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MoP Gold Making w/ Mining EP.3: 1,635g/hr - Best Mining Routes: Kun-Lai Summit

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MoP Gold Making w/ Mining EP.3: 1,635g/hr - Best Mining Routes: Kun-Lai Summit


What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here and in this video, I'm going to show you the best routes for Mining in Kun-Lai Summit.

As usual we'll be hitting up two routes for 30 minutes each and comparing the outcome and with this round we're in Kun-Lai Summit. Before you get going, make sure you have enough bag space,  you're repaired, and buffed.

You'll need to have atleast 500 in Mining but that will limit your ability to make a decent gold amount per hour. Skill level 600 is really where you want to be at which can be less if you have a bonus for mining. If you don't have Mining and would like to get it, check out my Mining 1-600 Leveling Guide for easy leveling of any profession.

If you haven't seen my video with routes for the Jade Forest or Valley of the Four Winds, you should check it out for more tips on how to increase your gold per hour with Mining.

The routes I use always tried and true with some minor adjustments for better optimization happening live in the video if need be. I do this by using the addon Routes to draw on my maps manually. After these videos release, I always add my new routes to my custom Routes. You'll also need the Routes Addon which all gatherers should have.
Best Routes for kun-lai summit
The first route we're on is a medium sized route that crosses over all types of terrain. Most of the Mining nodes do not have mobs but you will run into a few. Especially, when they have heighted sense and aggro the minute you begin Mining. Once you learn which ones, you can pre-emptively crowd control them and get the kill afterwards.

Normally, I don't stop during a video session to kill any rare elite mobs but since I saw Scritch pop up on the NPCscan alarm, I had to stop for a chance at a very expensive rep item called the Hozen Peace Pipe. It's a great item to sell if you need the gold with a price tag averaging 5,000 gold on most servers. Needless to say it can really boost your gold per hour if you're lucky enough to have it drop. It didn't drop for me but was worth the stop.

Kun-Lai is a great zone for mult-tasking while you farm ore. You can find groups for the outdoor raid bosses, complete some lorewalkers stuff, along with many treasure achievements and much more.

Luckily though the competition in the zone appears to be less than Valley of the Four Winds when it comes to gathering. It's still high but just not as bad. You'll also come across a lot more Trillium Veins. On the down side though the amount of Mining nodes is less concentrated with a fair amount inside mob heavy caves.

Mining - Kun-Lai Summit Route #1:
Ghost Iron Ore x 242
Trillium Ore x 7

Alright so after 30 minutes we mined up 242 Ghost Iron Ore which is weak when compared to our two previous zones. Anyways, let's switch to our second route and see how it does.

Best Routes for kun-lai summit
th routes do pass through the Fire Camp Ordo. This is a very important place to hit up if you don't have your Forager's Gloves which drop from Korda Torros. They increase your gathering speed by 1.5 seconds down to a max of 0.5 seconds. This is huge for any gatherer but the drop rate can be a bit daughting for some. It's about 10% and the mob respawns approximately every hour.

/target Korda Torros

This second route of mine can be a bit too fast which is why I like to throw in a cave run into the mix at the end of a lap. I've gone into the caves once already and this is the second time but I'm also doing this to show you how several nodes in a cave looks awesome but it can really sink your ore per hour amounts. This is just a glimpse at how it can destroy your farming potential. It does have benefits though; you usually don't have any competition, you can combine with Potion of Luck for extra drops and mob farming, and far less traveling.

If you decide to hit this area of caves, make sure to have berries found on the ground for their added buff to make killing the yeti easier.

Mining - Kun-Lai Summit Route #2:
Ghost Iron Ore x 202
Trillium Ore x 9

Ok so it's been 30 minutes and we've wrapped up the second route. It did horrible with 202 Ghost Iron and 9 Trillium. Not good numbers at all. Kun-Lai is just a difficult place to mine sometimes. I average about 700 ore per hour on a normal session and this was 250 below that.

It happens though and a 950 session can make that up.

Alright so now let's go to Org and throw everything up on the Auction House. Just like last video, I will make some bars but keep in mind what I said in the last episode. Smelting bars is usually only worth it when you want to AFK in town or have another reason to kill time. Otherwise farming more ore in the smelt time will net better numbers.

We're listing the Ghost Iron in full stacks for 12 hours. The Trillium Ore gets listed in singles most of the time but I'm throwing up a half stack for the heck of it. As always, I use the Auctionator addon.

Mining -  Kun-Lai Summit Route #1:
Ghost Iron Ore x 242 = 799.08g (132.08g /stack bars)
Trillium Ore x 7 = 73.85 (10.55g ea.)

Mining -  Kun-Lai Summit Route #2:
Ghost Iron Ore x 202 = 667g (132.08g /stack bars)
Trillium Ore x 9 = 94.95g (10.55g ea.)

Mining - Kun-Lai Summit Route #1 & #2 Total:
Ghost Iron Ore x 444/Trillium x 16 = 1,635g

After a few hours, everything sold without needing to relist. The two routes combined netted 444 Ghost Iron Ore and 16 Trillium Ore which gave us a grand total of 1,635 gold for an hours worth of farming. Those numbers are weak and we could have done a lot better. Not a big deal though since we did have fun with some rare elite which took up time.

Well, that's it and I'll see you in my next video and guide when we take a look at some routes for Townlong Steppes.

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"Now Go Get Scritch Slapped!"