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2,600g+ per Hour: How to Make Gold w/ Skinning in MoP - Ep.1!

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2,600g+ per Hour: How to Make Gold w/ Skinning in MoP - Ep.1!

What's up guy and girl players of Mists of Pandaria. Tarou here and in this series I'll be showing the best farming spots for Skinning.

Today, we're going to hit up a place in the Jade Forest that isn't well known. We'll spend 30 minutes here. Make sure you're repaired, have empty bags, and some good music or friends to talk to, to pass the time.

This place is awesome. I've never come here and had any competition even though my server is high pop, most of the mobs are low health, easy to kill and have several packs with a fast respawn time. You shouldn't ever run out of mobs.

WoW Skinning Leveling Guide 500-600

Turn on health bars by holding CTRL and pressin "V". You should be able to see the Saltback Turles easier and if you notice here in the video, there are tons of them in close packs all along this coast.

Now my Skinner isn't level 90 so I'm using my Druid to kill the mobs and skin with my Mage. This does make the process slower which means you should get better results than I did.

You can also use a Potion of Luck if you're farming for an hour or more to increase your bottom line by a little bit.

The mobs can drop Exotic Leather, Prismatic Scales along with Raw Turtle Meat, greens, Motes, and Plump Intestines. Magnificient Hides are also a possibility but I didn't get any of this particular run.

Ok, so after 30 minutes this is what I ended up with.

Exotic Leather x 120
Prismatic Leather x 47
Turtle Meat x 66
Windwool Cloth x 15
Mote of Harmony x 4
Greens x 6
Windwool Cloth x 15
Witchberries x 1

Let's loot the intestines and vendor the greys. Right around 60 gold. Not too bad but nothing spectactular.

Finally, we'll list everything in full stacks for 12 hours undercutting any competition. The addon I use for this is Auctionator and you can find a tutorial about it on my website or youtube channel. With everything listed it's now time to wait.

Skinning mats sell very well, very fast so you typically don't need to undercut anyone during the listing duration unless you find the auctions expiring. At that point you might want to monitor the AH periodically and undercut anyone who undercuts you as need be. For this video all the Skinning mats sold within a few hours even though it was 11:20 at night when I listed them. Some greens expired and while most did sell later on, you can either vendor or disenchant them to dump them faster but you will lose a good amount of potential profit.

Alright, let's break down the numbers and see how we did.

Exotic Leather x 120 = 271.56g
Prismatic Leather x 47 = 301.12g
Turtle Meat x 66 = 263.29g
Windwool Cloth x 15 = 16.63g
Mote of Harmony x 4 = 100g (125g Golden Lotus Price Factor)
Greens (3 Vendored = 47g) x 6 = 316.79g
Vendor & Plump Intestine Gold = 60g
Witchberries x 1 = 93s
Grand Total = 1,330g in 30 minutes or 2,660g for an hour

The grand total for 30 minutes was 1,330 gold or 2,660 for an hour. It's not too bad but can be improved. We'll check out another area in the next episode.

Skinning is a great profession to have and combined with Leatherworking can have some serious profit potential.

Thanks for watching and if you haven't yet please subscribe, visit, and share this video.

"Now Go Skin or Something!"