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How to: Lunar Festival Holiday Achievements (Elder Title) Guide 2013!

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Lunar Festival 2013

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a vid on how to do the Lunar Festival Achievements & get the "Elder" title. The 2013 Lunar Festival holiday event is from January 27th until February 9th giving you plenty of time to get all the achievements done along with their rewards. This holiday is one of the easiest although it can be time consuming.

I always like to get started with any of my adventures by seeing what I need to get done and what I can do right now quickly. If you're starting from scratch like myself, grab the holiday quest from a commoner in your major city and head to the Lunar Festival area near the flight master and zep towers. If you don't have a flying mount, there are a few elevators you can take. Once up top, grab the quests and turn in the commoner one. You'll also find your first elder which'll score you a coin of ancestry and achievement along with some decent exp for clicking a button. Actually more than decent; it's pretty awesome. At 75 I almost gained a level after doing all the elders. I'll talk more about it later but for now let's get some achievements out of the way. For the quest and achievement we'll need a stack of Red Rocket Clusters, a stack of any color small rockets, and a stack of Festival Firecrackers. Sure, you can do it with less but come on, they're 90 copper and having some extra will ensure you get the achievements. You'll also need 20 to 40 or who knows how many extra for summoning a boss named Omen you need to kill later on. Ok, so first we'll do part of the quest, "Lunar Fireworks" which is just shoot 8 Lunar Fireworks. Then, we'll do "The Rocket's Red Glare" which wants us to shoot off 10 Red Rocket Clusters in 25 seconds or less which will also give us the second part of the Lunar Fireworks quest. I actually lagged for a second and had to do the achievement over again. How embarrassing. No biggy, I pick up my pride and shoot 10 more fireworks off and get it on round 2. Next, I do "Frenzied Firecracker" which wants us to shoot off 10 Festival Firecrackers in 30 seconds. Oh and I forgot to mention this before but I always put these types of timed items on a hotkey to make it easier. Just drag the item to a hotkey you don't use. Alright, grats everyone for getting that one done. Pretty easy right. For the next part, use the Lunar Festival Invitation you should have just got for turning in the quest and it'll teleport you to Moonglade. Once there, head into the main town and on the farthest dock is the quest turn in and two vendors. Turn in the quest and get the next one, "Elune's Blessing". Before talking about that, checking the vendors you'll see one is for recipes which can be bought for 5 ancestory coins if you want to be able to make some stuff. The other vendor sells some random stuff along with the Festival Lantern companion and the dress or suit you need for one of the achievements. The currency for these items is all in ancestory coins which you get by visiting all the elders. Ok so back to the "Elune's Blessing" quest. Check your map and head to the southeast part of the lake. You'll need to summon a mob named, Omen by shooting tons of cluster fireworks. Or.. you can get lucky like I did and fly up while he's dead already. To get the buff just go into the light. Omen looks pretty cool and beastly but at 90 is a joke to kill. Even if you do it legitly it can be solo'd or two-manned very easily. Even if you die, just run back as his health does NOT reset. You can also evade him back like I do here on this bridge. Hunters and locks have it pretty easy by having a pet tank but you may need bandages for either or drain life if you're a lock. Just remember to mend and health funnel your pet and you should be good. All other classes can make it easier with tank spec or kiting. After you kill Omen and get the buff, fly back to the quest giver and turn in the quest. This'll get you the achievement "Elune's Blessing". Alright, next it's time for the long and time consuming part. I'll be using a timer just to give a general idea of how long this part takes. Since we're in Kalmidor already, we'll start our elder locating here. Fly over to Winterspring and hit up Everlook for the first elder, then southwest over to the lake for the next elder. It seems that I somehow have credit for 7 coins I never remember getting which is why I got my 10 coins of ancestry achievement even though I should only have 3. Everytime I get the achievement for coins, just see 7 more elders to get yours. Lunar Festival Kalimdor Map Next, fly up and over to Mount Hyjal and grab the elder in Nordrassil next to the portal for Stormwind. Then, fly over to the Sanctuary of Malorne for another elder. These count towards the Elders of Cataclysm achievement and there's only a total of 9 making it nice and easy for any players who have already done the old school ones. However, if you want the Festival Lantern for Horde or Lunar Lantern for Alliance, you'll need to gather up 50 coins of ancestry by finding the elders. One thing that's cool this year though is if you don't want to spend the time getting 50 coins, you can buy the companions off the Auction House or direct from other players since they're both BoE. Expect to spend quite a bit early on and less and less as the festival gets close to finishing. After that, prices will depend on those who hold out and the number of those people. In other words, buy them mid to late festival for the best pricing unless you see a good deal before. Oh and to anyone who sells these, you may want to try selling on the neutral Auction House for a potentially higher sale price from the opposing faction. All of the elders found within the continents are very easy to get if you have a flying mount. If you don't have a flying mount expect to spend a consider amount of time getting to the npcs and running back to your dead body because your chance of dying is dramatically increased. You should have noticed by now that I have added a map located of where every elder is for the continent I'm in or the dungeon I've entered. I hope this makes it easy for anyone to find the elders. Check the end of this post for way-points. Back the my gameplay, I've now entered Maraudon and grabbed up the princess quest that popped up. This is a great oppurtunity to get those dungeon quests done again and get credit for some achievements besides the Lunar Festival ones. Instances are kinda confusing so I've left almost all of the video from start to finish hoping you can follow it easier than the map. Once I get the elder in Maraudon, I hearth back to Org for speed and repositioning. Then, I head to the flight master so I can fly down to Vendetta Point, Southern Barrens. I could just fly there on my mount which may be quicker but I like the flight time for taking a break. We'll continue on getting more and more elders completed. Soon you'll come to Elder Ezra Wheathoof. This is a very special elder with a very special story. In 2007 a young WoW player named Ezra was diagnosed with brain cancer. Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation he was able to fulfill his dream of visiting the Blizzard headquarters and creating a character for World of Warcraft, Ahab Wheathoof. This particular npc unlike others cannot be killed or attacked by either faction. Not only that but also created the quest, "Kyle's Gone Missing!" and two versions of a lost puppy, Kyle the Frenzied and Kyle the Friendly. Kyle was his actual dog in real life. It didn't stop there though, he was also the world's first player to receive an Ashes of Al'ar phoenix mount and created the Merciless Gladiator's Crossbow of the Phoenix. So what's the deal with the phoenix theme. Well, his ingame name was Ephoenix. The E of course was for Ezra and Phoenix is actually his middle name along with his symbol which is why everything is phoenix themed and why the npc version of him has a phoenix pet. Sadly though, after Ezra suffered a stroke in August of 2008, he passed away. To pay tribute to Ezra, Blizzard