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How to: Best Places to Farm Lovely Charms for Achievements, Peddlefeet, & Swift Lovebird!

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How to: Best Places to Farm Lovely Charms for Achievements, Peddlefeet, & Swift Lovebird!

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here just bringing you a quick video showing some of the best spots to farm Lovely Charms for the Love is in the Air holiday achievements, dailys, and items.

For years I went to Halls of Lightning. In MoP though everyone is 90 and the mobs are grey which means they won't drop the Lovely Charms any more for max level players. Instead, the easiest and best place to go to is Deepholm with nice packs of Troggs that are on a pratically non stop spawn timer. I like to sit here in the middle on top of a pack with 4 packs surrounding me. Also competition will be high so don't be shocked if you're fighting over mobs. After 10 minutes I was able to get 79 Lucky Charms which equates to about 474 per hour. Oh and you might even have to do some PvP'ing if you're on that type of server. Some whack stuff happened to me. First, a lock killed me after my screen froze. I logged back in and was going to gank back the lock when I DC'd. Just my luck. After I got back in the game I was dead of course and went after him to settle the score. This time though I couldn't even attack him. My WoW bugged and it kept giving me the error invalid target. Super hax locks I tell ya. Score 3 for the lock 0 for Tarou.

Deepholm Lovely Charms Map
Another spot that's awesome is in Townlong Steppes. This place is pretty secluded and should have little to no competition or interruption. The mobs are real easy to AoE down and can drop a lot of extra items to make some gold while you get your Lovely Charms. After 30 minutes I farmed up 177 so figure you can get about 354. That's not bad considering all the extra items you can also get.
Townlong Steppes Lovely Charms Map

I'm sure others have their favorite spots as well but one suggestion I can give is don't focus solely on farming Lovely Charms. Go do to some dailys, run a heroic or raid, or anything you can do to multitask a bit and really utilize your time.

Some players who have everything can even use the Lucky Charms to make some extra gold by either buying the pet and mount to sell or the bracelets themselves. You won't be able to sell the bracelets you make on the Auction House but you can sell them in trade.

For the full Love is in the Air holiday achievement video, click on the screen to watch my guide on it.

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