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WoW Mining Gold Guide: Best Farming Routes Part 3

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Below is an overview video and detailed walk-through on how to easily make gold with Mining, one of the best gathering professions in World of Warcraft. I'll be comparing high level Northrend zone, Burning Crusade zones, and Un'Goro. In each zone I'll be spending 30 minutes using proven routes to net the most materials. Mining can be very competitive so don't be surprised if you see a lot of other players Mining at the same time. It's best to farm during off peak times when noone is usually on. Even with some mass competition, players should find Mining a great gold maker. With the introduction of new recipes for all professions and the leveling preparation for Cataclysm, Mining is still holding strong in profit as of patch 3.3.5!

  • Check out my Mining Leveling 1-525 Guide for a great way to level Mining.
  • WoW Mining Gold Guide Overview - Finding the best Mining routes and zones to farm [Saronite Ore] and [Titanium Ore] and old school profitable ore.
    Requirements: Mining skill level 450 or 445 if your gloves are enchanted with [Advanced Mining]
    Suggestions: PvP gear, epic flyer/mount, potions, and food/water.

WoW Mining Gold Guide P3: Icecrown Citadel - [Saronite Ore] and [Titanium Ore] Farming Route.

Mining Gold Guide SQ

I'll be spending 30 minutes in each zone and compare what kind of results you can expect from each so let's get started.

The first zone up is Icecrown. Icecrown boasts a decent amount of Titanium Ore nodes and some simple, easy to follow paths. Titanium Ore is where the real money is at and should always be your focus when farming in high level areas. The biggest disadvantage to Icecrown is sometimes nodes won't be accessible because of high level elites or just too many mobs to bother with. The terrain also can be a problem with the drastic elevation changes. However, the biggest advantage to the zone is the ease of combining Icecrown and Argent Tournament dailys while farming to make even more bank per day. There is also less competition than most other zones and hackers seem to be a bit lower as well.

Icecrown Mining Route

WoW Mining Gold Guide P3: Wintergrasp - [Saronite Ore] and [Titanium Ore] Farming Route.

  • Ok, now for Wintergrasp which is by far one of my favorite zones to farm in. I just like the simplicity and PvP atmosphere. Don't worry if your faction holds the zone or not as that doesn't matter but, it is best if a battle isn't going on so you can easily fly from node to node. You should also be helping your faction win anyway. Wintergrasp is great for Titanium Ore and also has a simple route to follow. Some disadvantages are the increased hackers present and underwater nodes that can slow you down. Advantages tend to be an overall better Titanium Ore concentration than most zones and easy to navigate terrain.
  • Alright, it's been 30 minutes and checking my bags shows about 255.89g worth materials.
  • Items mined in 30minutes from Wintergrasp Mining route:

    [Saronite Ore] x 93 = 72.54g
    [Titanium Ore] x 6 = 66g
    [Eternal Earth] x 4.1 = 28.7g
    [Eternal Air] x .5 = 7.5g
    [Eternal Shadow] x 3.4 = 27.2g
    [Eternal Fire] x .8 = 23.2g
    [Eternal Water] x .3 = .75g
    [Sky Sapphire] x 1 = 21g
    Uncommon Gems x 6 = 9g

    Total approximate value - 255.89g

Wintergrasp Mining Route

WoW Mining Gold Guide P3: Sholazar Basin - [Saronite Ore] and [Titanium Ore] Farming Route.

  • Ok, next up is another favorite of mine, Sholazar Basin. This zone has one of the easiest routes to follow and tons of nodes to farm. Hackers don't seem to be around but other competition is pretty high typically. Some disadvantages to the zone are less Titanium Ore nodes and increased player competition. Good things about this zone include the easy route, tons of nodes to farm, and interesting scenary.
  • In about 30 minutes I mined up 169.32g worth of mats. Competition was extremely high so this amount makes sense.
  • Items mined in 30minutes from Sholazar Basin Mining route:

    [Saronite Ore] x 94 = 73.32g
    [Titanium Ore] x 3 = 33g
    [Eternal Earth] x 2.8 = 19.6g
    [Eternal Fire] x .3 = 8.7g
    [Eternal Shadow] x 3.4 = 27.2g
    Uncommon Gems x 5 = 7.5g

    Total approximate value - 169.32g

Sholazar Basin Mining Route

WoW Mining Gold Guide P3: The Storm Peaks - [Saronite Ore] and [Titanium Ore] Farming Route.

  • Alright, the final place will take a look at for Northrend is the Storm Peaks. This zone is usually a hit or miss type of farming zone but overall is decent. The downsides include mixed terrain that can waste time while farming, low node counts, and lots of nodes underground or in caves. On the upside though competition is usually super low and you can farm the rare Time-Lost Proto-Drake at the same time.
  • An overall decent zone that netted 259.07g in mats in 30 minutes.
  • Items mined in 30minutes from the Storm Peaks Mining route:

    [Saronite Ore] x 64 = 49.92g
    [Titanium Ore] x 11 = 121g
    [Eternal Earth] x 3.4 = 23.8g
    [Eternal Air] x 1 = 15g
    [Eternal Shadow] x 1.1 = 8.8g
    [Eternal Fire] x 1.2 = 34.8g
    [Eternal Water] x 1.1 = 2.75g
    Uncommon Gems x 2 = 3g