added this special Elder, Ezra Wheathoof to the game in 2009 for the Lunar Festival. With that being said, please take a moment of silence and pray if you like... Ok, I doubt Ezra would want us to be all down and such so, let's up the beat and finish up Kalimdor. Kalimdor has a lot of elders. On the bright side though, you get good exp, decent rep with your guild and anywhere from 6300 up to 6930 total Horde or Alliance rep, achievements, a currency to buy stuff and if you're multi-tasking, achievements outside of the holiday like Surveying the Damage and World Explorer. You're also working towards the meta achievement, What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been which is pretty cool. Honestly, this holiday is one of the easiest to complete and offers tons of chances to get other stuff done too. Don't forget dungeon quests and achievements too. Alright, we've just got our last Kalimdor Elder and that's given us the "Elders of Kalimdor" achievement. Grats all and now on to Eastern Kingdoms. Or not.. because I noobed out and forgot an Elder in Uldum. Ok, there we go, got it. Now fly or hearth back to Org and take the zep over to Undercity. When you get into Tirisfal Glades, head to Brill and grab the first elder. I'm sure some of you Alliance are wondering why you'd start in Brill and don't worry, you don't need to. Just look at the map on the screen and start with the closest point to wherever you are. For instance if you were in Stormwind, you'd grab the one just outside the gates and then get the one near Goldshire followed by the next point on the map and so on. Be sure to do that with Kalimdor too. Nice we just got the Elders of the Horde achievement. Things are coming along very smoothly and really these achievements are super easy. But, they're time consuming. Lunar Festival Eastern Kingdoms Map Ironforge's elder can be a bit intimidating for some but honestly you can get in and out of there fairly easy on a flying mount. You're more likely to get owned outside of Stormwind so use a bit of caution if you're by yourself. Grats everyone. You should have just gotten your Elders of Alliance achievement. With that achievement knocked out, we continue on with the rest. Although, we noob out here once again and forget Goldshire. This is why it's not a good idea to try and do this all in one shot. Let's just pretend I stopped and got it. The same thing is likely to happen to a few of you. Don't worry, it's not that big of a deal and only takes a few minutes to go back and get it. We continue on and eventually get to LBRS to do part of our dungeon elder achievement. This elder is a bit inside but, not too far. After you get him, run back out and head over to BRD. In BRD just head straight and into the arena. You'll want to quickly get the elder and run out before the gate closes. You don't want to be stuck in there since it does take a bit of time to finish the event. Unless of course you want to do it. Then, forget I said anything. Most of the next elders are easy to find probably until you get to the Sunken Temple one. It's not as bad as you think though. Just run in and the elder is left and left again in a small room. Easy enough right. Now on to the rest of the Eastern Kingdoms elders. As you can see throughout the video, I run out of space a lot. It's a good idea to have an empty inventory and open your Lucky Red Envelopes frequently to free up space. Inside the envelopes are either a Elder's Moonstone which is a consumable that makes the light just like the one you see every elder standing in or a Lucky Rocket Cluster which gives an unbelievably awesome +250hp. Yes, hp and not stamina. Super lame I know and you'd think by now they'd update it higher or atleast make it scale with your level. These envelopes use to come in the mail but now are given at each elder which is why I suggest to have some free space. Looks like I've missed 3 elders. No big deal I'll go back and grab sentinel first. Then, get Goldshire as a hunter tries to own me and finally get Kharanos. Just follow the path I have on the map and you'll be good. I'm not