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Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (April) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW!

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In this video, I'll be giving some insight into what I did to make gold in April. As usual, I'll be using my Druid who has Jewelcrafting and Alchemy for professions. I focus on both of these as well as buying and selling items on the Auction House. This is the fifth video of my monthly Cataclysm series, "Adventures to 1 Million: Gold Capped in Cataclysm" so, watch the first four if you haven't yet and see the beginnings of my gold making adventures in Cataclysm. A quick shout out to all my subscribers and site visitors. If you aren't sub'd yet, do it now. Whatcha waitin' for? Please enjoy this "Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (April) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW!" Guide and if you have any questions or feedback feel free to post them below in the comments or on our forums.

  • Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (Apr.) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW!

Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (Mar.) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW! - Overview

    Gold Cap SQ

    Hey everyone. This is my fifth vid for "Adventures to 1 Million: Gold Capped in Cata". This time around it looks like I'll be looting a measely 1,255 mails of sold Auction House items. Whoa, so that sucks. I've gone from 2,553 mails to 1,255 mails since last month. Well, doesn't that blow. Although I guess it means I won't be looting my mail for hours like usual. Now I'm sure you might be quick to blame it on the crappy sales or high competition and crazy undercutters but nope. It's my fault for not playing. I maybe played one to two hours a week skipping the weekends and most week days. Am I bored with WoW? Nope, not at all. I was getting ready to welcome my new daughter into this world which took more prep than stocking up for a big patch although they are quite similar. She was born May 4th so I was pretty much in the hospital that week for 4 days. I'm sure you all missed me and once I get some tweaks worked in, I'll be back on schedule but with even more videos than ever before so sub if you're not subscribed already and if you already are, thanks a mil and enjoy.

  • Ok, ok so back on to the video. My absence pretty much caused me to not invest in much in April. I only spent a mere 60,000 gold on items and mats. I mainly tried clearing out my stock of gems and whatever else I had laying around. My big goal was to spend about 10-20 minutes max listing items or making them so I didn't really bother searching for deals or messaging anyone to buy anything.
  • My stock up items were Volatiles and Pyrite Ore once again. I watched Pyrite Ore get wrecked down to 50g a stack which is rediculously cheap. I bought whatever I could of it and spent about 50,000 on the ore and Volatiles. The other 10,000 was spent on Elementium Ore since its price was smashed too, I took advantage of the fear of bulk sellers by picking it off the Auction House for 20g a stack once Patch 4.1 went live. Sure uncommon gems might not vendor cut for 9g but they still vendor uncut for 5g making 20g a stack a guarenteed money maker. I had a ton of gems already though so I just threw it on an alt until I have time to prospect it.
  • April did bring a bit of change to Alchemy and Jewelcrafting once Patch 4.1 launched. If you're subscribed to my website, I gave some stock up item tips for the big patch day and I know a bunch of you sent me some thank you's for that. No problem, it's what I do.
  • Pretty much anything for both professions was booming. Alchemy did well with transmutes since Carnelian and Heartblossom were so cheap but Inferno Rubies cut and uncut were so expensive after the patch. Potions and Flasks also did awesome for a lot of people but I was a slacker and didn't really do much of either.
  • For Jewelcrafting I was better prepared and am still selling gems and metas like crazy. It also tell me that a lot of people are getting new gear which is awesome news and grats to everyone who is getting hooked up with the new phat loot. Like I had said in the last video, rare necks and rings have lost a lot of profit and demand which is why I wouldn't suggest getting the design unless you can afford to waste the JC tokens. It's just not worth it right now for most servers. Kinda off topic but let me know in the comments what you think about Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman. Also tell me if you raided these back in the day.
  • Alright, how about addons. Well, I use a mix of different Auction House addons but my main ones are Auction Profit Master, Auctioneer, Auctionator, and Postal. Check my website's navigation above for guides on all of them.

Adventures to 1 million: Gold Capped in Cata (April) - How to Make Gold & Get Rich in WoW! - Final Results

  • Alright, so April was a horrid month with nothing spectactular at all. This means I'm going to really kick ass in May & June so you can finally see what the gold cap looks like in Cataclysm. This month brought in 99,742 gold plus 56,000 in stock items. I didn't give any gold away this month because, I forgot so I plan to give away around 100,000 gold in May. You may find some hints as to when in my weekly wow report this week so, be sure to be watching that during May.
  • So what do I do with all this gold? Well, I mostly use it for buying my alts' and friends' gear, mounts, and other supplies, making videos for all of you, which just makes more gold anyway, and my favorite, giving away gold to random players for doing random things. Unfortunately asking won't get you any gold. I do it randomly for fun purposes. Plus if you're following my guides, you shouldn't need gold anyway, am I right.
  • Well, that's it for my fifth video of, "Adventuring to 1 Million: Gold Capped in Cataclysm" and I hope you liked it.
  • Thanks for watching/reading!
  • "Now Go Pwn the IRL AH or Something!"