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How to Make 4,000 Gold Per Hr w/ Archaeology: Prime Profit w/ Secondary Profession - Patch 4.3!

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How to Make 4k Gold Per Hr w/ Archaeology: Prime Profit w/ Secondary Profes

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you an awesome video on how to make gold with Archaeology. That's right, Archaeology. If you thought you couldn't make gold with it, I'm about to prove those thoughts wrong.

First, you're going to need Archaeology so, check out my leveling video for help with that. Once you have it, you'll have to decide whether you want to make gold, get items, or do both. In this video, I'll be doing both since I do have items I'd like to make and focus on.

Archaeology is RNG or random. You never know what kind of site you're going to get but, Tol'vir is going to be the most profitable. Which we've lucked out with and gotten first. The real money making item from here and really any other site are the keystones. That's what we want and no luck on this first one.

We'll continue on surveying up fragments for about an hour. Everytime we run out of Uldum sites, we'll head to the closest site and hope it pops one for Uldum. Right now we're in Mount Hyjal which is Night Elf and the most common site you'll find in Kalimdor. The tablets or keystones for Night Elf usually only go for 50 to 100g which isn't too bad but is typically the lowest priced of the keystones. It's still worth doing just because you'll get a bunch and the vendor trash can be worth a decent amount. If you're a Mage, you can move about much quicker by tele'ing closer to dig sites but even if you're not, use your hearth to get to Org and then use the portals to get close to your dig site if it's in Uldum like mine is here. You can use your hearth on the flip side as well when you need to go to say Winterspring or somewhere north. Remember recall, Moonglade tele's, or other travel ways to save on travel time. It'll help you get more sites done in an hour. Figure a site every 4 minutes since some will pop in your current zone. About an average of 20 frags per site giving you roughly 300 frags per hour.

It's been about an hour so let's finish up with this Uldum dig site since it's the main one we want to get anyhow. Again, no Tol'vir Hieroglyphics on this dig site but, we did manage to get 3 this run which is 1 more than I normally average in an hour. Having four Tol'vir dig sites in a row really helped out with that.

I've just maxed out my Tol'vir frags and can't loot anymore. If you're going for items, use your keystones on anything you make and always fill up every keystone slot if possible for the quickest artifact finding. I'll be using up all mine but, will still show you what you could make if you didn't use any. Mostly this goes for any artifact aside from Tol'vir. Here I'm making tons of Night Elf artifacts but they're all vendor trash. Hopefully, they vendor well.

For Tol'vir keystones, you might want to think about selling the keystones no matter your plans for items since they go for so much on most servers. On my server they sell for around 1,100g.

Ok, time to vendor everything and see what we got. I'm using the addon 'Sell Junk' to make it easier.

Looks like we got 865g which isn't bad but remember that was using keystones on most items. Let's pretend we didn't use any keystones.

In one hour we surveyed up:
Dwarf Rune Stone x 1 = 77g
Highborne Scroll x 5 = 275g (55g ea.)
Tol'vir Hieroglyphic x 3 = 3,300g (1,100g ea.)
Vendor Trash x 5 = 350g avg.
Grand Total = 4,002g in one hour!

Wait, wtf? That's more than Mining, Herbalism, or Skinning. Impossible right? Not really since everyone thinks it's impossible, noone does it although the demand is there. That makes it a gold mine for anyone wanting to bank with it. Plus you can get a lot of cool stuff for your own characters.

Well, that's it for this vid and thank you for watching.

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"Now go bank with artifacts."