perfect so occasionally I make mistakes like these. Nice, we got all of Eastern Kingdoms completed and our achievement. Now on to Dalaran where we'll start our Elders of Northrend achievement and finish up our Elders of the Dungeons achievement. Northrend seems to go quicker than either of the continents but has a lot of dungeons to go in which makes it seem longer at the same time. There's quite a few dungeons. The dungeons aren't bad and you can do them in normal or heroic. It's up to you. I chose normal for all the dungeons aside from Utgarde Pinnacle since I wanted a chance at the epic mount, Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake from Skadi. It only drops in heroic. Once again though I was unlucky and it didn't drop. Oh well. Let's continue on with the achievements. We're flying through these pretty quick and having no trouble in any of the dungeons even though we left a few on heroic on accident. Stealth is a big help to save on time but almost any 85 should be able to solo any of the dungeons. We're in our last one, the Nexus. This one is kinda far inside. We have to go all the way to the giant. Found him and bam there's our Elders of Dungeon achievement. Lunar Festival Northrend Map With the dungeons out of the way, we only have one elder left in Northrend, Elder Bluewolf in Wintergrasp. This one can be frustrating if you faction never holds Wintergrasp. Some races who have small hit boxes will be able to glitch through this little area but remember it can be considered exploiting the game which can get you banned if you're caught. Instead of taking that risk, I decide to just wait for Wintergrasp to pop. In the meantime, I'll get the Elders of Cataclysm knocked out. We only have a few left and first up are the two in Deepholm. One is right inside the temple while the other is just to the south west. After you get them both, head back to the temple and take the portal back to Org. Now, take the portal to Vashj'r for the last elder. If you don't have a sea mount, just swim up and fly above the water like I do until you reach the elder. Then fly down and swim to the elder. I'm not sure if you'll make it back up in the one breath without some sort of buff or form. Cool, got the Elder of Moonlance which was the last one giving us the Elders of Cataclysm achievement. I still am waiting on Wintergrasp to start so I'm going to Moonglade to get another achievement in the meantime. To get the Lunar Festival Finery achievement, just pick out a Festive pant suit or dress from the vendor and buy it. That's it and you got your achievement. Easy easy. The other item you can buy now is the Festival Lantern if you're Horde or the Lunar Lantern if you're Alliance. If for some reason you want to keep your Coins of Ancestry or for some reason don't have enough coins, you can always check the Auction House although the price may be semi-steep. If you have nothing else to spend coins on, I'd save them for next year or use them for some of the recipes. We'll go ahead and get our Festival Lantern for 50 coins. He's what it looks like. Pretty cool companion. Since we're already this way, we'll also check Everlook for any listed on the neutral Auction House. I only see the Horde version up for around 15,000 gold. Oh snap. It's time for Wintergrasp. After you enter, you might as well grab the quests to get some extra honor and gold. After a mere 7 minutes or so we broke down both walls and claimed our victory. Pretty easy although you'll have to wait for Wintergrasp to pop if you're faction doesn't have it. Finally, we complete the last elder, Bluewolf and get our Elders of Northrend and To Honor One's Elders achievements completed. With those done, we've completed the Lunar Festival Holiday achievements and even got a few extras. It should take everyone 4 to 6 hours to finish. Completing the achievements awarded us with the title, Elder. Grats all and I hope you all get your lanterns and achievements. If you haven't yet, please subscribe to my Youtube channel, for more FREE WoW guides and news! "Now Go PvP or Something!" Below is a list of all the Elders