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How to Make Gold w/ Enchanting: DE'ing Broke Basics - Patch 4.3!

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What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a vid & guide on make gold with Enchanting in Patch 4.3. For this guide, I'll try to show you things for players with or without a lot of gold but let's be honest, Enchanting is one of the most expensive professions to make gold with.

How to Make Gold w/ Enchanting: DE'ing Broke Basics - Patch 4.3!

Check out my Enchanting Leveling 1-525 Guide for a great way to level Enchanting.

We'll start off with some basic techniques like disenchanting. I like to use Auctioneer for this to make it easier. Just scan the Auction House and then use the 'Search' tab. I then will set the min profit to 5g, min skill at 200 and max at 525. Also, make sure allow bids and buyouts is checked. Then just scan away and see what you get. A lot of times it helps to click the percent row and go from there bidding or buying out as you go. As a general rule I don't buy anything at more than 65%.

Next will take a look at mat prices for different items and see if anything is worth making. Unfortunately it isn't so we're going to need some better formulas. The lower stuff for Cata levels really just doesn't make any sense to make most of the time.

Alright so now that we're at the Enchanting Supplies vendor we can get those top level formulas and make some real money. Each one will cost a lot to buy which is why I say Enchanting isn't a cheap profession to make gold with. If you're looking to build up your gold first or make the formulas cost less, try disenchanting to get the mats and make sure you're in a guild that has bountiful bags as a perk. The perk will give you extra mats as you'll see later in this video.

Ok, so with all these choices how do you know what to get to start off with? Well, you can check your Auction House against the mat costs and see if your profit will be worth buying the formula. You might only want to start off with a few formulas until your gold gets flowing. There's also some BoE formulas you can get but they're not likely very cheap so we'll hold off on those for now.

Alright with all that researched out it looks like on my server most formulas are good. We'll start with Power Torrent, Landslide, Enchanted Lantern Pet, Windwalk, Peerless Stats, Assassin's Step, Lavawalker, Greater Speed to Bracers, Mighty Strength on Gloves, and Greater Crit to Cloak. These are the most popular and profitable on my server so I'll start with these.

We'll have to pick up some Enchanting Vellums as well and 40 should do it for now. Cool so we're almost ready to make stuff but the only problem is, we couldn't get enough Heavenly Shards from the stuff we bought on the Auction House. That won't be a problem since I have a secret disenchanting trick that I use with my Blacksmith all the time that'll help us out.

You'll want to make Stormforged Shoulders which is pretty cheap these days. You'll need a Blacksmith, a friend that's one, or find someone in trade. It only takes 2 Folded Obsidium and 8 Elementium Bars which in our case breaks down like this:

Stormforged Shoulders x 1:
- Folded Obsidium x 2 = 16g (8g ea.)
- Elementium Bar x 8 = 28g (3.5g ea.)
Total = 44g

So, rather than paying the Auction House price of around 100g or more, we get to get it for only 44g which is sick. Now let's go ahead and make 57 of them on our Blacksmith. Then, we'll disenchant all 57. To make it easier, make a simple macro like this:

/cast Disenchant
/use Stormforged Shoulders

Then drag it to your bar and press the key it's bound to. If you noticed, we got an extra Heavenly Shard which is thanks to the Bountiful Bags perk that increase the quantity of mats gained from Mining, Skinning, Herbalism, and Disenchanting. If you're a gatherer or Enchanter make sure your guild has this. Otherwise, you won't be able to compete on the Auction House as easily. In this case we got an extra seven shards giving us a total of 64 instead of 57. Taking the procs into consideration, we only paid 39.19g abouts for each shard. That's cheap as hell in my book and makes making profit with Enchanting even easier. Remember Heavenly Shards are 100g or more on the Auction House so, we could just sell shards and not make any enchants if we wanted to be lazy which I often do.

Stormforged Shoulders x 57:
- Folded Obsidium x 114 = 912g (8g ea.)
- Elementium Bar x 456 = 1,596g (3.5g ea.)
Total = 2,508g / 64 = 39.1875g ea.

Alright, now that all those are disenchanted, we can get to the fun part of making all the enchants to sell. I'll start with making a few Lavawalker boot enchants, some Assassin's Steps, Greater Speed to Bracers, Peerless Stats, Greater Crit to cloak, Mighty Strength to gloves, Landslide, Power Torrent, and Windwalk to weapon.

Now that all those are made, it's time to list them up. I like to stick to 12 hour Auctions and undercut any competition.

Next, I'll shatter some Abyss Crystals. I have 102 so this may take awhile. Well, that's over and we ended up with 168 Greater Cosmic Essences that we'll sell in stacks of 10 for 69.5g while selling singles for 6.95g. For Infinite Dust we got 519 that we'll sell for 70.8g in stacks of 20 and singles at 3.54g each for 12 hours.

