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18,131g Per Day - How to Make Gold w/ Alchemy in MoP: Elixir/Flask Master Specialization!

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18,131g Per Day - How to Make Gold w/ Alchemy in MoP: Elixir/Flask Master Specialization!

What' up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you an Alchemy Gold Making video using the Elixir / Flask specialization.

To get started you'll need to be spec'd into Elixirs which gives the chance for extra procs of items up to four. Yelmak can teach you any Alchemy specialization if you're Horde and Lilyssia Nightbreeze in the Mage Quarter of Stormwind if you're Alliance. For the Elixir Master quest you'll need:

2 x Flask of Spring Blossoms
2 x Flask of the Warm Sun
2 x Flask of the Earth
2 x Flask of Winter's Bite

This will cost about 300 to 500 gold on most servers for the mats and you should get that back within a a day from procs of extra flasks. You can also buy the flasks from the Auction House to complete quest but I suggest making them on your own.

You'll also need around 550 in Alchemy to make most of the flasks in this video but 600 to make them all or through the bypass of discovery. Check for an easy Alchemy leveling guide.

Herbalism is a great profession to have with Alchemy if you're Elixir or Potion spec. It can really help out those who don't have any gold to start Alchemy since you can farm your own mats.

When you're getting mats for flasks or any item for that matter, it can save you a ton of money by asking players directly to sell to you instead of going through the Auction House. Just check the Auction House and direct message whoever is selling the Golden Lotus or herbs you need. Tell them you want to buy in bulk and what you're willing to pay. You can also use the Trade Channel to find sellers and get people to CoD you what they have at your asking price. I do most of my purchasing for videos from the Auction House to show a more obtainable profit margin but you can increase yours greatly by following my advice.

With Elixir spec, you only want to focus on flasks that are going to make you gold. Seems easy enough but I watch a lot of players waste time and gold making flasks that have had their mats overpriced but the actual flask being too cheap to cover it. Simple math goes a long way.

Flask of Spring Blossoms
Flask of the Warm Sun
Flask of the Earth
Flask of Winter's Bite
Flask of Falling Leaves

While some servers can do well with Elixirs, most servers and players have a horrible time with them so I won't make any in this video. Feel free to test your server's market though and go from there.

When I make flasks, I make a ton. An insane amount some might say. That's because I typically make enough for a week or more. Putting the create flask on autopilot while doing other stuff makes it very convenient and easy to do. It's also fun to look back and see what sort of procs you got.

In this video I make every flask in mostly equal amounts but you might on your server that Earth is going to sell the least while you blow through Flask of the Warm Sun like crazy. That's ok and you can always use the money from sales to buy more mats so you can list up more flasks. I don't expect everyone to have a ton of gold and that's ok. Make what you can, collect the gold, and make more. Rinse and repeat until you do have a lot of money. Patience and sticking with it is key to success with Alchemy or anything in game or IRL for that matter. Becoming a millionaire over night just doesn't happen in most cases.

After you make all your flasks, make sure you do your daily cooldown for Living Steel if you haven't yet.

Ok, with all that done, we can now list everything up on the Auction House. For flasks you'll have a lot of competition and an addon like Auctionator can really help make things easier. If you don't have the Auctionator addon yet, I suggest getting it. I don't suggest using TradeSkillMaster since it's a bit too automated for flasks. You'll want to play the quantity game with flasks. What I mean by that is list in different quantities at different prices if it makes sense. I like to list in singles, fives, twenties, and even tens. Mixing things up gives a buyer more choice. Sometimes you can even get more gold for higher quantities. For example if there are only 12 flasks for 90g but a player wants 20, you could sell a 20 stack for 100g each. I wouldn't go crazy though and super overprice it. Be reasonable.

The best times to list flasks are between 6 to 10pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday but other non peak raid times can be good as well since the competition will be a lot lower. During peak raid times you'll have to check your flasks periodically for undercuts. You can do this between RBGs, BGs, or even wipes and other down time during a raid. If you're into camping the Auction House and that's what you find fun, that of course can work too. Auctionator works great for quickly cancelling the auctions you've been undercut on but keep in mind some you may have purposely priced above others. To avoid cancelling ones you want to keep, select the flask individually and then cancel the ones you want like I do in the video.

Ok so it has been a day and its time to empty the mailbox. We sold an unbelievable amount of flasks and could have even done more with a bit of extra focus.

Flask of Spring Blossoms x 160 = 12,654.44g (79.10g ea.)
Flask of the Warm Sun x 115 = 13,170.23g (114.52g ea.)
Flask of the Earth x 73 = 6,100.79g (83.57g ea.)
Flask of Winter's Bite x 56 = 4,202.4g (75.04g ea.)
Flask of Falling Leaves x 95 = 6,359.96 (66.95g ea.)
Living Steel x 1 = 379.81g
+ Net Sales = 42,868g

- Cost of Mats = 24,737g
Green Tea Leaf x 244 = 395.28g (1.62g ea.)
Rain Poppy x 228 = 362.52g (1.59g ea.)
Silkweed x 360 = 709.2g (1.97g ea.)
Snow Lily x 516 = 970.08g (1.88 ea.)
Fool's Cap x 164 = 521.52g (3.18g ea.)
Golden Lotus x 378 = 21,508.2g (56.9g ea.)
Trillium Bar x 6 = 270g (45g ea.)
Grand Total Profit = 18,131g per day

Our net sales were 42,868 gold minus a mat cost of 24,737 gold which gave us a total profit of 18,131 gold. That's a bit low of a profit margin but who can complain at 18 thousand gold per day.

I absolutely love Alchemy and the potential gold it can consistently make no matter which spec you are. If you have enough characters, you can level Alchemy on three of them and pick each spec like I've done on my alts. If you don't have that luxury, Elixir spec is the best for players who don't mind a lot of competition, want just a few items to make with similar mats, and can watch their auctions on the AH often throughout the day and especially during peak raid times for cancelling and reposting while undercutting the other sellers.

Thanks for watching and if you're interested in the other two specs, here's links to those that will become available as they're uploaded.

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