    Total approximate value - 259.07g

The Storm Peaks Mining Route

WoW Mining Gold Guide P3: Alternative Low Level Farming Routes - Nagrand

  • So in my previous videos a lot of low and high level players seemed frustrated because of immense competition and wanted some different ideas for making gold with Mining. So, I decided to show you what I use to do back in the day when I had the same the problem.
  • To start, I'll take a trip back in time to some good ol' BC zones. First up is Nagrand. This use to be the hottest place to farm ore and competition was steep. Nowadays though it's like an abandon ghost town which leaves it open for easy cash farming. The route is simple and easy to follow with very few kinks. You can quickly amass a great amount of ore in 30 minutes and top that with some hard to find Khorium and the farmed up mats are worth some nice headache free gold.
  • I ended up with 605.5g in mats after my 30 minute session. Yep, Nagrand really is that insanely good.
  • Items mined in 30minutes from Nagrand Mining route:

    [Adamantite Ore] x 123 = 442.8g
    [Eternium Ore] x 16 = 20g
    [Khorium Ore] x 8 = 34g
    [Fel Iron Ore] x 12 = 30g
    [Primal Earth] x 9.7 = 48.5g
    [Primal Fire] x .4 = 5.2g
    [Star of Elune] x 1 = 7g
    Uncommon Gems x 3 = 18g

    Total approximate value - 605.5g

Nagrand Mining Route

WoW Mining Gold Guide P3: Alternative Low Level Farming Routes - Netherstorm

  • Moving along to another great BC zone, Netherstorm. This was also pretty popular back in the day for farming ore but has also been abandoned. That's great for any lower levels who want some extra gold while they level or high levels sick of the competition in Northrend. Another simple route with a bit of cave exploring for some nice gold in mats.
  • Looks like after 30 minutes I ended up with around 363.75g.
  • Items mined in 30minutes from Netherstorm Mining route:

    [Adamantite Ore] x 64 = 230.4g
    [Eternium Ore] x 3 = 3.75g
    [Khorium Ore] x 6 = 25.5g
    [Fel Iron Ore] x 22 = 55g
    [Primal Earth] x 6.8 = 34g
    [Primal Fire] x .7 = 9.1g
    Uncommon Gems x 1 = 6g

    Total approximate value - 363.75g

Netherstorm Mining Route

WoW Mining Gold Guide P3: Alternative Low Level Farming Routes - Un'Goro

  • Finally, I want to go back even further in time to classic WoW and check out one of my old school favorite farming zones, Un'Goro. I honestly use to spend hours and hours on Fire Plume farming Essence of Fire or whatever they were called and Rich Thorium Viens. Good times. Un'Goro has the simplest farming route out of any other zone and an insane amount of regular and Rich Thorium veins perfectly placed along the outskirts of the zone for easy farming.
  • After about 30 minutes I netted 343.15g in mats.
  • Items mined in 30minutes from Un'Goro Mining route:

    [Thorium Ore] x 158 = 260.7g
    [Mithril Ore] x 2 = 4g
    [Azerothian Diamond] x 1 = 9g
    [Arcane Crystal] x 4 = 19.2g
    [Large Opal] x 1 = 11g
    [Star Ruby] x 1 = 8g
    [Dense Stone] x 250 = 31.25g

    Total approximate value - 343.15g

Un'Goro Mining Route

WoW Mining Gold Guide Part 3: Auctioning, Final Notes, & Totals

  • Wow, so those three old school zones were pretty awesome gold wise. So why not just farm those everyday all day right. Well, those mats aren't as in demand as currently used mats like Saronite Ore and Titanium Ore so you'll hit the daily sales cap or demand max fairly quickly. Try it out on your server and find the daily average max and farm according to that. Of course if you're a low level you'll have no choice but to farm them but, you can mix it up a bit.
  • For listing the items, I use a combination of Quick Auctions 3 and Auctioneer. For guides on these as well as the Auction House in general check the navigation to the left. Ok, so farmed up mats like this I only list for 12 hours, stacks for ore, and singles for gems and Eternals. If the difference in price between ore and bars is a lot, smelt them into bars and post those instead. You could also use the materials to make Titansteel Bars and sell those instead for a bit more profit.
  • Alright, so after all that farming let's compare each zone to see which faired better than others. Everything took less than a day to sell and prices were pretty average.
  • Icecrown netted 266.4g in 30 minutes
    Wintergrasp netted 255.89g in 30 minutes
    Scholazar Basin netted 169.32g in 30 minutes
    The Storm Peaks netted 259.07g in 30 minutes
    Nagrand netted 605.5g in 30 minutes
    The Netherstorm netted 363.75g in 30 minutes
    and finally, Un'Goro netted 343.15g in 30 minutes

    Total of 2,263.08g in 3.5 hours.

    Some luck is involved with Mining and it may take you a few tries to get use to a new route. Don't be afraid to switch things up and find what zone and path works best for you. And like I've said in just about every video, farming doesn't have to suck. Make it more fun by talking with friends on vent or IRL, blaring some music, watching TV, combine with Dailys, or do whatever is fun for you.

    Well, I hope this video was helpful to all the WoW players out there and if you have any questions or comments please post them below. Also, please subscribe and visit for more free WoW guides that help all players have more fun and get rich in the World of Warcraft!

    Thanks for watching and reading this guide!

    'Now Go Farm or Somethin'

    Farm tte nani?

    Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback, please make a post on our forums.