After all that's listed, we'll move on to the Enchanted Lantern pet. These are quite expensive as well so we'll only make two to start off with and list them up for 1,298g listing them for 12 hours like everything else while undercutting any competition.

Ok, so we got the majority of what we wanted to sell up on the Auction House and now it's the next day which means we need to check and see what items we won on bids and which ones were outbid. Oh nice we got those Thorium Leggings we bid on for only 58.93 silver. Let's see how well we did with these by disenchanting them. Not such hot luck but we did get 10 Illusion Dust which equals about 59.5g. So basically, about 56g in profit if we sold them as the cheapest. Instead though since there is only 2 at 6g, I'm going to list ours for 8.65g each giving us even more profit.

This is why I love disenchanting. It's like playing a mini-game of gambling or something. You never know what you'll get 100% but with sound strategy you can make sure you'll come out on top almost every time. Which reminds me that we need to find some more items to disenchant. Quickly I find a bunch of items to bid on but I'll probably only walk away with about 10% and the rest will be outbidded on.

A little later in the day I log back in to find that I won those Fel Iron Plate Boots. Remember we had a bid out on those for only 1.53 silver. Talk about dirt cheap. I'm curious to see what they'll DE into. Before that though, I'll go ahead and relist everything. Ok, with all that done it's time to DE some stuff.

Check this out, we DE'd this Fel Iron Breastplate into 2 Arcane Dust which will give us a little over 5g for the two. Taking a look at what we paid and you can see that we got seven of them for an insane 14 silver 71 copper. Practically free am I right? This one gave us three Greater Planar Essences which is like almost 36g. This is why disenchanting can be so awesomely profitable especially when you have the guild perk Bountiful Bags.

Ok so after three days of sales, let's empty the mailbox and see what we made. Keep in mind these are averages.

Material Cost Average:
Heavenly Shard - 40g
Maelstrom Crystal - 75g
Hypnotic Dust - 3g
Greater Celestial Essence - 27g

+ Disenchanted Items (2,806.53g):
+ Dream Dust x 6 = 10.98g
+ Illusion Dust x 13 = 90.78g
+ Arcane Dust x 44 = 99.98g
+ Infinite Dust x 532 = 1,541.94g
+ Large Brilliant Shard x 3 = 59.31g
+ Greater Nether Essence x 9 = 83.43g
+ Greater Eternal Essence x 2 = 52.26g
+ Lesser Planar Essence x 1 = 2.3g
+ Greater Planar Essence x 13 = 147.03g
+ Greater Cosmic Essence x 132 = 718.52g
- Item Cost x 35 = 92g
- Abyss Crystal x 81 = 729g
= 1.985.53g in net profit

+ Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent x 2 = 2,272g (1,136g ea.)
- Hypnotic Dust x 28 = 84g
- Heavenly Shard x 16 = 640g
- Maelstrom Crystak x 4 = 300g
= + 1,248g in net profit

+ Enchant Weapon - Landslide x 2 = 3,404g (1,702g ea.)
- Hypnotic Dust x 12 = 32g
- Heavenly Shard x 10 = 400g
- Maelstrom Crystal x 10 = 750g
- Greater Celestial Essence x 10 = 270g
= + 1,952g in net profit

+ Enchant Chest - Peerless x 3 = 1,984g (661.33g ea.)
- Heavenly Shard x 9 = 243g
- Maelstrom Crystal x 9 = 675g
= + 1,066g in net profit

+ Enchant Gloves - Mighty Strength x 1 = 1,324g
- Hypnotic Dust x 4 = 12g
- Maelstrom Crystal x 2 = 150g
- Greater Celestial Essence x 8 = 216g
= + 946g in net profit

+ Enchant Cloak - Greater Critical Strike x 1 = 687g
- Maelstrom Crystal x 5 = 375g
= + 312g in net profit

+ Enchanted Lantern x 1 = 1,136g
- Hypnotic Dust x 8 = 24g
- Heavenly Shard x 8 = 320g
- Maelstrom Crystal x 1 = 75g
= + 717g in net profit

For a Grand Total of:
+ 13,613.53g in net sales
- 5,387g in mats
= 8,226g in net profit in 3 days!

For the full break down of what sold, for how much, and what it cost to make, check this guide on my website at

Enchanting can be awesome and especially disenchanting which will work for even a broke level 85. So if you have the cash, make the high level enchants and if you don't, disenchant stuff.

That's it for this Enchanting Gold Making video and I hope you liked it.

Thanks for watching!

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"Now Go Enchant Your Way to Riches! or should I say Disenchant!"

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