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Ep.49 Tarou's Weekly WoW Report 5/12/11- Patch 4.2: Firelands "Rag is Back" Overview!

In this Tarou Weekly WoW Report (Episode 49), I'll go over the newest World of Warcraft - Cataclysm Patch 4.2 - Firelands that's currently on the PTR as well as the latest Blizzard news and Ghostcrawler's interview on Games.On.Net. This report has some different links and videos for everything that is discussed so read below the video to check all that out. Please enjoy this Tarou Weekly WoW Report Episode 49 and if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to post them below in the comment section or on our forums.

Tarou's Weekly WoW Report Ep.49! 5/12/2011 | Patch 4.2: Firelands Overview!

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    Before I get started with this week's episode, I just wanted to let you all know that I didn't forget about you this week but was instead doing something a bit more important, watching my new baby daughter be born. Check the video above to see how cute she is.

  • Patch 4.2 - Firelands is on the horizon and Blizzard has already released a ton of information about it. Blizzard has gone ahead and made up two awesome videos previewing the new raid content and daily content of Firelands. The video is short but gives a nice glimpse into what raiders can expect out of the next epic slew of content. They also posted a preview of the new daily quest hub that works along side the new Firelands content patch of 4.2. What's also cool about this new quest hub is you'll eventually be able to get this sick flying Flameward Hippogryph mount. I definitely suggest checking out both videos and reading the articles. Read more on WoW's Blog.
  • On top of the videos, we got a tier 12 armor set preview that gives a look at the new gear for Paladins, Mages, Rogues, Hunters, Death Knights, and Priests. The remaining classes should be previewed soon so be watching out for that. Check out the video below.
  • Also on the slate for Patch 4.2 - Firelands is a new legendary staff that looks amazing in it's final stage. It's going to take a lot of work to put it together but be extremely worth it not just for its OP-ness but also the prestiege that goes along with it. Read more on WoW's Blog.
  • Finally, Patch 4.2 - Firelands is now available on the PTR for testing. The patch notes are up and include some really neat changes like having some crowd control abilities not cause the creatures to become hostile once it wears off. They hope this makes it easier for CC in dungeons. Some class changes are also rolling out along with Eye of the Storm being added to the 10-man Rated BG rotation. War Games also has had some improvement to the interface but are not yet functional on the PTR.

Tarou's Weekly WoW Report Episode 49! 05/12/2011 | AH Chaos, PvP, & Blizzard News!

  • Auction House News:
  • Prices over the last week have been pretty choatic with gems and metas increasing very nicely in price due to the new ZA and ZG heroics along with raid progression. Volatiles have also seem some nice boosts for fire, water, and air while life has stayed the same and earth has been plummeted. Elementium Ore has also lost some ground because of uncommon gems being worth less to the vendor while Pyrite Ore has stayed about the same.
  • PvP News:
  • Same-Faction Rated Battlegrounds have been announced. Now your Rated BG team can enjoy rocking players of the same faction. Go ahead and get out that Goblin hate.
  • Arena Pass Registration for 2011 is now open. This year's prizes include winning the exclusive Armored Murloc pet & "Vanquisher" title. Good luck to everyone who participates. Check the Registration Page for more details.
  • Blizzard News:
  • Games.On.Net got an exclusive interview with Ghostcrawler that gets the lowdown on all the epic features coming in Patch 4.2. It's a great read and really gives a lot of insight into how a patch gets put together and more specifically tons of info about Patch 4.2 - Firelands.
  • Blizzard's most recent milestone of a crazy one million likes on facebook, puts them pretty high up in the social networking ring. Makes my 2,300 facebook page likes look pretty pathetic. That's a hint to hit the like button to the right of this page or head to my facebook page.
  • There's a new set of forums on the World of Warcraft website that lets geeks, well be geeks. It doesn't matter what you're into, there's something for everyone from Games and Hardware, Movies, TV, & Entertainment, all the way to Books, Comics, Tech, and Science. Head over to the forums and find a cozy seat for whatever you're interested in and geek it up. Check the new forums here.
  • BlizzCast episode 16 is out with a nice preview of Patch 4.2 - Firelands. It's also the first time they're broadcasting is full-motion 2D or in lamen terms, video. I'll emded the video along with any other videos plus links on my website as well as the info section of this video.
  • Finally in Blizzard news, you can now do you part and help out the relief effort for the Earthquake in Japan and Pacific Tsunami by purchasing a pretty awesome Cenarion Hatchling from the Blizzard Pet Store for $10.00. A 100% of the proceeds will be donated as long as you make the buy before July 31st. I will also be releasing a video in the next few days telling you how you can win one in a simple giveaway. Purchase yours at the Blizzard Store.

Tarou's Weekly WoW Report EP. 49! 05/12/2011 | Ask the Devs - Q&A: Guild Advancement!

  • The topic for the 6th edition of 'Ask the Devs' is Guild Advancement.
  • Q1: Are we going to see guild houses someday so we could finally get a special gather place for the guild, to meet and interact easily? – Ellidryl[Europe, French], Греланд[Europe, Russian], Ledieri [Europe, Spanish], Bodywreckér [North America]
  • A1: Guild housing is something we have discussed many times. It would be neat to have a place for people to hang out, but every time it has come up as a possibility we don't think that is worth the amount of time and resources it would take to implement (and do it right). This is one of those features where if we ever decided to do it, the benefit would have to outweigh other content we could be working on. Also, we don't feel that we need any new ways for players to hide themselves away. If possible we at least like people to be hanging around in the cities, if not out in the world. We know that many guilds, despite lack of official guild housing, have designated meeting locations throughout the world, which we think is really cool. If you don't have one yet it might be something to explore.

  • Q2: Are there any plans to allow for easier alt access to the same guild rewards as someone's main character? Perhaps some kind of +rep item that is BoA and can only be bought by an exalted character? – Serule [North America], Xheevas [Europe, French]
  • A2: This is one of the main reasons 4.1 has new guild tabards with 50/100% bonus to rep. We made sure to place these at friendly and honored so they would be easy to obtain by alts. We are considering adding an even larger bonus to an exalted, BOA version as well. Great minds think alike!

  • Q3: Will there be additional levels of rewards for those guilds that have reached the cap in future patches? Are you going to add levels beyond 25? – Sergan [Latin America], Carnesîr [Europe, German], Zippi [Europe, English], Gabän [Europe, Spanish]

    A3: Yes, we will continue to add rewards to the system as necessary. A great example is the guild reward we intend to add in patch 4.2 for guilds that obtain the new legendary staff. Guilds at level 25 also get the benefit of large gold deposits for completing Guild Challenges. Capping the guild system at level 25 felt right for the amount of content we wanted to provide in Cataclysm. We designed the system with expansions in mind, so raising the cap is something players will most likely see down the road.

  • I think they're saying basically, they're not going to do it in Cataclysm. Get the whole Q&A post on World of Warcraft's Blog.
  • So that's it for this week of Tarou's Weekly WoW Report and I hope you liked it.

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