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MoP Mining EP.1: 1,800g Per Hr - Best Mining Routes: The Jade Forest

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MoP Mining EP.1: 1,800g Per Hr - Best Mining Routes: The Jade Forest

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here and in this video, I'm going to show you the best routes for Mining in the Jade Forest.

In this first episode we'll look at two routes in the Jade Forest.

To get started make sure you have plenty of bag space, you're repaired, and buffed. A quick way to empty bags is just to send things off to an alt.

You'll need to have atleast 500 in Mining although 550 is ideal which can be less if you have a bonus from your Mining Pick, an enchant, or racial. If you don't have Mining and would like to get it, check for easy leveling.

Also another must have Mist-Piercing Goggles. These give you a chance to find extra nodes. They fairly cheap on the Auction House and after a day will pay for themselves. You don't need to equip them or even soul-bind them. Just leave them in your bags and they'll do the work. You can tell they are working by the mist over some of the Mining nodes.

For this zone you'll mostly be farming Ghost Iron Ore and shouldn't have to fight more than a few mobs per hour. We'll spend 30 minutes using this top route you see on the top of the map. The route is drawn by the Routes addon and is something I manually put in. Check for a guide about the Routes addon and how to get my custom routes.

Best Mining Routes - The Jade Forest: Top & Bottom

Best Routes for the Jade Forest

As you follow the route you'll get use to where Mining nodes commonly pop up. These sometimes change during an expansion and you'll even notice I adjust the route throughout the video. The final or updated version is always on my website for any route I use in any video.

For this route, you'll hit up Windward Isle which is usually the only place I found Titanium Ore at. Also, this is a common area for players doing dailys or farming eggs to get exalted with the Cloud Serpents

From time to time you'll come across some caves while farming ore. Most of the time, it wastes too much time to go inside of them to mine unless you can stealth in mine, and stealth out which is usually unlikely and why I always skip caves unless the node is very close to entrance.

Also while farming you may come across rare mobs. It's up to you but I like to stop and own them for some potential of extra gold and pure fun while Mining. Mixing things up during farming keeps it fun and along with that, blaring music and jamming out or talking with friends over vent or Skype can really make farming more enjoyable.

Mining - Jade Forest Route #1:
Ghost Iron Ore x 340

After 30 minutes we ended up with 340 Ghost Iron Ore which isn't too bad. Now to hit up my bottom route and see how it does. A simple change of scenery can cut out some of the boredom you might experience during farming.

There's tons of nodes all over the Jade Forest and being 90 should allow you to farm almost all without running into any mobs. That's helpful in keeping your character Mining instead of wasting time on mobs.

If you have a vanish, CC'ing the mob and vanishing away can cut down on the down time. Even if you don't have a vanish, CC'ing the mob with a sheep, cylcone or whatever you have including putting your pet on the mob will keep the node from getting stolen by another player trying to rob your node.

Some of the best classes to use for Mining are Paladin and Druid. DK's are good as well along with other classes for different reasons like vanish from a Rogue or Feign Death from a Hunter.

The Jade Forest's Mining nodes are plentiful even with the nerf they received awhile back and their respawn time is really fast. It's one of my favorite zones to farm in and competition is usually really low.

Mining - Jade Forest Route #2:
Ghost Iron Ore x 367

Ok, so we finished up our 30 minute session for the second route and brought a nice 367 Ghost Iron Ore. Don't mind the 4 Titanium Ore or some of the Ghost Iron Ore I didn't count. I got those when the timer wasn't running.

Now we just head back to Orgrimmar and list up everything on the Auction House. I list everything for 12 hours in full stacks using the Auctionator addon. I've linked it on the screen if you need a tutorial for it.

Mining - Jade Forest Route #1 & #2 Total:
Ghost Iron Ore x 707 = 1,816g (51.37g per stack)

After a day, everything sold including items I got for other videos releasing soon. Our two routes combined was 707 Ghost Iron Ore that sold at roughly 51 gold and 37 silver per stack giving us a grand total of 1,816 gold. Not too bad for an hour of farming and prices have increased in Patch 5.2.

Well, that's it and I'll see you in my next video and guide.

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