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Steam Vaults Gold Farming Guide: 2k Gold/Hour! Patch 3.3.5 - 4.0!

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Steam Vaults Gold Farming Guide: 2k Gold/Hour! Patch 3.3.5 - 4.0!

Below is an overview video and detailed walkthrough on how to easily make gold with farming Steam Vaults in Zangarmarsh while power leveling friends' alts and/or just having fun when you're bored. I'll be showing a typical 30 minute session I run and depending on your ability and server's economy you should expect to make somewhere around 2,000 gold an hour like I did. Please enjoy this Steam Vaults Gold Farming Guide and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to post them below in the comments or on our forums.

  • Overview: I'll be spending 30minutes in the Steam Vaults instance in Zangarmarsh.
  • Suggestions: While farming, I suggest having a decent amount of empty bag space, be repaired, have potions, food and water, blare some music, and most importantly, have fun!

WoW SV Gold Farming Guide: Patch 3.3.5 - 4.0! - Farming Rep/Items

    Old School Gold/Mount Farming SQ

    Ok, so I'm in the BC instance, Steam Vaults and I've just finished my first full clear which took about 16 minutes. I'll now be starting up my second run of a typical 30 minute session. To start, you'll want to be fully buff, have some healing potions, be fully repaired, and have enough food and water. Oh and because I know a million people are going to ask, the timer I have in the top right can be opened by clicking the clock on you mini-map, typing /stopwatch, or typing /timer.

  • This instance is super easy and you'll want to start by taking out the first two mobs single target since they can stun you which isn't fun when you're trying to AoE. Next, you'll want to pull a decent size pack of what your character can handle and continue to test that throughout the instance. Steam Vaults is a very easy level 70 instance that not only helps you get rep easily with Cenarion Refuge but also drops a lot of items that can be sold for a good amount of gold. You'll find tons of Coilfang Armaments, greens, and vendor trash which all add up to an amazing amount which I'll show you later on. It also gives you something fun to do while waiting for Cataclysm to release.
  • Nothing in the instance is difficult to kill as you tell by how crazy I pull packs and don't even worry about the range on my Starfall AoE. I do have a few close calls but I rarely get low enough to freak and pop a potion. Any class should be able to do this easily with decent gear including classes that can't heal themselves as long as they pull what they can handle. Your first run through you'll want to test your limits and figure out your pull pattern that works best for you without dying.
  • This instance is also a lot of fun compared to the typical gold making routine of camping the Auction House, crafting items, or gathering materials. While the instance will give you rep and a very good amount of gold, you can also step it up even further by powerleveling some lowbies or friends and either charging them and/or having them pick up all the items for you. By doing this you can cut down your clear time tremendously and help some lowbies or friends out at the same time. If you plan to go solo expect a run to take 15 minutes or so killing all bosses and most mobs.
  • As a tip for tanking classes and especially Paladins, just because you can pull huge chunks of mobs and drag them forever through the instance, doesn't mean it's a bright idea when you're trying to make gold. If you're just trying to have fun, don't care, or want to show off that's fine but, Plate can get expensive to repair and you'll likely go red in a run or two if you don't pull packs and kill them quickly. Your repair bill can cost you more than 100 gold wiping all your vendor and loot gold if you're not careful. I went gray after 3 hours of farming with an average repair bill of 8g per run but I'm also not taking damage for excessive amounts of time and do a good job of keeping the mobs away from me.
  • Next, you can take out this boss or not waste the time and keep farming trash mobs. I like to kill him for kicks because he retardedly MC's you which allows you to be in a much easier position to kill him without any effort. I'm also retarded though using my treants since they are now attacking me but hey, he's 20 levels lower so gotta give him some sort of handicap right. If you have a pet, it's best you put it away for this fight unless you want it to kill you or you plan to take the Brain Wash totem out. I like the Brain Wash Totem and thinks it's pretty funny so I leave it up. A pretty easy boss kill worth about 30g and 200 rep. As a quick tip, you naturally wouldn't want to kill any bosses if you plan to reset the instance and farm for awhile. If you do kill a boss, you'll need to wait around 2 hours for the trash to respawn. Since Zul'Gurub has a 3 day lockout you can wait to kill the bosses until just before it resets to get the most farming out of the raid instance.
  • This instance is decently short and resetting it doesn't take but a minute or two after you kill the last boss.

WoW SV Gold Farming Guide: Patch 3.3.5 - 4.0! - Selling Farmed Items

  • Alright, I'm done with my second run and now to hearth out and sort through all the loot. The first thing I do is sell all the vendor trash grays. A good addon on for this is 'Sell Junk' which allows you to sell all grays with one click. I want you to be able to see the different prices for the grays so I won't use it here but it's the red button on the top right of the vendor pane. Next, I'll get the greens Disenchanted and list all the mats and reputation items. You could of course just turn in the rep items.
  • I'll list all the items for 12 hours using the addon, Auctioneer. Auctioneer makes listing and buying items easier and less time consuming. You can find a guide on the addon on my website. This last item I'm listing is a Schematic for Purple Smoke Flares. I get one of these every other run and they all have sold for 200-300g. If you're just as lucky, make sure not to think it's trash and mistaking sell it to the vendor or on the Auction House for a few gold because well, that'd be kinda dumb. Also, when selling any old school rep items, make sure to spam trade a bit since the items aren't usually on the Auction House and a lot of people have forgotten about them or just given up finding them.
  • Ok, so it's been a day and most everything sold so time to see how I made out.

    Large Prismatic Shard x 2 = 14g
    Arcane Dust x 18 = 58g
    Greater Planar Essence x 4 = 56g
    Mote of Water x 2 = 9.5g
    Mote of Life x 3 = 12g
    Primal Water x 1 = 43g
    Schematic: Purple Smoke Flare x 1 = 191g
    Coilfang Armament x 33 = 495g
    Misc. = 23g
    Vendor Trash = 63g
    Looted Gold = 73g
    Total = 1,021g in 30 minutes of fun! That's a pretty awesome gold per hour of over 2,000 gold!

WoW SV Gold Farming Guide: Patch 3.3.5 - 4.0! - Final Thoughts

  • On a final note, Steam Vaults really is an amazing place for gold making especially if you have the demand for rep items on your server. Even if you don't, it's still a great place to farm and get rep.
  • Thanks for watching/reading^^
  • 'Now go rep farm and tell me what your favorite BC instance is in the comment section'! Mines gotta be Mechanar just because it was fun enslaving the demons on my Lock.