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Mists of Pandaria Stockpile List & Advice - Be Prepared & Reap the Profits! Updated 9/20

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Mists of Pandaria Stockpile List & Advice - Be Prepared & Reap the Profits!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here and I'm bringing you a video about stockpiling advice for Mists of Pandaria release preparation.

To get started you'll want to have all mats for leveling professions purposes.
A lot of players are going to be rolling Pandaren and that means a lot of
them will need mats to level uptheir professions or make gear. Pretty much
anything that you need to make something. Ore, herbs, leather, uncut gems, cloth,
volatiles and the like (eternals etc.), enchanting mats, and anything used
to level up or make items.

Now depending on your level and gold, I wouldn't bother with
stockpiling anything cheap unless your goal is very small. Forget silk
cloth, stick to embersilk or frostweave. Don't worry about iron ore,
adamantite ore is a better bet along with others.

I also wouldn't overpay for anything. Pay the cheapest price possible
and trust me, over the next few months people are going to sell stuff just
to make space or out of sheer fear of the price dropping. Don't be in
a rush! Be patient. You can also easily negotiate with people right now.
Noone is buying anything on most servers. Sellers want it gone and are
willing to sell it for less than their listed AH price. Also, consider
farming a lot of things yourself if you have the time.

On the other hand, the game is at a stand still right now. Prices should
actually be increasing for the time-being on most servers. If you bought
Volatile Water for months at 2g and all the sudden you're dumping it
for or able to dump it for 15g, you're watching the squeeze of supply
since a lot of players have stopped playing. It's summer and the worst
populated months in WoW with players who have a purpose (raiding,
pvp'ing). Most players right now are not raiding, farming, or doing
much of anything other than zoning out in Org/SW. That means while you may
sell stuff for more right now, sales will be slowed way down. So what do
you do? Well, you can try selling what you can for big markups and whatever
doesn't sell, sell when MoP gets close and after it releases.

Prices will go through the roof. Volatile Earth will not be 50s, it may be
10g, 20g, 30g who knows? What we do know is it won't be 50s. People
are going to need it and all the other stuff I mention to level up
professions for their new character/s or even ones they already have. When
you get a look at the new perks for say JC or any of the other professions,
even people who never bothered with professions, are going to want them
just to get that pet or that mount or that fun toy etc etc.

Now I bet you're wondering about something like Pyrite Ore. This is an
iffy one. If you hold it, it may be like Titanium Ore and be worth 3-4
times whatever it is on your server right now. You could also smelt it into
bars. If things don't change, it'll be used for the Truegold
which will be needed for the Alchemy specialization and mount (vial sands).
As of right now, Truegold does NOT have a cooldown in beta. I don't
know if it will stay that way or if they only have it that way for testing.
What am I doing? I am prospecting almost all of my Pyrite Ore and
stockpiling the gems. I'm then keeping a decent stock of ore and bars.
I'm staying diversified. You don't want all your eggs in one basket.

Let's see what else... Pets, pets, and more pets. Especially expensive ones if they're cheap.
An example would be I picked up a Crimson Whelp for 5k when on my server it
sells for 20k. Just be careful. We don't have all the data on the pet
battles but if you buy at a safe price to sell it now, it's likely
going to be worth even more just before and right after MoP releases. Keep
in mind though pets are account wide now and that may limit some sales.
Personally, I have been stockpiling any pet that sells for more then 1k.
Lower gold pets may be worth it but if you have a good amount of gold, I
wouldn't bother too much with them unless they are being removed from
the game for some reason and as of yet, I don't see any that are.

*This list will change as we get closer to MoP so, be sure to check often.*
(Note: Limit = keep a decent amount but don't go crazy.)

Farming/AH reselling:
Volatiles & Eternals (May take a month for prices to increase.)
Chaos Orbs (Should be immediate.)
Enchanting Mats All levels (Limit/Minimal Arcane Dust)

Leg Enchants (Limit)
Illusionary Bag, Embersilk Bags, Frostweave Bags(If a lot cheaper than ember), Netherweave Bags (low gold)

Glyphs (Have a large variety with a focus on the popular ones.)

Leg Enchants (Limit)
Mining & Herb Bags (Tons)

Mats from DE'ing
Popular Cheap Max Level Enchants (Limit)

Pets (All)
Mechano-Hog (Mount)
Mekgineer's Chopper (Mount)

Ebonsteel Belt Buckle (Limit)

Gems - Cata level cut and uncut (get through prospecting) - Sell fast before and on release.
More gems... lower levels up to Fel Iron (If cheap) uncut (get through prospecting)
Shadowspirit Diamonds (Meta) Cut into popular PvE cuts and some limited PvP cuts
Chimera's Eye (Limit)

Max Level Flasks (Small Amount)
Uncut Gems (Limit) /Shadowspirit Metas (Use cheap uncommon prices to make several.)
Truegold (No CD so limit stock or hold mats instead.)
Vial of the Sands Mount

Ore (All levels) Especially: Adamantite, Saronite, Obsidium, Elementium
Volatiles, Eternals (May take a month for prices to increase.)
Bars (All levels)
Elementium Geode (Pet)

Herbs (All levels) (May take a month for prices to increase.)
Volatiles, Eternals (May take a month for prices to increase.)

Leather (All levels) Especially: Rugged, Knothide, Borean, & Savage
Hides (Mainly Medium & Heavy)

***DUMP LIST*** (Get rid of ASAP!)
All Enchanting Rods
All Darkmoon Cards & Decks
All Epics & Rare Weapons/Armor for PvE & PvP
All Max Level Expensive Enchants
All Rare/Epic Gems
Living Ember

Hmm.. what else. Just some general advice. Risk what you want
to. Everything is speculation and nothing is for certain. I try to give
suggestions based on patterns from history and things I know should do no
worse than break even but could have huge potential.

Last thing. Keep things organized. Clear out all your banks, bags, alts etc
of useless stuff. Get rid of stuff leading up to MoP that will be worth
less afterwards. Epics, rares etc. Some may get a pop in pricing from
people gearing out just before MoP launch but gear is so easy to get
without buying it, it's going to be less than back in Wrath and Cata.
Getting caught with a 10k epic that's worth 400g after MoP would suck.
Dump it while it's still worth a decent amount and avoid the risk.
Take the gold you make and invest in something safer like cheap commodities
needed for leveling a profession.

Whoo~ that's enough for now. I will try to get you guys and girls more information as we get closer to MoP so look out for new videos continuing on from this one.

Thanks everyone and if you haven't yet please subscribe to my YouTube channel, for more of the best free World of Warcraft guides!

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