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WoW Alchemy Gold Making Guide Part 3 - Patch 3.3.5

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Below is an overview video and detailed walk-through on how to easily use Alchemy to make a very good amount of gold every day. I'll be comparing all three Alchemy Master specializations, Elixir, Potion, and Transmutation. As shown in the video, after less than two days, I had net sales of 13,356g with a total profit of 7,157g and it only took about an hour of effort! This Alchemy Gold Making Guide should help you simplify making gold with Alchemy and give many ideas for any player or server. Test out your server's economy and see what ends up working the best for you.

WoW Alchemy Gold Making Guide Part 3: Getting Started.

    Alchemy Gold Guide SQ

    In this video and guide I'll be showing all three specs for Alchemy and which items I found to be the best sellers. Be sure which ever specialization you choose, you actually go and get that spec. Any spec without procs won't make hardly any gold if any at all. If you're not sure how to get the different specs, check below. This video and guide intends to show the average server's max ability per day with each specialization and your server may do better or worse.

    To get an Alchemy specialization, you must be atleast level 68. You can then choose to be an Alchemy Elixir, Potion, or Transmutation Master, I prefer to be an Alchemy Elixir Master. To obtain the quest to get the Alchemy Elixir specialization, simply speak to Lorokeem in Shattrath's Lower City. Be sure to pick the "Master of Elixirs" quest if you have the ability to run Caverns of Time: Black Morass. If you have trouble finding a group for BM, which can be quite a pain, I find getting the "Master of Transmutation" quest is much easier. The quest is from Zarevhi located at the Stormspire. The transmutation quest will require not instance running but, instead the purchase of four primal mights (About 200g for four on my server). Purchase these before you travel to Netherstorm. Once you complete the quest you can unlearn the specialization from Zarevhi for 150g and see Lorokeem in Shattrath's Lower City where you can instantly learn "Master of Elixirs" or simply keep it if you want to be a Transmute Master. To become a Potion Master, head to Zangarmarsh and talk to Lauranna Thar'well at the Cenarion Refuge. If you're unhappy with any specialization, simply unlearn it for 150g from whichever of the three taught you it and train the one you want.

WoW Alchemy Gold Making Guide Part 3: Elixir Master - Purchasing Mats & Making Flasks

  • First, you'll need some mats. You can either buy them from the AH if they're cheap enough, farm them yourself if you have Herbalism, or directly message frequent sellers. To make sure this Alchemy Gold Making Guide is as realistic as possible, I'll be straight purchasing mats off the Auction House. If your server is plagued with insane prices for Frost Lotus, try checking if Frozen Orbs are cheaper and trade them for Frost Lotus in Dalaran.
  • Alright, so I have some mats and it's time to make some flasks. Before making any though, you should make sure you have the Elixir specialization. You can learn the Master Elixir specialization in Shattrath's Lower City from Lorokeem. If you have any other specialization you'll need to return to where you got it and unlearn it for 150g first. I'll list on my website where to unlearn specializations as well as where to get them for the first time.
  • Ok, back to gold making with Alchemy. While the name for the flask spcialization is Master Elixir, it actually allows you to proc 2-8 extra flasks. The best selling flasks for any server are [Flask of the Frost Wyrm], [Flask of Endless Rage], and [Flask of Stoneblood], in that order. Each cast will craft 2 flasks and can proc 2,4,6, or 8 extra for a max total of 10 flasks like you see here. The procs seem to happen much more often than the other specs. Even though I'm not Transmute spec, I'll still use my Alchemist epic gem daily cooldown. I decided to make a Cardinal Ruby but a lot of the time it may be better profit wise to make a different gem. Look at your Auction House and see which gem minus mats provides the best profit. It's also good to spend 10-20g if you don't have Jewelcrafting and have someone cut it into a well selling epic gem.

