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How to: Maelstrom Shatter - Is It Worth It? or Just A Bust?

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How to: Maelstrom Shatter - Is It Worth It? or Just A Bust? WoW

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here with a tarou quicky video and guide about the new Maelstrom Shatter in Patch 4.3 for Enchanters.

So, I thought I'd show you a quick vid on Maelstrom Shatter since, I bet you're wondering if the Maelstrom Shatter is worth it and to be honest, all you need to know is some simple math which I'll show you later.

First, head to the Enchanting trainer and learn Maelstrom Shatter. Then, get some Maelstrom Crystals from the Auction House or do a WTB in trade for a bulk purchase. I went and bought mine off the Auction House Tuesday and Wednesday since those are the days the market will be flooded due to the influx of gear people tend to get on those days. I was able to get 55 which I'll shatter right now. Each Maelstrom Crystal cost an average of 87 gold each. Not too bad but prices are going to continue to rise on Maelstrom Crystals which means timing will be everything. Weekends and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the days you really want to look at and ask to buy in bulk in trade since some guilds will once in awhile look to dump their stock fast.

If you're wondering if the Bountiful Bags perk will give you extras, it won't which makes sense since it isn't disenchanting.

Ok, so after shattering 55 Maelstrom Crystals we ended up with 110 Heavenly Shards. Each shattered maelstrom creates two Heavenly Shards.

Next, let's list them and see if we can make a profit. Right away I notice one for 85g and rather than undercut that one, we'll leave it and undercut the 26 above it giving us a list price of 99g. For Heavenly Shards, I like to put them up in singles and stacks of 10's for 12 hours.

With listing prices like that it means we could see a break down like this after a few days:

+ Heavenly Shard x 110 = 10,890g (99g ea.)
- Maelstrom Crystal x 55 = 4,785g (87g ea.)
= 6,105g in net profit

Instead, for this video I'll show you what we made in a day. This was a Monday which means you'd see better numbers on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Anyways, this Monday broke down like this:

+ Heavenly Shard x 89 = 7,755g (87.13g ea.)
- Maelstrom Crystal x 44.5 = 3,871g (87g ea.)
= 3,884g in net profit

So, to figure out if it's worth it on your server, just take the price of a Maelstrom Crystal, divide it by 2 and whatever the difference below a Heavenly Shard it is, that's how much profit you'll make from each Heavenly Shard. It's an easy way to make some extra gold or a good way to get cheap Heavenly Shards for Enchanting scrolls as long as the prices are right on your server.

Maelstrom Crystal = 120g ( / 2 = 60g)
Heavenly Shard = 80g ( x 2 = 160g)
Profit = 20g per Heavenly Shard ( x 2 = 40g per shatter/Maelstrom)

Well, that's it for this tarou quicky vid and I hope you liked it.

Thanks for watching!

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"Now Go Shatter the Heavenly Shard Market on Your Server!"