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How to Make a Mass Turn-in Macro & Keybind Easily!

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How to Make a Mass Turn-in Macro & Keybind Easily!

Sup guy and girl players of WoW. It's Tarou again and I just wanted to make a quick video showing how to add a macro for mass turn-ins and setting a keybind to interact with an npc.

Start by pressing 'Esc' on your keyboard and selecting Key Bindings. Then, scroll down to "Interact with Target". Set it to a key you don't use for anything else. This is also good for those times when people are piled on an npc and you cant click them. Instead type /target or /tar and their name. Then use the key bind you just made. Makes expansion launches much more enjoyable.

Next to set your macro select 'Macros' from the main menu instead of Key Bindings. Then click 'New' at the bottom and select an icon and name your macro something easy to remember like quest. Finally, copy-paste the macro script below:

/script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1);CompleteQuest();GetQuestReward()

Save the macro, drag it to somewhere on your hot bar like I do here by putting it on number 4, and exit the pane.

Now you can easily click on the npc, hit your 'Interact With Target' keybind, and finally your macro three times. To continue more turn-ins just repeat.

Hit your keybind.

Hit your macro key three times.

And repeat until everything is turned in.

Super easy way to save some time and thanks for watching.

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"Now Go Mass Turn-In Quests or Something!"