jade Forest Route #1 & #2 Total:
Ghost Iron Ore x 483 = 1,231.65g (51g /stack)
Green Tea Leaf x 281 = 581.11g (41.36g /stack)
Silkweed x 29 = 90.34g (62.3g /stack)
Fool's Cap x 27 = 240.3g (178g /stack)
Rain Poppy x 98 = 219.52g (44.80g /stack)
Golden Lotus x 5 = 270.8g (54.16g ea.)
Grand Total = 2,634g in one hour

After a day, everything sold including items I gathered for my herb and Mining videos previously released. As with the separate videos, the top and bottoms routes did well but the top route which includes Windward Isle is the winner.

Adding both routes together gave us 483 Ghost Iron Ore, 435 of mixed herbs, and 5 Golden Lotus which totaled 2,634g for an hour of farming. That beat out herb by itself and smashed Mining. In Patch 5.2 these prices have increased.

Different zones will have different results and so next time we move over to Valley of the Four Winds.

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"Now Go Gather or Something!" Lates.