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New Companion & Mount Website Feature for World of Warcraft!

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World of Warcraft just recently updated the character profile system with a brand new feature to help players track their loyal companion pets and stalwart mounts as well as find new ones to obtain. A visit to your World of Warcraft armory character profile will reveal a new heading entitled “Companions & Mounts.” You can find the link on the left hand side. There you’ll find a complete list of in-game pets and mounts that your character can discover throughout Azeroth (and beyond). The list is conveniently divided between those that your character has already collected, and those that you have yet to find.

  • Hey everyone. I hope you're having a good day. I just wanted to show what Blizzard has built on their World of Warcraft website to help players who collect companions and mounts.
  • First, go to your character's profile and on the left hand side click "Companions & Mounts". It'll pull up all the companions and mounts you've collected but even better it'll show what you don't have yet.
  • Sure, there's an addon for this but I prefer this way so I can do research a little easier on Wowhead if Blizzard doesn't provide enough information on where to get the pet or mount. Some can be too vague to actually be helpful but the search tool really helps you sort through which pets or mounts you can get right away that you may be missing. By clicking "Advanced Filters" at the top you can narrow down your search to say vendor bought or multiple other sources to make collecting all the pets and mounts a bit easier.
  • Well, good luck to all the collectors out there and I hope you liked this short video.
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