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How to: Winter Veil - Christmas Holiday Achievements (Merrymaker Title) Guide!

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How to: Winter Veil - Christmas Holiday Achievements (Merry Maker Title) Guide!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a vid on how to do the Winter Veil - MerrymakerAchievements. This year's Winter Veil Christmas holiday event has began and will end January 2nd giving you plenty of time to get some holiday achievements done, some pets collected, a new title, Merrymaker, and "What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been" meta achievement worked on. Great for anyone who's an achievement junky, a new player to the game, or someone who's bored looking for something fun and interesting to do.

To get started, look at which achievements you haven't done and try to focus on them first although some may be impossible until you open presents on Christmas. First up, grab all the quests for Winter Veil like you see me doing here. You'll then want to talk to the vendor and purchase all the Cooking recipes as well as the patterns if you need them for your character. To do the "Treats for Great-father Winter" quest it's pretty easy. Just make 5 Gingerbread Cookies. You'll need to buy 5 Holiday Spices from the vendor and 5 Small Eggs from the Auction House which is a bit expensive or farm them. Make sure you get some snowballs too. You'll need them later. You also need some Ice Cold Milk which can be bought from the Innkeeper. Now that we got all the mats, we'll make the 5 Gingerbread Cookies and turn the quest in to Great-father Winter under the Christmas Tree. You'll get a present for completing it which contains some lame low level mats. Next, head over to Furmund and get his "The Reason for the Season" quest. It wants you to go to the Valley of Wisdom and speak to Sagorne Creststrider. Simple enough and he'll give you "The Feast of Winter Veil" quest which wants you to read a book and give it to Baine Bloodhoof in Thunder Bluff. Make sure you have a snowball on you. Once you get to Thunder Bluff, turn in the quest and don't forget to throw a snowball at Baine Bloodhoof for the "Scrooge" achievement. Let's see.. the "He Knows If You've Been Naughty" can only be done on Christmas so you'll have to wait to do that one but, we can do "On Metzen!" which is super easy. Oh but before I forget, during Winter Veil for multiple achievements you'll need different items which are from interacting with the Winter Revelers in the Inns around Azeroth. I must be a moron because, I forgot what emote I needed to use on them. /wave, nope, love, nope, hug, fail, that's right /kiss because afterall it's Christmas and they have a mistletoe above them. Sometimes I think I run out of RAM. Yeah, that was a geek joke. So, they gave me 5 Mistletoe which we can use to get the "Bros, Before Ho Ho Ho's" achievement. The first brother I'll find is in Undercity and I have to go there anyways to get over to the Hillsbrad Foothills for a quest and a few achievements. Take the zep over to Tirisfal Glades, enter Undercity and then find Brother Malach in the War Quarter. Alright, got one of the three brothers done so now I gotta go to the Hillsbrad Foothills for the "On Metzen" achieve, "Simply Abominable" achieve, and "You're a Mean One" quest. They're all pretty much the same thing. For the quest and achievements you don't need to even touch the boss if you don't want to. Although, it'd be lame of you if you didn't help out. When I rolled up on the bosses location someone had already killed him and all I had to do was talk to Metzen to free him and go to the cave's door for the Stolen Treats. If you're on a PvP server just make sure you watch out for the opposing faction or you might end up dead like this Paladin. I guess he thought the Druid flying had his back. Anyways, here is what the boss looks like incase you're wondering. "You're a Mean One" is a daily quest that you complete everyday to get toys, an epic dagger that looks like a Christmas tree, pets, and more. Pretty much like any other holiday boss. Completing it the first time gives you "On Metzen!" the achievement and the followup quest, "A Smokywood Pastures' Thank You!" will give you the achievement, "Simply Abominable". Let's see next we'll do "The Winter Veil Gourmet" achieve since it's very easy. We got the recipes earlier and even made Gingerbread Cookies already. Next, we'll make Egg Nog which is pretty simple but needs a Small Egg just like the cookies. All the other ingredients can be bought from the Winter Veil vendors. The milk you should have left over from the cookie turnin. Finally, finish up with the Hot Apple Cider to get your gourment achievement. Nice and let's continue on with these easy achievements. We need to get the last two brothers for "Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's" achievement so we'll catch the zep to Warsong Hold. Durkot Wolfbrother is in the stables of the hold which for some reason I'm noobin out and having a problem finding. There we go. Once you get him, fly over to Icecrown and then up to the airship to find the final brother, Brother Keltan who wanders the ship. Tag him with a Mistletoe and get your achievement. Alright next up we can do "With a Little Helper from My Friends" achievement. Just kill 50 people while being transformed into a Little Helper. Tol Borad is great for this so we'll chill in the queue for that since it's about to start. While we wait, let's look at the other achievements and see what is doable next. Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la is pretty easy but you'll have to do some pre-req quests to be able to do it. Oh and by the way, make sure you drink all the holiday drinks for the "It's Happy Hour Somewhere" achievement. Alright, the queue is about to pop for Tol Barad so we'll head there. Make sure you turn into a Little Helper Gnome before zoning in. After you get into Tol Barad you'll want to stay alive so you don't lose the Little Helper transformation while you try to get 50 kills on the enemy. Lame, would you look at that. This Tol Barad is a waste since it's early in the morning and I only have like 5 people in the raid. Here we'll do it later at night on my Druid instead. Much better Tol Barad numbers wise although it still is a little weak. To get the most out of the Little Helper trans, pick your geared defensive type spec like tanking or healing. That way you can survive easier. Also, hide a lot and try not to be in the middle of anywhere out alone. This was a quick Tol Barad so, I only ended up with 26 kills but no big deal, I just went to another and did a quick queue for a random bg. Pretty quickly I have 49 kills and then tick over to my 50th which gives me the achievement, "With a Little Helper from My Frineds". Next, is "'Tis the Season" which you'll have to run some dungeons for or get extremely lucky with a world drop. Pretty much lots of heroic Wrath or Cata dungeons will have a boss that can drop it. Here's a list of known ones. If you're looking to solo it, The Nexus boss, Grand Magus Telestra is pretty easy as you can see here. You can kill her without trying very hard at all. Bam and there's our Red Winter Hat. Now we just have to get the other set pieces from the Auction House which cost 50g each on my server. Good oppurtunity for lowbies to make some extra gold. Now I just put on all three pieces of the winter clothing and eat the Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake that we got in the mail inside a Smokywood Pastures present from doing the quests for the Winter Veil holiday and there we go, got the "'Tis the Season" achievement. After that, you can just relist them back on the Auction House and try to get your gold back. Actually, got 194g back and since we only paid 100g, we made out with 94g. Pretty nice right. Should've lost money but, we made it instead. Hmm another one that you can nice and easily is "A Frosty Shake". Just dig around your bank to see if you have a Winter Veil Diguise Kit from last year. You know the one that turns you into a snowman. You can also wait for it in the mail while you do your other achievements and daily holiday boss quest. Once you get it, head to Dalaran and find someone who is a snowman or just go in the middle of the pathway where some players are and turn yourself into the snowman. That way, if they have it, they'll be kind enough to know you're on the achievement and likely help you out like this nice Alliance, Gelle did for me. Once you see the other snowman, dance with them to get your "A Frosty Shake" achievement like you see me doing here. Ok next I would do "Let it Snow" but, I keep getting Mistletoe which means we'll do "Fa-la-la-la- Ogri'la" instead. If you're like me, you probably haven't done any quests for the Skyguard peeps. Just head to Blades Edge and over to Ogri'la. Then, pick up, "The Crystals" quest and forget the other. Unless you want to do it that is. Oh and make sure you have low level quests checked on your mini-map so you can see them easier. Next, kill any mobs around the area to gather up your five Apexis Shards. Shouldn't take long at all. After you get your five, head back to Chu 'a' lor and turn it in. Don't pick up the next quest unless you want to and instead grab the quest from the other ogre, Torkus called, "Our Boy Wants To Be A Skyguard Ranger" This one you'll have to gather up ten Apexis Shards. Once you get the ten, engage the item at Forge Camp: Wrath like I do here and it'll give you an Unstable Flask of the Beast to complete your quest. Turn that in and talk to the first NPC, Chu 'a' lor again and grab "The Skyguard Outpost". This one wants you to fly north and talk with Sky Commander Keller who will complete the quest and unlock the "Bombing Run" quest that Sky Sergeant will give you. This is just like the Bomb Them Again! quest that you'll need so finish it by dropping bombs on the targets and try not to get hit by the cannons. Next, turn it in and grab "Bomb Them Again!" . Since it's just like the one you just did, you should have no troubles completing it fast. Oh and don't worry about using your fresh holly or whatever to turn into a festive mount while you're bombing. Just bomb everything until you complete the quest and head back to the Sky Sergeant. Just