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How to Make Gold w/ Blacksmithing: Broke to Rich Basics - Patch 4.3!

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blacksmithing gold making in cata world of warcraft

What's up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you a vid & guide on making gold with Blacksmithing in Patch 4.3. To get started with making gold with Blacksmithing, you'll want to get some plans. For this guide, I'm going to show you the basics so that no matter what amount of gold you have or how new of an 85 you'll be able to do it.

How to Make Gold w/ Blacksmithing: Broke to Rich Basics - Patch 4.3!

Start by thinking about your server and the players on it. If you see a lot of PvP'ing, buy the Bloodthirsty Pyrium Set which is for Warriors and DKs. I wouldn't bother with anything else to begin with until you have a decent cash flow. Don't pay attention to everything I buy. You'll also want to get the Ebonsteel Belt Buckle recipe after hitting max Blacksmithing 525.

I'm also staying away from anything that needs Chaos Orbs to make for this video. I want everything to be easily obtainable by even fresh level 85s with low gold.

To get starter gather some mats from the Auction House, Farming, or by asking in the Trade Channel and get to Blacksmithing. Since this character isn't 525 yet, I'll make some Bloodthirsty Pyrium Bracers first, then the gaunlets, and last the belt. This gets me high enough to learn other recipes and I continue making the Bloodthristy set all the way to 525. Getting to 525 is very important so you can learn the Ebonsteel Belt Buckle recipe but you can take your time if you can't afford to get there yet. Just sell stuff and keep leveling up when you can.

To start, I'll only make two of each Bloodthirsty set piece because I need to test the market and see which slots are more popular than others. It also helps keep your costs down since these items won't be flying off the Auction House super fast anyway. They are great for fresh 85's even if you don't PvP.

What will be an awesome seller is the Ebonsteel Belt Buckles. Almost every single player who is 85 needs this item to socket their belt so expect to sell quite a bit everyday. Luckily with Blacksmithing, they're hardly ever is any competition so it's pretty easy to make easy bank with without spending much time at all.

Ok, cool. I have made a few of each set piece and a good amount of belt buckles. Time to list everything. I'll be using Auctionator to list the items but it's not too many and unless you plan to be slightly more lazy or do a lot more items, you don't need any addons really for Blacksmithing since it's so small scale. In case you're wondering though, I use TradeSkillMaster, Auctionator, Auctioneer, & Postal mainly for any profession or Auction House playing.

Alright so when it comes time to listing stuff for Blacksmithing, I like to use a small undercut to any competition and list them for only 12 hours. If you plan on being away from the game for more than 12 hours, you can use 24 hours but you might just be wasting your deposit since by that time, you are likely to be undercut. Then again though, the other person's could expire making you the only one. It's up to you and both are ok.

For the PvP Bloodthirsty pieces, no specific day seems to be better than any others but hands down Tuesday and Wednesday are awesome for selling Ebonsteel Belt Buckles. Competition may be high but expect a lot of sales so be well stocked.

I actually ran out on Wednesday so come Thursday I had to make some more. Mats were pretty cheap so, I'll go ahead and make 32 of them. When I was making them, I remembered another good thing to make was Enchanting rods. I'm only going to make the Elementium Rod to list up on the AH but, you can try a few others as well. Some can be very profitable but don't expect to sell a ton everyday.

Let's see. I need to relist all the expired auctions and get the new stuff up as well. I'm sticking to my 12 hour listing routine. I also list and relist only two to three times a day. Camping the Auction House usually isn't needed for Blacksmithing. Just check on your stuff from time to time. After getting everything up it says the total worth of everything is 25,000 gold. Not too bad but I won't expect that in a day. This isn't Jewelcrafting.

To make checking on items easier, I use Auctionator's more tab and click check for undercuts. This'll tell me if anything was undercut and give me a convenient button to easily cancel anything that was undercut. For more indepth into the Auctionator addon and others, check my website.

The last little low gold costing trick I want to show is the magic of disenchanting and the nice bank you can get with Heavenly Shards. This is actually a secret I didn't plan on sharing but I like you all too much to keep it to myself.

You'll want to make Stormforged Shoulders which is pretty cheap these days. Then find a friend, someone in trade, or use an alt to disenchant them. Make sure whoever you use is in a guild with Bountiful Bags so you can get extra mats. These 57 shoulders netted us a nice 64 shards. We'll sell them for 122g each which'll take about four days and bank a nice 5,300g in profit.

+ Heavenly Shard x 64 = 7,808g (122g ea.) Stormforged Shoulders: - Folded Obsidium x 114 = 912g (8g ea.) - Elementium Bar x 456 = 1,596g (3.5g ea.) ----------------------------- = 5,300g in net profit

This is why I love making these and disenchanting them. I only did one day for this video and sold the whole twelve I had. I can usually sell more than twenty which is awesome profit for hardly any work. It's also how I supply my Warlock for his Enchanting.

Ok so after a week of sales, let's empty the mailbox and see what we made. Keep in mind these are averages.

Material Cost Average:
Pyrium Bar - 7.5g
Elementium Bar - 3.5g
Obsidium Bar - 4g
Volatile Earth - 2.5g
Volatile Water - 9g
Volatile Fire - 4g

+ Bloodthirsty Set Pieces x 15 = 7,590g (506g ea. avg)
- Volatile Water x 30 = 270g (9g ea.)
- Volatile Fire x 120 = 480g (4g ea.)
- Elementium Bar x 178 = 623g (3.5g ea.)
= 6,217g in net profit

+ Pyrium Spike Shield x 2 = 190g (95g ea.)
- Pyrium Bar x 10 Cost = 75g (7.5g ea.)
= 115g in net profit

+ Ebonsteel Belt Buckle x 65 = 8,775g (135g ea.)
- Volatile Earth x 260 = 650g (2.5g ea.)
- Pyrium Bar x 260 = 1,950g (7.5g ea.)
- Elementium Bar x 260 = 910g (3.5g ea.)
= 5,265g in net profit

+ Heavenly Shard x 12 = 1,464g (122g ea.)
Stormforged Shoulders:
- Folded Obsidium x 24 = 192g (8g ea.)
- Elementium Bar x 96 = 336g (3.5g ea.)
+ Extra Procs = 52g
= 988g in net profit (for one day)

+ Elementium Rod x 3 = 465g (155g ea.)
- Elementium Bar x 45 = 157.5g (3.5g ea.)
= 307.5g in net profit

For a Grand Total of:
+ 18,484g in net sales
- 5,591.5g in mats
= 12,892.5g in net profit for the week!

That's it for this video and remember aside from Heavenly Shards & Ebonsteel Belt Buckles sales will be slow but, very profitable.

Thanks for watching & reading!

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"Now Go Blacksmith Your Way to Riches!"