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How to Make Gold w/ Inscription: Profit Margins Filled w/ Gold - Patch 4.3!

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How to Make Gold w/ Inscription: Profit Margins Filled w/ Gold - Patch 4.3!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a vid on make gold with Inscription in Patch 4.3. For this guide, I'm going to show you the basics so that no matter what amount of gold you have or how new of an 85 you'll be able to do it.

To start, get some mats by checking your Auction House, asking in trade, or directly messaging a seller to buy from. You'll most likely have the best results and prices from Cinderbloom and Whiptail. Those are usually the cheapest with great results. The Whiptail will have more Inferno Ink than the Cinderbloom so take that into consideration when buying yours. I paid 1.4g for Whiptail which was slightly cheaper than the normal 1.7g price and 1g for Cinderbloom which is slightly more than its regular 0.8g price.

Next, I'll make a macro to make Milling easy.

#show Cinderbloom
/cast Milling
/use Cinderbloom
/use Whiptail

Change the herb name next to '#show' to display whatever herb you like I the macro. Then, drag it to your bar and press the hotkey it's bound to. I like to do this while watching TV, talking with friends, defending a flag in a battleground, or queue'ing for something. Really just anything to make it fun.

After milling everything we'll make it into inks. This you can literally just go afk for and go do something else. Once they're made into inks, we can then use then for whatever we like. For testing, I'll straight list them.

I like to list Blackfallow inks in stacks of 20s, 2s, and singles and Inferno Inks in 20s and singles for 12 hours.

Ok, for my second mill session, I only have Cinderbloom so we'll work with that. Since I'm planning to make Glyphs, Cinderbloom is usually the way to go anyway. Alright, got everything milled and into inks so I'll list the Inferno Inks just like I did the others since I don't need them for Glyphs and head over to the Inscription trainer area to get some supplies. We'll go ahead and try Dust of Disappearance, Mysterious Fortune Card, Adventurer's Journal, and of course Glyphs. For Glyphs though, we'll need to trade out Blackfallow Inks for different inks. The old school way to do this is go Glyph by Glyph buying just what you need to make whichever Glyphs you want to. This is very time consuming. Addons like TradeSkillMaster can help make this easier.

After we get all those made it's time to list everything. I'll be selling everything with a 12 hour duration is mostly single stacks. This keeps everything simple and allows for easy posting sessions in the morning and night. At night though things can get very competitive so you may want to cancel and repost anything that was undercut. TradeSkillMaster can also help with this. Make a group called Glyphs and add all that are in your bags. You can click to add and highlight them or type in Glyph but make sure it is capitalized or it won't work as you see it failing to add them here. After that, click list and post auctions by clicking the button until they're all up. Check my website for a guide on how to use TradeSkillMaster and other addons. Finally, we'll list any Glyphs that were below the cutoff manually. Some you'll notice we might lose gold on and that is going to happen unless you check the Auction House for every single Glyph. Again, TSM can also help with this and really every Scribe should have that addon.

Ok, now for the next round which is making Darkmoon Faire cards. I prefer using Whiptail for this depending on its price. I'll Mill everything just like before and then make everything into inks. I'll next need to get some Volatile Life so a quick check on the Auction House gives me an idea of pricing on them. Looks like today it's around 4g per so we'll go ahead and get some. Next, I'll head over to the Inscription Supplies vendor and grab some Inferno Ink by trading in all the Blackfallow Ink we just made. I'll also need some Resilient Parchment. Alright, with everything set, I can now make 10 Darkmoon Cards of Destruction. You'll want to get any cards aside from stones. They're just too cheap for it to be worth it. The cards you want would be in this order. Top is Waves, then Embers, then Winds, and last Stones. We got a pretty good variety which will be great for an example that you can follow. Now we'll list them all for 12 hours. Some I'll change the price of them because, noone is going to pay 2,000g for a Four of the Winds. Me listing it at 1,000g is even on the high side. We'll see what happens though.

Over the next few days I cancel and relist as needed using Auctionator to cancel and TradeSkillMaster to relist. The average Glyph price on my server is around 80g in this video and currently slightly higher at around 110g but, it is a very volatile and competitive market that can be very frustrating for most which is why the profit is so insanely good.

It's a few days into the video for Inscription and we're low on Darkmoon Faire cards so I decide to pull some inks off the Auction House and use them for cards instead of straight selling. We'll just change out some Blackfallow Ink for Inferno Ink and grab some parchment. It looks like this time around we'll be able to make 19 Darkmoon Faire cards. We're getting some decent cards but it seems pretty well balanced out just like the 10 we made a few days back. Now, I'll go to the Auction House and list these cards just like I did the others putting them up for 12 hours.

Alright with everything setup for the week I continue cancelling and relisting everything for one week. This'll give you good idea of what you might expect in sales on a medium pop server like mine but remember that all servers have their differences.

Anyways, let's loot the mailbox and break it all down.

Material Cost Average:
Cinderbloom - 1g
Whiptail - 1.4g
Volatile Life - 4g

+ Glyphs x 32 = 2,560g (80g ea. avg)
- Blackfallow Ink x 96 = 192g
- Resilient Parchment x 32 = 12.8g
= 2,355.2g in net profit

+ Darkmoon Faire Cards x 25 = 15,275g (611g ea.)
- Volatile Life x 750 = 3,000g (4g ea.)
- Inferno Ink x 250 = 4,400
- Resilient Parchment x 21 = 10g
= 7,865g in net profit

+ Mysterious Fortune Card x 20 = 150g (7.5g ea.)
+ Dust of Disappearance x 21 = 94.5g (4.5g ea.)
- Blackfallow Ink x 41 = 82g
- Resilient Parchment x 20 = 8g
= 154.5g in net profit

+ Blackfallow Ink x 184 = 2,366g (12.86g ea.)
+ Inferno Ink x 9 = 159g (17.67g ea.)
- Cinderbloom x 370 = 370g (1g ea.)
= 2,155g in net profit

For a Grand Total of:
+ 20,604.5g in net sales
- 8,074.8g in mats
= 12,529.7g in net profit for the week!

For the full break down of what sold, for how much, and what it cost to make, check this guide on my website at

That's it for this video and remember that Inscription is one of the most time-consuming, frustrating, yet insanely profitable professions out there. Don't forget your patience.

Thanks for watching!

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