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4,125g Per Day - How to Make Gold w/ Alchemy in MoP: Potion Master Specialization!

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4,125g Per Day - How to Make Gold w/ Alchemy in MoP: Potion Master Specialization!

What' up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you an Alchemy Gold Making video and guide using the Potion specialization.

To get started you'll need to be spec'd into Potions which gives the chance for extra potions up to four. Yelmak can teach you any Alchemy specialization if you're Horde and Lilyssia Nightbreeze in the Mage Quarter of Stormwind if you're Alliance. For the Potion Master quest you'll need:

20 x Master Healing Potion
20 x Master Mana Potion
2 x Potion of Luck

This will cost about 200 or 300 gold on most servers and you should get that back within a day from procs of extra potions. You'll also need around 550 in Alchemy to make most of the potions in this video but 600 to make them all or through the bypass of discovery. Check for an easy Alchemy leveling guide.

When you're getting mats for potions, it helps to find players who farm all the time and directly ask them to CoD you they're herbs. Just check the Auction House and direct message whoever is selling the herbs you need. Tell them you want to buy in bulk and what you're willing to pay. You can also use the Trade Channel to find sellers. You could also take the route of leveling Herbalism and using it to supply yourself with mats.

With potion spec, there are really only four potions you'll want to focus on.

Potion of Luck - Treasure
Potion of Mogu Power - Strength
Virmen's Bite - Agility
Potion of the Jade Serpent - Intellect

Potion of the Mountains - Armor (Optional but usually sells poorly.)

Of course others can be profitable but these are your main ones. You can even nix Potion of the Mountains and if you don't, you still want to have very small, limited production.

After you get all your potions made, do your daily cooldown for Living Steel. Even though you're not Transmute Spec, it still should be profitable. You can also sell the CD to someone else if you don't have the money for Trillium Bars but most people want a trans spec when they buy Living Steel cooldowns.

Alright with all the creation out of the way, we can now list everything up on the Auction House. The Living Steel goes up undercutting the competition with a 12 hour duration. Potion of Luck is also put up at a 12 hour duration and in singles. For the other potions, same duration but in full stacks of 20 and I don't undercut cheap potions that aren't in stacks of 20 unless the price difference between them is minimal. Any leftovers are listed in singles, fives, or tens. I like to use the Auctionator addon for listing items and you can find a guide at this link,

During peak raiding times, weeknights 6 to 10pm for most servers and especially Tuesday and Wednesday, you might want to cancel undercut items and re-list them a few times. You also might need to make more potions if you run out or didn't have enough money to buy the mats to start.

Ok, so it has been a day and its time to empty the mailbox. Sales were pretty decent and we sold 1,093 potions.

Potion of Luck x 1 = 72.84g
Potion of Mogu Power x 228 = 2,316.48g
Virmen's Bite x 357 = 1,747.18g
Potion of the Jade Serpent x 505 = 3,247.19g
Potion of the Mountains x 2 = 17.22g
Living Steel x 1 = 368.41g

+ Net Sales = 7,769g
- Cost of Mats = 3,644g
Grand Total Profit = 4,125g per day

Our net sales were 7,769 gold minus a mat cost of 3,644 gold which gave us a total profit of 4,125 gold. That's a pretty good margin even though we had some very weak extra potion procs.

I absolutely love Alchemy and the potential gold it can consistently make no matter which spec you are. If you have enough characters, you can level Alchemy on three of them and pick each spec like I've done on my alts. If you don't have that luxury, Potion spec is the best for players who want little competition, don't have a lot of gold to start, and want a simple profession and spec for making gold.

Thanks for watching and if you're interested in the other two specs, here's links to those that will become available as they're uploaded.

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"Now Go PvP or Something!"