and their way-point macros. Thanks to JTJC4Life for posting this. Use tomtom and make these macros. Be sure to set the option under arrow, allow the closest waypoint to be outside current zone Eastern Kingdom - Without Instance Elders /way Northern Stranglethorn 39.9 72.5 Elder Winterhoof /way Northern Stranglethorn 71.0 34.3 Elder Starglade /way Westfall 56.6 47.0 Elder Skychaser /way Blasted Lands 54.3 49.5 Elder Bellowrage /way Elwynn Forest 34.2 50.6 Elder Hammershout /way Elwynn Forest 39.8 63.7 Elder Stormbrow /way Burning Steppes 70.1 45.4 Elder Rumblerock /way Burning Steppes 53.6 24.5 Elder Dawnstrider /way Searing Gorge 21.3 79.1 Elder Ironband /way Dun Morogh 53.9 49.9 Elder Goldwell /way Ironforge 29.0 16.0 Elder Bronzebeard /way Loch Modan 33.0 46.0 Elder Silvervein /way Twilight Highlands 50 70 Elder Firebeard /way Twilight Highlands 51 33 Elder Darkfeather /way The Hinterlands 49.0 47.9 Elder Highpeak /way Eastern Plaguelands 35.6 68.8 Elder Windrun /way Eastern Plaguelands 75.0 54.0 Elder Snowcrown /way Western Plaguelands 63.5 36.1 Elder Meadowrun /way Western Plaguelands 69.2 73.5 Elder Moonstrike /way Trisfal Glades 61.9 53.9 Elder Graveborn /way Undercity 67.0 38.0 Elder Darkcore /way Silverpine Forest 45.0 41.1 Elder Obsidian /way Deepholm 49 54 Elder Stonebrand /way Deepholm 27 69 Elder Deepforge /way Vashj'ir 57 86 Elder Moonlance Eastern Kingdom Instances Elder Farwhisper Stratholme North section of Festival Lane (near The Unforgiven) Elder Morndeep Blackrock Depths Ring of Law Elder Starsong Sunken Temple Upstairs in the dragonkin room Elder Stonefort Lower Blackrock Spire In LBRS near the first bridge Kalimdor /way Uldum 65 18 Elder Menkhaf /way Uldum 32 63 Elder Sekhemi /way Un'Goro Crater 50.4 76.1 Elder Thunderhorn /way Tanaris 37.2 79.1 Elder Ragetotem /way Silithus 53.0 35.5 Elder Bladesing /way Silithus 30.8 13.3 Elder Primestone /way Thousand Needles 77.1 75.6 Elder Morningdew /way Tanaris 51.3 27.8 Elder Dreamseer /way Thousand Needles 46.4 51.0 Elder Skyseer /way Feralas 62.5 31 Elder Mistwalker /way Feralas 76.7 37.9 Elder Grimtotem /way Mulgore 48.3 53.4 Elder Bloodhoof /way Thunder Bluff 73.0 23.3 Elder Ezra Wheathoof /way Southern Barrens 41.5 47.5 Elder High Mountain /way Northern Barrens 48.5 59.3 Elder Moonwarden /way Northern Barrens 68.4 70.0 Elder Windtotem /way Durotar 53.2 43.6 Elder Runetotem /way Orgrimmar 52.4 60.0 Elder Darkhorn /way Azshara 64.7 79.3 Elder Skygleam /way Ashenvale 35.6 48.9 Elder Riversong /way Mount Hyjal 62 22 Elder Evershade /way Mount Hyjal 26 62 Elder Windsong /way Winterspring 53.2 56.8 Elder Brightspear /way Winterspring 60.1 49.9 Elder Stonespire /way Felwood 38.3 52.9 Elder Nightwind /way Teldrassil 57.0 53.0 Elder Bladeleaf /way Darkshore 49.5 19.0 Elder Starweave /way Darnassus 38.8 32.3 Elder Bladeswift Kalimdor Instances Elder Wildmane Zul'Farrak Gahz'rilla's room Elder Splitrock Maraudon near end of inner maraudon Northrend /way Borean Tundra 57.3 43.7 Elder Arp /way Borean Tundra 59.1 65.6 Elder Sardis /way Borean Tundra 33.8 34.4 Elder Northal /way Borean Tundra 42.9 49.6 Elder Pamuya /way Wintergrasp 49.0 13.9 Elder Bluewolf /way Sholazar Basin 49.8 63.0 Elder Sandrene /way Sholazar Basin 63.8 49.0 Elder Wanikaya /way Dragonblight 35.1 48.3 Elder Skywarden /way Dragonblight 29.7 55.9 Elder Morthie /way Dragonblight 48.8 78.2 Elder Thoim /way Grizzly Hills 60.6 27.7 Elder Beldak /way Grizzly Hills 80.5 37.1 Elder Lunaro /way Grizzly Hills 64.2 47.0 Elder Whurain /way Zul'Drak 58.9 56.0 Elder Tauros /way The Storm Peaks 31.3 37.6 Elder Stonebeard /way The Storm Peaks 28.9 73.7 Elder Fargal /way The Storm Peaks 41.2 84.7 Elder Graymane /way The Storm Peaks 64.6 51.3 Elder Muraco Northrend Instances Elder Chogan'gada Utgarde Pinnacle Under the stairs after Skadi the Ruthless Elder Igasho The Nexus To the right of Ormorok the Tree-Shaper's ramp Elder Jarten Utgarde Keep After Prince Keleseth Elder Kilias Drak'Tharon Keep King Dred's den Elder Nurgen Azjol-Nerub After Hadronox Elder Ohanzee Gundrak Behind the Drakkari Colossus Elder Yurauk Halls of Stone On the way to Krystallus