WoW Alchemy Gold Making Guide Part 3: Elixir Master - Listing Flasks & Collecting Bank

  • After all the flasks are made it's time to list them. For flasks I like to list them for 12 hours and mostly in singles. I'll also list them in stacks of 5, 10, and 20. This way I can cover all the possible stack sizes players are looking for. When it comes to listing in singles you can usually squeeze a bit extra profit out of the market than stacks. Here you see [Flask of Stoneblood] with only one listing for 16.5g. Rather than blindly under cut with an addon like QA3, it pays to list by checking the price yourself. I check the prices first and then use Quick Auctions 3. Instead of undercutting, I will list for 21.99g essentially making 5.5g more per flask. When there are only a few flasks up from the competition, list above them for a better profit margin. Competition has been low today so I'll list 30 flasks but you may find the need to list 4-5 at a time if you have high competition and can camp the Auction House a bit. I'm not the camping type so I tend to list whenever I get a chance and enjoy the rest of my play time in a raid, pvp'ing, or whatever is fun at the time. Here I was undercut while raiding, no big deal I'll just undercut back for one silver.
  • Alright, it's been a day and time to collect my gold from the mailbox and see how well flask selling did. Not too bad, net sales totaled 3,787g minus 1,931g in mats for a total profit of 1,856g with about 15 minutes of effort. You'll also want to start listing items just before peak raid times. This is typically between 6-8:30pm.
  • Elixir Master

    Sold 234 Flasks
    [Flask of the Frost Wyrm] x 100 @ 15.2g average = 1,520g
    [Flask of Endless Rage] x 120 @ 16.5g average = 1,980g
    [Flask of Stoneblood] x 14 @ 20.5g average = 287g (I ran out of materials or else this would have been more like 50 flasks.)
    + 3,787g Net Sales
    - 1,931g in Materials
    = 1,856g in Total Profit for 15mins of effort!

WoW Alchemy Gold Making Guide Part 3: Transmute Master - Getting Materials

  • Ok, moving on to Transmute Master Specialization. To learn the Transumute Master Specialization, head to Netherstorm at Stormspire and see Zarevhi. If you have another spec, make sure to unlearn it first. Trans spec allows you to proc an extra 1-4 transmutes for a max total of five. Getting 4 extra to proc is extremely rare. For Transmute spec, I typically trans four items, Titanium Bars, Earthseige Diamonds and Skyflare Diamonds, plus the daily epic gem cooldown. When buying mats for the Earthseige Diamonds, it's a good idea to see if Frozen Orbs are cheaper than Eternal Fire. If they are, buy up the Frozen Orbs and trade them in Dalaran for Eternal Fire. Sometimes this can happen with Eternal Air as well. This can save a few gold per transmute which can really add up. Finally, I'll transmute the daily epic gem cooldown and cross my fingers for a big proc. Ofcourse my luck sucks as usual so no extra procs, which is pretty normal. Once in a blue mooyou may get an extra four which is some nice bank.

WoW Alchemy Gold Making Guide Part 3: Transmute Master - Listing & Collecting Bank

  • Alright, so I've transmuted all my Titanium Bars, Earthseige Diamonds, Skyflare Diamonds, and the daily epic gem cooldown and it's time to list them all. If you have a friend who is a Jewelcrafter, can find one in trade, or are one yourself, it's much better to cut the diamonds into Meta gems. Check my Jewelcrafting Gold Making Guide for tips on the best sellers. To make sure my numbers are accurate, I will pretend I don't have Jewelcrafting and straight list the uncut diamonds and show on my website what the difference would be if they had been cut. For listing diamonds or Metas, I like to list them for 12 or 24 hours depending on the comeptition and list what can be sold in that time frame which is different on each server so you'll have to experiment with that yourself a bit. You'll also want to start listing items just before peak raid times. This is typically between 6-8:30pm.
  • Ok, it's been a day and time to see how I did. Net sales were 8,341g minus 3,780g in mats for a total profit of 4,561g for 30 minutes of effort. If I had cut the diamonds into Meta gems it would have been even higher.
  • Transmute Master

    Sold 148 Diamonds (Metas) & 75 Titanium Bars
    [Skyflare Diamond] x 74 @ 42g average = 3,108g (Note: This price is based on uncut/raw metas. Cut into a Meta like [Chaotic Skyflare Diamond] for better profit.)
    [Earthsiege Diamond] x 74 @ 54g average = 3,996g (Note: This price is based on uncut/raw metas. Cut into a Meta like [Relentless Earthseige Diamond] for better profit.)
    [Titanium Bar] x 75 @ 16.5g average = 1,237.5g
    + 8,341.5g Net Sales
    - 3780g in Materials
    = 4561.5g in Total Profit for 30mins of effort!

