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MoP Gold Making w/ Mining/Herb Combo EP.2: 2,530g/hr - Best Routes: Valley of the Four Winds

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MoP Gold Making w/ Mining/Herb Combo EP.2: 2,530g/hr - Best Routes: Valley of the Four Winds


What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here and in this video, I'm going to show you the best routes for Mining and Herbalism combined in the Valley of the Four Winds.

In this episode we'll look at two routes for this zone. Make sure you have enough bag space,  you're repaired, and buffed.

You'll need to have atleast 500 in Mining and 545 in Herbalism although 550 Mining and 575 Herbalism is ideal which can be less if you have a bonus for Mining and Herbalism. If you don't have Mining or Herbalism and would like to get them, check out to easily level both of them at the same.

If you haven't seen my video with routes for the Jade Forest, you should check it out for more tips on how to increase your gold per hour with the combination of Mining and Herb.

In the Valley of the Four Winds we'll be running each route for 30 minutes.

This video showcases some of the best routes I have for VotFW. I've ran the zone many times and spent a lot of effort perfecting each route so you don't have to. I do this by using the addon Routes to draw on my maps manually. After these videos release, I always add my new routes to my custom Routes. You'll also need the Routes Addon which all gatherers should have.

My first route for this zone passes through some heavily herb and ore populated areas. You'll be hitting node after node with very little flight time between them. Competition in this part of the valley can be high and vary through out the day depending on your server's play style. Lots of levelers and level 90s are around with most being idlers waiting on an RBG, Gar group, doing dailys, or many other things. You can do the same and farm to mult-task. If you haven't yet, you can get your rep to best friend with all the tillers by farming Dark Soil in the Heartland area.

Best Routes for valley of the four winds

Aside from that, this like any other zone, will have lots of rare mobs you can stop and kill as well. Getting the addon NPCscan can be a great help and make your mult-tasking even expand further to get more achievements done.

If you noticed, when I looted Golden Lotus straight from its spawn, I got a buff of luck which gives me a chance to loot Plundering Treasure from mobs. I end up pulling aggro on a few mobs and they drop some chests which sort of makes up for pulling them. Even so, I won't be counting the loot in this video since it's too luck based.

Mining/Herb - Valley of the Four Winds Route #1:
Ghost Iron Ore x 197
Silkweed x 91
Green Tea Leaf x 178
Golden Lotus x 2

Alright so after 30 minutes we got a pretty good amount of ore and herbs which I've put up on the screen. Now let's switch the route to my second one and see how it does.
Best Routes for valley of the four winds
Oh and even though I mentioned it in episode one, make sure you buy your Mist-Piercing Goggles if you haven't yet. They don't cost much and you'll get it back in extra nodes within one gathering session. Just check the AH or get an Engineer to make them for you. Then, leave them in your bags and they'll give you extra nodes indicated by clouding nodes with a mist.

I like to use this second route when competition in the Heartland area gets really high. This route adds a bit of a break while still keeping on a track with lots of node spawns. It's a bit unconventional and really throws off competition.

Oh and as always don't forget to CC single mobs and always pop all your cooldowns to kill them fast if you do pull aggro after looting herbs or ore. Those lost seconds really add up if you don't nuke mobs fast enough. I estimate that for every mob encounter, you're losing ore or herbs from as many as three nodes in the same time frame. Skip non rich nodes if level 90 mobs with lots of health are too close.

Mining/Herb - Valley of the Four Winds Route #2:
Ghost Iron Ore x 219
Trillium Ore x 2
Silkweed x 96
Green Tea Leaf x 169
Golden Lotus x 1

This was my last gathering session for the day and players were flooding the zone. That made it a bit more difficult to get some rock solid numbers but we didn't do too bad. I've posted on the screen our numbers for my second route. It turned out to be almost the same as our first.

Now we just head back to Orgrimmar and list up everything on the Auction House. First though we're going to compare prices for ore vs bars. In this case, bars are a big enough difference in price to warrant us smelting them. Or is it? I let you know at the end of the video.

With everything smelted we can put the bars on the Auction House along with all the herbs for 12 hours in full stacks and single for tril and Golden Lotus by using the Auctionator addon which I've linked a guide to on the bottom right of the screen.

Mining/Herb - Valley of the Four Winds Route #1:
Ghost Iron Ore x 197 = 678.57g (Bars: 137.78g /stack)
Silkweed x 91 = 191.83g (42.16g / stack)
Green Tea Leaf x 178 = 263.26g (29.58g / stack)
Golden Lotus x 2 = 113.82g (56.91g ea.)
Total = 1,247.5g in 30 minutes!

Mining/Herb - Valley of the Four Winds Route #2:
Ghost Iron Ore x 219 = 754.35g (Bars: 137.78g /stack)
Trillium Ore x 2 = 18.92g (9.46g ea.)
Silkweed x 96 = 202.37g (42.16g / stack)
Green Tea Leaf x 169 = 249.95g (29.58g / stack)
Golden Lotus x 1 = 56.91g
Total = 1,282.5g in 30 minutes!

Mining/Herb - Valley of the Four Winds Route #1 & #2 Total:
Ghost Iron Ore x 416 = 1,433g (Bars: 137.78g /stack)
Trillium Ore x 2 = 19g (9.46g ea.)
Silkweed x 187 = 394g (42.16g / stack)
Green Tea Leaf x 347 = 513g (29.58g / stack)
Golden Lotus x 3 = 171g (56.91g ea.)
Grand Total = 2,530g in one hour!

Well, it's the next day and it didn't take long for everything to sell. Both the routes combined netted 416 Ghost Iron Ore, a few Trillium, 534 Herbs, and 3 Golden Lotus which gave us a grand total of 2,530 gold for an hours worth of farming in super heavy competitin.

Pretty awesome and how about that choice to smelt bars. Was it worth it? Well, it took us about 6 minutes to smelt them and it gave us around 200 gold more making it the more profitable choice right? Not really. We used 6 minutes and had we farmed that 6 minutes we would have made roughly 253g. It would be worth it though if you wanted to go afk since smelting doesn't take player interaction.

Well, that's it and I'll see you in my next video and guide when we take a look at some routes for Kun-Lai Summit and a special item to make Mining and Herbalism faster.

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