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How to: Tips to Get Exalted w/ Golden Lotus Fast & Easy - Crane Mounts x 3 & Rewards!

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How to: Tips to Get Exalted w/ Golden Lotus Fast & Easy - Crane Mounts x 3 & Rewards!

Sup guy and girl players of MoP. Tarou here bringing you a quick video about the Golden Lotus rep grind.

I imagine a lot of you are already exalted with the Golden Lotus so grats. Getting exalted is pretty easy and anyone who has yet to do so on their main or alt, should take the time to start now. In the beginning you'll only have a few quests and as you move up in rep, you'll get more and more quest hubs meaning more things to do and more rep to gain. Each day it should only take you 10 to 15 minutes to complete all the dailys.

It took me a few weeks to get exalted which isn't too bad. You can get there faster by killing the mogu guys in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. They drop ancient keys which can open up chests inside Guo-Lai Halls. Within the chest will be some Lesser Charms of Good Fortune and a rare Relic of Guo-Lai. The relic gave me 165 rep. If you have already gotten revered on any of your characters, make sure you buy and use Grand Commendation of the Golden Lotus. Then expect to get 330 rep. I've also found an epic Relic of the Thunder King which gave me 385 rep or 770 with the bonus and the rare one was with it as well. You could also save all your keys until revered to take average of the bonus reputation. Higher rep also means more of the halls are open for you to explore and find caches. On side note, never move or have a full inventory while opening the chests. You could lose all the items because once the loot window exits with or without being looted, the cache despawns or relocks.

You could spend all day for a few days farming keys and doing your quests which would get you exalted the fastest way possible and not to mention a ton of loot dependant upon your profession and gold among other things.

Once you do reach exalted, you'll embark on an epic adventure through Vale of Eternal Blossoms. These quests were so much fun and not what I expected to happen when I hit exalted. I'm thinking I hit exalted, buy some items from the quartermaster, and go to my next daily hub in Dread Wastes or wherever. Not the case here as you fight your way through the zone blasting the hell out of the enemy mobs and ultimately fighting Zhao'jin himself.

Battling Zhao'jin was definately the highlight and the interesting mechanics made this one of my favorite solo boss fights. Such a blast and believe it or not even have a slight challenge to it which was very cool and welcomed.

Once all that was done I decided to turn it in, grab my quest reward which was an iLvl 489 epic necklace, and head over to the quartermaster for the Golden Lotus.

The quartmaster has Justice and Valor Points gear but I was more interested in the three mounts, bonus rep commendation, and tabard. Here's what the tabard looks like which is pretty stylish if you ask me.

The mounts are pretty awesome too. Here is the Azure Riding Crane. The Golden Riding Crane, and my favorite the Regal Riding Crane. All are nice but the real question in all this is can they fly? Well, I don't know but we're going to find out. We'll need a running start and a high place to fly from. Huh, what do you know, we're already running and this place is high. Now to just leap off the side and... I see wings flapping, I see wings flapping, that's good news. Ohhhh.. wow that had to hurt. Conclusion; cranes can't fly.

Well that's it everyone and thanks for watching.

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"Now Go Try to Fly a Crane." Lates..