WoW Alchemy Gold Making Guide Part 3: Potion Master - Getting Materials

  • Alright, now to check out Alchemy's Potion spec. First, fly over to Zangarmarsh to learn the Master Potion spec at the Cenarion Refuge from Lauranna Thar'well if you don't have it already. If you have another spec, make sure to unlearn it first for 150g. This spec allows you to proc an extra 1-4 potions. It seems to more frequently proc 1 extra than anything else just like trans spec. It also can take 20 potions before it will proc 1 extra. When it comes to the best sellers, I have found [Potion of Speed] to be number one with [Potion of Wild of Magic] being second. They both require Pygmy Oil and if you have any trouble getting it, search the Auction House for Pygmy Suckerfish instead and use it to make the oil.
  • Now that I've made all my potions, it's time to list them on the Auction House. For potions, I like to list them for 12 hours in stacks of 5 and 20 while undercutting any competition. You'll also want to start listing items just before peak raid times. This is typically between 6-8:30pm.
  • Ok, it's been a day and time to break down the numbers. Net sales were 1,228g minus 488g in mats for a total profit of 740g for 15 minutes of effort. It's not too bad for 20 minutes worth of effort and a great profit margin percentage wise but no where as good as Trans or Elixir spec for overall gold.
  • Potion Master

    Sold 199 Potions
    [Potion of Speed] x 110 @ g average 6.17g = 679g
    [Potion of Wild Magic] x 89 @ 6.17g average = 549g
    + 1,228g Net Sales
    - 488g in Materials
    = 740g in Total Profit for 15mins of effort!

WoW Alchemy Gold Making Guide Part 3: Total & Final Thoughts/Tips

  • Well, that's all the different Alchemy specializations. Totaling everything together netted 13,356g minus 6,199g for a total of 7,157g in sweet profit in a little less than two days with 1 hour of effort.
  • Alchemy Gold Making Total Overall - All specs

    Sold 234 Flasks, 199 Potions, 148 Metas, & 75 Titanium Bars
    + 13,356g Net Sales
    - 6,199g in Materials
    = 7,157g in Total Profit over 4 days!

  • So, I bet you're wondering what I think is the best way to make gold with Alchemy right. Well, it depends on your server and situation but either Elixir or Trans spec can be very good. The competition may be insanely high but I still enjoy Alchemy more than any other profession for it's simplicity, high profit, and high demand. Elixir Master is good all around and has a lot of stability. Transmutation Master can be a good option to someone who has a lot of trouble with flasks, especially if they have the ability to cut the metas into something more expensive. As for potions, they still lag behind in every way, even with a good profit margin.
  • On a final note, don't think just because you don't have a bazillion gold you can't do well with Alchemy or any other profession for that matter. So what you don't have 6k gold to spend. Anything in this video and guide can be cut down to almost any budget. Don't be lazy, do the daily cooldown, spend a few hundred gold to make some flasks, diamonds, or Titanium Bars and enjoy the profit. Build and build and build until you do have that 6k gold to spend. Anyone can make gold in this game. You just need a bit of patience and some direction. I give you the direction, it's up to you to do the rest (^_-)v.
  • Once you get the hang of how much you sell begin purchasing mats during the weekend; they are typically the cheapest on the weekend.

    The main reason for this, is most players aren't actually raiding on the weekends and have a lot more time to gather mats. With the abundance of mats comes the simple economic rule of supply exceeding demand which leads to lower prices. This doesn't mean 100% of the time they will be cheaper on the weekend but instead it makes it more likely. After you get a feel for mat prices you can purchase them throughout the week for the lowest prices.

  • Checking on mats everyday will get you familar with who sells what.

    Pay attention and take a look at who is selling mats all the time and message them to sell directly to you at a discount. This will save you big on the craft costs. I have countless farmers listed on my friend's list who I deal with regularly to get the cheapest price possible.

  • Finally, World of Warcraft isn't just about making gold and really should be the smallest part of your playtime.

    I hope this Jewelcrafting Gold Making Guide for Patch 3.3.5 will help you get rich in World of Warcraft but at the same time free up farm time so you can actually enjoy the game for what it is meant to be; fun! So, don't sit at your computer 24-7 just to make gold. Go out, raid, PvP, whatever, just make sure to have fun (^_^)v.

    Well, that's it for this Alchemy Gold Making Guide for Patch 3.3.5 and I hope you can bank off it.

    Thanks for checking out this guide!

    "Now Go PvP or Something!"

  • Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback, please make a post on our forums.