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WoW Enchanting Gold Guide Part 2 - Patch 3.3.5 - 4.0!

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WoW Enchanting Gold Guide Part 2 - Patch 3.3.5 - 4.0!

Below is an overview video and detailed walkthrough on how to easily make gold with Enchanting. As shown in the Enchanting Gold Guide video below, this made me 8,053g in net sales with a profit of 2,921g in few days! Enchanting can be very profitable but always make sure to test things out on your server to see what will work best for you as economies can be very different from server to server. Please enjoy this Enchanting Gold Making Guide Part 2 and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to post them below in the comments or on our forums.

  • Check out my Enchanting Leveling 1-525 Guide for a great way to level Enchanting.
  • WoW Enchanting Gold Guide: Overview - Get Enchanting mats, Disenchant items, shatter Abyss Crystals, Enchant Vellums, list on the Auction House, and collect gold.
  • Although it is not in this guide, here is a simple formula to see if Abyssal Shatter is worth it.
    If (Abyss Crystal Price) is less than [ 4.5 x (Infinite Dust Price) + 1.8 x (Greater Cosmic Essence Price) ] you should make somewhat of a profit but it may not be ideal.

WoW Enchanting Gold Guide Part 2: Materials and Formulas

WoW Enchanting Gold Guide Part 2: Abyssal Shatter & Listing Items

  • The last thing I do is look for deals on Abyss Crystals to see if it's worth doing or not. I've bought 60 Abyss Crystals at 21g each. Here's a formula to help to decide if it's worth taking the risk.

    If (Abyss Crystal Price) is less than [ 4.5 x (Infinite Dust Price) + 1.8 x (Greater Cosmic Essence Price) ] you should make somewhat of a profit but it may not be ideal.

  • While one of these methods may produce a better profit margin than another, it's best to stay diversified and cover all these methods if you have the gold to back it up. If you don't, choose whichever way works best time and profit wise for you and your server.
  • Ok, so after I get all the scrolls made, the items DE'd, and the Abyss Crystals shattered, it's time to list everything. I'll be undercutting for 1 silver typically and listing everything for 12 hours because my server has a ton of competition when it comes to Enchanting mats. If you're just sitting around in town between raids and PvP'ing, you can also spam trade to get rid of some of the items a bit faster.
  • Alright, so it's been a few days and everything sold but a few scrolls so time to break the numbers down and see how I made out for each method.

    Disenchanting Method:
    Illusion Dust x 21 = 63g (3g x 21)
    Greater Eternal Essence x 10 = 120g (12g x 10)
    Large Brilliant Shard x 1 = 10g
    Arcane Dust x 145 = 435g (3g x 145)
    Greater Planar x 28 = 308g (11g x 28)
    Large Prismatic Shard x 1 = 9g
    Infinite Dust x 177 = 345.15g (1.95g x 177)
    Greater Cosmic Essence x 15 = 255g (17g x 15)
    Dream Shard x 1 = 5g

    + Total Sales = 1,550g
    - Materials = 1,274g
    Total Profit = 276g

    Enchanting Scroll Method:
    Scroll of Enchant 2H Weapon - Greater Savagery x 2 = 258g (129g x 2)
    Scroll of Enchant Gloves - Armsman x 1 = 171g
    Scroll of Enchant Gloves - Exceptional Spellpower x 3 = 165g (55g x 3)
    Scroll of Enchant Bracer - Superior Spellpower x 3 = 396g (132g x 3)
    Scroll of Enchant Boots - Tuskarr's Vitality x 5 = 455g (91g x 5)
    Scroll of Enchant Cloak - Greater Speed x 2 = 310g (155g x 2)
    Scroll of Enchant Bracers - Greater Assault x 2 = 370g (185g x 2)
    Scroll of Enchant Boots - Greater Fortitude x 3 = 222g (74g x 3)
    Scroll of Enchant Cloak - Major Agility x 1 = 119g
    Scroll of Enchant Weapon - Greater Potency x 2 = 152g (76g x 2)
    Scroll of Enchant Cloak - Spell Piercing x 3 = 168g (56g x 3)
    Scroll of Enchant Weapon - Black Magic x 3 = 1,323g (441g x 3)
    Scroll of Enchant Gloves - Precision x 1 = 131g

    + Total Sales = 4,240g
    - Materials = 2,598g
    Total Profit = 1,642g

    Abyssal Shatter:
    + Total Sales = 2,263g
    - Materials = 1,260g (Abyss Crystal = 60 x 21g)
    Total Profit = 1,003g

  • Not too bad and really shows the potential for Enchanting that a lot of people seem to miss. While I suggest doing all three methods to be diversified, some may not be worth the time on your server so always test small and build your way up. DE'ing or shattering Abyss Crystals are of course the easiest and don't require spending a lot of gold on recipes so I'd focus on those first if you've just hit 450 and don't have a lot of gold. Let me know what your favorite profession is in the comments. I'd have to go with Alchemy as of late.
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  • 'Now Go PvP or Somethin!'

WoW Enchanting Gold Guide: Final Suggestions and Tips

  • Once you get the hang of how much you sell begin purchasing mats during the weekend; they are typically the cheapest on the weekend.

    The main reason for this, is most players aren't actually raiding on the weekends and have a lot more time to gather mats. With the abundance of mats comes the simple economic rule of supply exceeding demand which leads to lower prices. This doesn't mean 100% of the time they will be cheaper on the weekend but instead it makes it more likely. After you get a feel for mat prices you can purchase them throughout the week for the lowest prices.

  • Checking on mats everyday will get you familar with who sells what.

    Pay attention and take a look at who is selling mats all the time and message them to sell directly to you at a discount. This will save you big on the craft costs. I have countless farmers listed on my friend's list who I deal with regularly to get the cheapest price possible.

  • Finally, World of Warcraft isn't just about making gold and really should be the smallest part of your playtime.

    I hope this guide will help you get rich in World of Warcraft but at the same time free up farm time so you can actually enjoy the game for what it is meant to be; fun! So, don't sit at your computer 24-7 just to make gold. Go out, raid, PvP, whatever, just make sure to have fun (^_^)v.

  • Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback, please make a post on our forums.