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MoP: Female Pandaren Hot Fashion 2012 - We're Sexy And We Know It!

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Here's a Tarou quicky of the new female Pandaren model.

Oh yeah. It's that kind a video. Female Pandaren Fashion 2012.

First up we have the Pandaren hotty, Lucy. Lucy is wearing our casual line called Bamboo Leaf. This particular outfit features emerald buttons with an amber robe belt and emerald gold encased bamboo leaf featuring the brand's logo. By far my favorite point of this outfit is the Pandaren paw stamp knee patches. This traditional working or assasinating women's outfit is fit specifically for any Pandaren looking to not hide that caboose or those thick thighs. Show them off baby.

Next up is Lulu in a traditional two-tone full dress featuring a high rise full collar. This is a dress you'd typically wear if you wanted to appear skinnier than you really are. It can really hide those pounds and keep you looking beautiful for those arranged outings and festivals your emperor father drags you to.

Next we have Foxxy who is wearing the Female Dwarf Identity Crisis series. This piece features a drunken rip collar shoe-laced laced green blouse with an eco-friendly patched pair of sexy snot green pants bottomed off with some open toe and claw mid leg boots. This outfit is sure to tell whoever's around how much you love Azeroth and what you're doing to keep it green and that you're not sure if your daddy is who your mommy says it is.

Last up is Griselda in my absolute favorite piece from Tommy Hillbilly's farmer collection. It's every girl's dream to be in such a beautifully designed red button down tshirt that's mellowed out with green pants and suspenders. This piece is sure to attract the guys but at the same time say, hey, I'm butch and I may like girls so back off before I smashed these hot matching boots into your face.

Thanks for watching.

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