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How to Make Gold w/ Leatherworking: Silent but Deadly Basics - Patch 4.3!

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What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a vid on make gold with Leatherworking in Patch 4.3. To get started with making gold with Leatherworking, you'll want to get some recipes first. For this guide, I'm going to show you the basics so that no matter what amount of gold you have or how new of an 85 you'll be able to do it.

How to Make Gold w/ Leatherworking: Silent but Deadly Basics - Patch 4.3!

Start by thinking about your server and the players on it. If you see a lot of PvP'ing, buy the Vicious Leather Set which is for Rogues and Feral Druids. I wouldn't bother with any other Vicious Sets until you get a decent cash flow going. You'll also want to get the epic leg enchants, Dragonscale Leg Armor and Drakehide Leg Armor. To get the mats for these, either go out and skin or buy Savage Leather off the Auction House and make it into Heavy Savage Leather. I say make Heavy Savage because I've never seen Heavy Savage cheaper than the Savage Leather it takes to make it. For example, Savage Leather is 4g each and Heavy is 35g each. Which means you can make Heavy yourself for 20g. Way cheaper right. Same goes for buying Pristine Hides. Never buy them off the Auction House, always convert Savage to Heavy and then trade the Heavy in at the vendor.

If you're like me, you aren't 525 level yet and will only be able to make the Vicious Leather Gloves and Bracers. For testing though, I start with Vicious Fur Cloak and Vicious Hide Cloak. I make a few of these and move on to the Vicious pieces making one pair of gloves and bracers. Then, learn the boots and shoulders. Make a few of those and learn the helm and belt next. Make those as well which pushes me to 525 allowing me to make all the other pieces and epic leg armor. I finish up by making the legs and chest as well as a few Dragonscale and Drakehide Leg Armors.

Now, it's time to list everything. I list everything I have for 12 hours undercutting any competition. Some pieces have some weak prices and may not net a profit at all. If you have a small budget, try only making and selling the items with the most profit first. In the case of these Vicious Leather Bracers, we spent 240g making them but can only sell them for 100g with today's prices. This can't really be helped though since we needed it to level up. While it can be risky, you can also buy the other cheap ones out and then re-list them all for a reasonable price like 400g which will give you a decent profit margin and preserve the worth of the item.

I want to expand a bit so I'll buy a few Vicious Dragonscale pieces, the legs and helm but, you really want to wait if you have a small budget before doing this.

Next, I go back to Auction House the next day to check on things and notice my Vicious Fur Cloak has been hacked to 150g. This price is well below the mats' cost so, I'll buy them out and flip them.

Other items are holding fairly nicely at around 950g which is way beyond the profit margin I'm usually looking for. My epic leg armors are losing a bit of pricing but that's pretty normal considering today's a Thursday. Your highest prices and most sales will be on Tuesday and Wednesday since everything resets and lots of players are raiding and using their points.

Another item I like to make is the Mammoth Mining Bag. Here we'll buy some Borean Leather and make it into Heavy Borean Leather. Just like with Savage, it's almost always cheaper to make heavy than buy it. You can also buy the scraps if they're cheap and save even more money.

To start we'll throw up four Mammoth Mining Bags at 399g each for 12 hours and see what happens. You can also try one or two Pack of Endless Pockets but I've never seen them do very well so I tend to stay away from them.

Alright, now that everything is up for the day, let's see how much gold we would get if it all sold. Looks like a nice 18,632g. Not bad but, I wouldn't expect that sort of flow coming in daily when you're just starting out.

As the days pass you'll want to checking on your auctions in the morning and evening while replacing anything that you've sold. Here I'm grabbing some more Savage Leather from the mailbox to make in Heavy Savage and then turning it in for Pristine Hides to sell straight up since I bought the Pristine through trading in Heavy Savage Leather for only 200g and can sell it for 440g. A sick profit margin and something you can also do with Savage to Heavy conversions if you like as well.

A little over four days have passed now since we started and on this particular day we sold a Vicious Leather Belt, Chest, and Legs for an average of about 880g so not bad at all. Because we sold that, we'll need to make some more but before that, I'll do a quick scan to see if I've been undercut on anything and if I need to replace any other pieces. I'm using Auctionator's more tab for this which is just a simple auction addon.

Looks like I didn't get undercut on very much but I do need to replace quite a bit of Vicious Leather PvP pieces. No biggy, I'll just cancel the undercuts and make the pieces that we sold. I get everything listed back up for 12 hours.

Ok, so after a week's worth of sales, it's time to loot the mailbox and see how well we did. We only sold 27 items over the week which isn't very good and a slow week in my book but, that doesn't mean we didn't make a good amount of gold so let's add everything up.

Material Cost Average:
Heavy Savage Leather - 20g
Pristine Hide (Heavy Savage x 10) - 200g
Heavy Borean Leather - 9.1g
Blackened Dragonscale - 10g
Volatile Earth - 1.5g
Volatile Water - 9g
Volatile Fire - 4g
Volatile Life - 3g

+ Dragonscale Leg Armor x 14 = 9,615g (687g ea.)
- Pristine Hide x 14 = 2,800g (200g ea.)
- Blackened Dragonscale x 280 = 2,800g (10g ea.)
= 4,015g in net profit

+ Drakehide Leg Armor x 1 = 708g
- Pristine Hide x 1 = 200g
- Volatile Earth x 20 = 30g (1.5g ea.)
= 478g in net profit

+ Bloodthirsty Leather Bracers x 1 = 95g
+ Bloodthirsty Leather Boots x 1 = 139g
+ Bloodthirsty Leather Gloves x 2 = 468g (234g ea.)
+ Bloodthirsty Leather Belt x 1 = 830g
+ Bloodthirsty Leather Chest x 1 = 845g
+ Bloodthirsty Leather Legs x 1 = 831g
- Heavy Savage Leather x 70 = 1,400g
- Volatile Water x 10 = 90g
- Volatile Fire x 40 = 160g
- Volatile Life x 20 = 60g
= 1,498g in net profit

+ Bloodthirsty Dragonscale Helm x 1 = 736g
+ Bloodthirsty Dragonscale Legs x 1 = 926g
- Heavy Savage Leather x 16 = 160g
- Volatile Water x 10 = 90g
- Volatile Life x 10 = 30g
- Blackened Dragonscale x 20 = 200g
= 1,182g in net profit

+ Bloodthirsty Hide Cloak x 1 = 618g
- Pristine Hide x 1 = 200g
- Volatile Fire x 4 = 16g
= 402g in net profit

+ Mammoth Mining Bag x 2 = 722g (361g ea.)
- Heavy Borean Leather x 16 = 145.6g
= 576.4g in net profit

For a Grand Total of:
+ 16,548g in net sales
- 8,396.6g in mats
= 8,151.4g in net profit for the week!

That's not bad considering we only spent 10 to 15 minutes on average everyday. What's also nice about Leatherworking is competition is super low so you don't have to deal with the frustration that undercutting wars can sometimes cause.

After this experiment you should've learned that some pieces may lose money like the Vicious Gloves and Bracers in this video. If that is the case on your server as well, make different pieces and check the Auction House before ever making anything to make sure you have profit margin pricing.

For the full break down of what sold, for how much, and what it cost to make, check this guide on my website at

That's it for this video and remember sales may be slow but, very profitable on most items with low competition.

Thanks for watching!

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"Now Go Leatherwork Your Way to Riches!"