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MoP Gold Making w/ Herbalism EP.1: 2,490g Per Hr - Best Herb Routes: The Jade Forest

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MoP Gold Making w/ Herbalism EP.1: 2,490g Per Hr - Best Herbalism Routes: The Jade Forest

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here and in this video, I'm going to show you the best routes for Herbalism in the Jade Forest.

In this first episode, I'll show you two routes I like to use in the Jade Forest. Before you begin your farming adventures, make sure you have plenty of bag space by sending items off to an alt or storing in your bank, fully buffed, and repaired. Having at least one herb bag can be helpful. Having a gathering addon like Gathermate(2) can also be helpful. You can grab it from any addon website such as, or wherever you get yours from. You'll need to have atleast 500 in Herbalism to get started although 550 is best. If you have a Gnomish Army Knife, Herbalist's Spade, gathering enchant, or a racial buff this can be less of course. If you don't have Herbalism and would like to get it, check my Herbalism 1-600 Leveling Guide. To give you a general idea of the potential of this zone I will be hitting up the two different routes on the map 30 minutes each. I draw my routes manually by using an addon called Routes (Map Drawing). I also adjust them a bit in the video and you can always find the final one on my website in this guide with a link to how to get my routes yourself.

Best Herbalism Routes - The Jade Forest: Top & Bottom

Best Routes for the Jade Forest

Mostly we'll be gathering Green Tea Leaf and Rain Poppy but we'll also find Golden Lotus, Fool's Cap, and Silkweed. The latter is mostly found on Windward Isle where you might run into players doing dailys for the Cloud Serpents or farming eggs. If you're looking to get your rep to exalted with the Cloud Serpents and get the mounts, you'll want to check out my Cloud Serpent Rep Guide. Non-druids may want to skip Windward Isle completely if it slows you down too much with aggro from mobs. As you fly through the Jade Forest you might see some Herb nodes pop up inside caves. Through years of farming, I've usually found it to be a waste of time to head into a cave unless you see a Golden Lotus node or can stealth in and out without getting bothered by clearing mobs. However, if I see some near the entrance, I do grab those up. Herbalism - Jade Forest Route #1: Green Tea Leaf x 225 Silkweed x 57 Fool's Cap x 52 Rain Poppy x 98 Golden Lotus x 1 After 30 minutes we picked 432 herbs and one Golden Lotus. That's pretty good but let's check out how well I did flower picking on my bottom route. Gathering in the Jade Forest is one of the easiest ways to making gold with Herbalism regardless of how well geared you are or what class you are. Running into mobs is almost none existent considering their level is low enough to sneak by most without aggro'ing. If you do aggro anything, pop all your cooldowns and kill them as fast as possible. Druids don't have to worry about this since you can just stay in flight form the whole time. If you have a vanish, CC'ing the mob and vanishing away can cut down on the down time caused by aggro. Even if you don't have a vanish, CC'ing the mob with a sheep, cylcone or whatever you have including putting your pet on the mob will keep the node from getting jacked from another player trying to steal your herbs. The best class for gathering is a Druid hands down and especially a Tauren Druid. Paladins and Deathknights are good as well along with other classes for different reasons like vanish from a Rogue or Feign Death from a Hunter. The best herb you can find while gathering is Golden Lotus and it usually has its own node that can drop as many as five at a time although I've only ever seen three. I have also gotten that many from a bonus drop looting a different herb as well. Golden Lotus will only spawn from another herb's spot so the more you gather, the more chance you have finding Golden Lotus and specifically only farming Golden Lotus is a horrible farming practice. Typically, I average 4 to 6 per hour but you could be more or less lucky. A must have Mist-Piercing Goggles. These give you a chance to find extra herbs. You can find them on the Auction House or have an Engineer make them for you. They'll get you your gold back in a day or so and you don't even need to equip them or even soul-bind them. Just leave them in your bags and they'll do the work. You can tell they are working by the mist over some of the herbs. My routes sometimes go by the edge of a lake or small body of water. Make sure you're always flying around the lake as you can often found lots of herbs on the edges of any body of water. I get asked a lot about how to make farming and gathering fun. I naturally enjoy it and have ever since vanilla WoW sometimes spending all night farming Essence of Fire in Un'Goro. I'm probably a geek in that respect so for everyone else jamming out to some music, watching TV, talking to friends, or periodically queue'ing for a battleground, raid, or heroic can really make the time spent more enjoyable and lots of fun. Mixing things up always helps with boredom in game life and real life. Herbalism - Jade Forest Route #2: Green Tea Leaf x 236 Rain Poppy x 119 Golden Lotus x 6 Alright we finished up our second route's 30 minute session with 355 herbs which was a bit weaker than our first route but got a whopping six Golden Lotus. That's awesome and now all we left to do is go back to town and list everything on the Auction House in full stacks for herbs and singles for Golden Lotus with a timer of 12 hours. The main addon I use for listing gathering items is Auctionator (Auction House) Addon. When listing any mats you can pretty much ignore the singles or stacks made up of a few that are way underpriced. Don't bother undercutting them and instead price above them. Anyone buying herbs will need more than just a few and will be forced to buy your stacks at the higher, more reasonable price. Herbalism - Jade Forest Route #1: Green Tea Leaf x 225 = 465.3g (41.36g /stack) Silkweed x 57 = 212.21g (74.46g /stack) Fool's Cap x 52 = 462.8g (178g /stack) Rain Poppy x 98 = 219.52g (44.80g /stack) Golden Lotus x 1 = 53.78g --------------------------- Grand Total = 1,413.61g in 30 minutes Herbalism - Jade Forest Route #2: Green Tea Leaf x 236 = 488.05g (41.36g /stack) Rain Poppy x 119 = 266.56g (44.80g /stack) Golden Lotus x 6 = 322.68g (53.78g ea.) --------------------------- Grand Total = 1,077.29g in 30 minutes Herbalism - Jade Forest Route #1 & #2 Total: Green Tea Leaf x 461 = 953.35g (41.36g /stack) Silkweed x 57 = 212.21g (74.46g /stack) Fool's Cap x 52 = 462.8g (178g /stack) Rain Poppy x 217 = 486.08g (44.80g /stack) Golden Lotus x 7 = 376.46g (53.78g ea.) -------------------------------------------------------- Grand Total = 2,490g in one hour After a day, everything sold including items I got for other videos releasing soon. Both routes did well but the higher level herbs found on Windward Isle in my top route combined with the overall greater number of nodes, beat out the second route fairly easily even with us finding 6 Golden Lotus. Adding both routes together gave us 787 of mixed herbs that totalled 2,114g and 7 Golden Lotus for 376g giving us a grand total of 2,490g for an hour of farming. That's pretty good and is even better in Patch 5.2. Well, that's it and I'll see you in my next time when we head over to Valley of the Four Winds. If you haven't yet, please share this video, subscribe, and visit for tons of profession gold making and leveling videos. "Now Go Picks Some Flowers or Something!" Ya, damn hippy.