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EP.7 Wow Pet/Battle Pet Collecting - How to Get a Emerald Whelpling - Bonus Sprite Darter

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EP.7 Wow Pet/Battle Pet Collecting - How to Get a Emerald Whelpling - Bonus Sprite Darter

Hey everyone. Tarou here and in this video and guide I'll show you how to get the Tiny Emerald Whelpling.

Head out to Feralas in the upper west section bordering Descolace. Start killing Noxious Whelps all around the bank of this body of water. They can drop the Tiny Emerald Whelpling but it will take an average of 1,000 kills for most. You could of course be lucky and get one on your first kill. RNG is like that.

tiny emerald whelpling drop location spot map

Continue around the route I have on the screen and be prepared to loot a lot of junk. Nothing is really worth a lot of gold so you can just delete it. Farming these is not only good for Tiny Emerald Whelplings but you can also get a Sprite Darter Egg which is pretty cool but very rare.

Skinners can make an extra buck by skinning the whelps and selling the Medium and Heavy leather.

Oh and no farm spot would be complete without a bot. This bot was a lot better than the last one we saw in Wetlands but still is dumb and I made it a point to kill it every lap I made. It non-stop farmed both days I was farming here and gained somewhere around five levels. I like messing with bots for some random entertainment.

You also might find a Distress Beacon that will start a quest. We'll talk about using that as part of a Mechanical Chicken pet quest line in a future video.

Alright so after several grueling hours, two days, and a lot more than a thousand kills, I finally got my Tiny Emerald Whelp. It sells for about 8,000 gold right nowon my server so, I could have just bought it by farming for three hours. But, it might not have been as fun or rewarding. Mhhmmm

Thanks for watching everyone and see you next time.

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"Now Go Kill a Bot or Something!"