before turning it in, turn your mount into a reindeer and get your Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la achievement. Two other good achievements are the "BB King" and "A-Caroling We Will Go" but it's a good idea to do these with a "For the Horde" raid group since it's a bit frustrating for some if you try it solo. Of course it's perfectly doable but, will be like corpse hopping. Very easy if you're a stealth class although expect to have your gun miss and possibly die. The last achievement we have to do for our title and meta completion is "Let It Snow". It's pretty RNG though and took awhile to get enough snowflakes. We're down to the last two race/class combinations that we need which are a Human Warrior and Draenai Priest. Shouldn't be too hard to find them I guess. For opposing faction player ones, a good place to start is Dalaran. You can also try it while in bgs, Tol Barad, or when you get your BB King, For the Horde, and A-Caroling We Will Go achievements done. Hmm, I'm chilling in Dalaran and am not having much luck. It use to be Dwarf Priest that was the hard one for this sort of stuff but my god I've seen like 10 of those already. We are these Human Warriors and Draenai Priests hiding. Check banks, the arena queue area, and the Auction House. Those are the typical stops you'll find players. I also check the flight master incase someone is flying out or in. Oh wait, was that a Draenai Priest. Yes, it was and time to follow them. Or not as I hit the phasing and lose them. Oh well. Back to Dalaran. It may take some time to do this one but like you see here we eventually find a Human Warrior and now all we need is a Draenai Priest. After about 10 more minutes I give up and ask if someone will make one for me. They agree and I fly, sail, and ride to them. Finally, I cast the snowflakes on them and get "Let It Snow" along with "Merrymaker" achievements completed. Very nice and grats to everyone who followed along. You can pretty much stop right here with your title completed but if you're like me you'll want to complete them all. I actually didn't think we could do the "BB King" one since I could have swarn I deleted my red rifle but I found it in my backpack so we're good to go on that one. I like to start with Darnassus. Just fly to Auberdine and then across the water west. Once up inside, stealth or run like hell towards the boss. Put your gun on a hotkey or make a macro like this one on the screen. Once you get to the boss shoot your gun or die like me. Don't worry if you die, just take the crazy long run back and do it again. This time I get Whisperwind with the bb gun, get rocked, and spirit rez. No use running all the way back am I right. Next, fly to the docks and take the boat to the Exodar. Then, go in the back way stealth or again run and corpse hop. We can stealth here pretty easily so we make it right to the boss. Oh wow I missed. If you miss, expect to die since they'll be too close for a second shot. No biggy I just run back, try again, and... succeed, nice. Of course we die again and I just take a spirit rez again. Atleast we took care of Prophet Velen. For the last two bosses, I'll take the Grom'gol zep and fly north to Stormwind. In Stormwind I go all ninja and stealth at the entrance to where the King is. I get lucky with the guards and they don't see me until I get to the ones near the King. Insta-dealth but atleast I shot him. Finally we have Bronzebeard. This is kinda fun to do solo but might really frustrate you if you don't have stealth or a fun mindset. We could fly in here but, I like it all covert special ops like. Alright, we've made it to the entrance of where Bronzebeard is. I doubt I'll make it through this doorway without getting spotted and.. I don't but no worries I'm in range and firing my bb gun. Clean shot that hits and the "BB King" achievement is.. well.. achieved. So now what else can we do. I thought I couldn't do the Crashin' & Thrashin' unless it was Christmas since everyone usually has theirs' out but decided to try anyway. I searched through my alts to find one that had it and double-boxed him. I just parked it and resummoned it after I crashed into with my main's racer. Was very easy and only took a few minutes to get the Crashin' & Thrashin' achievement. Try finding a friend to do this with. Ok, I think we're all done since we can't do A-Caroling We Go until Christmas. After you get all the different achievements but, A-Caroling, BB King, and Crashin' & Thrashin' completed, you'll get your title of Merrymaker and be on your way for the meta holiday achievement, "What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been. Remember some things you may have to wait until after Christmas to complete unless you got the item last year. You may have also gotten some new pets and toys along with your Merrymaker title so grats on everything. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all. Well, that's pretty much it so grats to all of you on your new achievements, Merrymaker title, and pets. If you haven't yet, please subscribe and visit for more FREE WoW guides and news! "Now go have a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate!"