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Lowbie Skinning Gold Making Guide: 2k+ Gold Per Hour Borean Leather EZ - Best Spot!

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Lowbie Skinning Gold Making Guide: 2k+ Gold Per Hour Borean Leather EZ - Best Spot! Patch 4.3.4

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you an awesome video on how to bank with lowbie Borean Skinning in Patch 4.3.4.

To get started you'll want to be at least level 76 and have at least 395 in Skinning. Ideally though you want to be as close to max level as possible for optimal gold per hour.

Next, make sure you're bags are mostly empty, you have food and/or water, some snacks, and most importantly, blaring music that'll keep you rockin.

If you've watched any of my other Skinning videos including the leveling ones, then you've seen me hit of Sholazar Basin before. This place is just awesome for Borean Leather farming and real simple for any player to do.

We'll be spending 30 minutes to give you an idea of what gold you can expect with skinning at this lower level. Just circle the area I have marked on the map and hit all the clumps of Gorillas.

Each Gorilla will sometimes drop greens, vendor trash, or Chilled Meat. Skinning them will net Borean Leather or very small chance at Arctic Fur.

This portion right here is the motherload. You can gather up around 15 or so Gorillas at once. Make it the best clump by far. This is my spawn spot. What I mean by that is I base my speed on this clump. If I got too fast, I won't have all these spawned. That's when I know I need to stop by a small clump to waste some time. Well, not waste since I'm still killing stuff. That's the key really in any farming adventure. Make use of your time in the most efficient manor. Also, make sure it's fun too.

Alright, so we keep circling around and hitting the center area which starts us back over. Figure each lap is around 8 minutes once you get in the grove. This gives enough time for respawns.

Ok, it's been about 30 minutes and let's see what we ended up with. Oh and vendor your trash before sending your greens off for disenchanting. It's just easier than digging through grays.

Sholazar Basin: Gorillas
Vendor Grays/Junk = 46g
Looted Greens x 4 (GCE x 4, Infinite Dust x 13) = ??
Chilled Meat x 109 = ??
Borean Leather x 226 = ??
Arctic Fur x 1 = ??

Not bad and let's get it all listed for 12 hours in full stacks aside from enchanting mats going in singles since we don't have any full stacks. The rest of the partials go up on the Auction House like that. We're also undercutting any of the competition aside from the person who had an Arctic Fur up for way below the normal selling price. Normally, I'd buy that out and relist it.

Ok, so after we listed everything we waited a day and most of everything sold.

Sholazar Basin: Gorillas
Vendor Grays/Junk = 46g
Looted Greens x 4 (GCE x 4, Infinite Dust x 13) = 216.49g
Chilled Meat x 109 (0.68g) ea.) = 74.12g
Borean Leather x 226 (2.64g ea.) = 596.64g
Arctic Fur x 1 = 76.44g
Total for 30 minutes = 1,009g or 2,018g per hour!

So clearly Sholazar Basin is still kicking ass when comes to Skinning Gorillas. Over 2,000g per hour is pretty awesome and the price for Borean Leather was actually on the cheaper side compared to normal. Don't think you have to be 85 to get these numbers either. Any level 80 plus should be able to smoke these Gorillas in the same amount of time. Skinning and looting is what took the longest.

Whelp, that's it and I hope you liked this lowbie Skinning Gold Making video.

Thanks for watching!

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