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EP.3 Wow Pet/Battle Pet Collecting Series - Blue/Gold Mini Jouster WoW PokePet!

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EP.3 Wow Pet/Battle Pet Collecting Series - Blue/Gold Mini Jouster WoW PokePet!

Hey everyone. Just a quick pet collecting video.

In this video I'm going to show you how to get the Gold or Blue Mini Jouster pet. This pet is a reward for completely the jousting quest inside this portal that enters into the Firelands Hatchery located in Mount Hyjal. The first time you complete the series, you will be able to choose a Gold or Blue Mini Jouster.

It doesn't matter which color you choose first since we'll be getting both. After you complete the quest line you can start doing a daily every day for the next 9 days. If didn't care about the achievement, you could just do the quests on an alt and pick another color since everything is account-wide.

The quest is fun for what it is but if you don't know anything about jousting, you're likely to be cursing a lot calling the quest all sorts of names. Oh come on, I totally hit that guy. Nerd rage.. It was way worse in beta. All in all I like the quest.

On the 9 day of doing the Vigilance on Winds daily quest, you'll be able to get an achievement called, "The 'Unbeatable?" Pterodactyl: BEATEN." The reward for this achievement is a Chirping Box which contains whichever color you didn't originally choose. Mine had a Gold Mini Jouster and this is what it looks like. Here's my blue one and if you look very closely, you can see the jouster riding on the bird. A subtle detail that's pretty cool.

Two pretty easy pets to get and thank you for watching.

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"Now Go Do Some Jousting!"