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10,592g Per Day - How to Make Gold w/ Alchemy in MoP: Transmutation Master Specialization!

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10,592g Per Day - How to Make Gold w/ Alchemy in MoP: Transmutation Master Specialization!

What' up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou here bringing you an Alchemy Gold Making video using the Transmute specialization.

To get started you'll need to be spec'd into Transmutes which gives the chance for extra procs of transmuted items up to four. Yelmak can teach you any Alchemy specialization if you're Horde and Lilyssia Nightbreeze in the Mage Quarter of Stormwind if you're Alliance. For the Transmutation Master quest you'll need:

4 x Living Steel

This will cost about 1,200 to 1,600 gold on most servers and you should get that back within a few days from procs of extra transmutes. You'll also need around 550 in Alchemy to make most of the items in this video but 600 to make them all or through the bypass of discovery. Check for an easy Alchemy leveling guide.

When you're getting mats for transmutation spec, it helps to find players who farm all the time and directly ask them to CoD you their Ghost Iron Bars. Just check the Auction House and direct message whoever is selling the gems, Golden Lotus, or bars you need. Tell them you want to buy in bulk and what you're willing to pay. You can also use the Trade Channel to find sellers. I do most of my purchasing for videos from the Auction House to show a more obtainable profit margin. You could also take the route of leveling Mining and using it to supply yourself with mats but I prefer Jewelcrafting to go with Transmutation Master Alchemy.

With Transmute spec, you only want to focus on transmutes that are going to make you gold. Seems easy enough but I watch a lot of players waste time and gold transmuting gems like Primordial Rubys that net a negative amount.

Transmute: Trillium Bar
Transmute: Living Steel
Transmute: Primal Diamond
Transmute: Imperial Amethyst
Transmute: Wild Jade
Transmute: Vermillion Onyx

Any others aside from what I have listed even if profitable should be limited amounts to test the market.

To start, I also always transmute up. What I mean by that is I make Trillium Bars to sell and to use for Living Steel. I transmute uncommon gems with Golden Lotus into Vermillion Onyx, Wild Jade, and Imperial Amethyst and then use those to make my Primal Diamonds. By doing this you get the best possible profit margin and you reduce supply which can inflate prices that will help limit your competition and allow you to get more money for what you're selling.

After you transmute everything. make sure you do your daily cooldown for Living Steel if you haven't yet. Just like the other transmutes, you can proc an extra 4. In this video I got one extra. If you're just starting out and have no gold, you could sell the CD to someone or do other transmutes for tips until you have enough gold to make your own stuff.

Alright with all the creation out of the way, we can now get to listing everything up on the Auction House. I list Trillium Bars in singles, full stacks, and stacks of six for the daily. One of the best times to list Tril bars is right near the dailys reset after the initial flood buys out all the cheaper bars. I follow that with Living Steel in singles undercutting the competition. Worst time to list Living Steel is right after the daily reset since prices are crushed so mid-day to 10pm or so is best. Next, we have Primal Diamond which can be good through out the day and night but peak around raid times 6 to 10pm during the week days especially Tuesday and Wednesdays. Last I list up all the rare gems I have left over. In this video I transmuted Sun's Radiance which I almost never do. Mats were super cheap though and uncut suns were enough to bring in a small profit margin. Be weary though and limit your numbers on anything I didn't put on my focus transmute list.

Periodically during the day and during peak raiding times, that I mentioned before, you might need to cancel undercut items and re-list them a few times. I like to use Auctionator to cancel and check for undercuts and here's a video for that. Be careful though and don't get crazy because the deposits on gems and bars can be a bit hefty if you do it excessively.

Also, don't camp the Auction House unless that's your flavor of play. It can get extremely boring for a lot of players so mix it up by doing the Auctioning in your free or down time. Make it secondary and focus on your RBGs, Arenas, Raiding, Dancing on Mailboxes, or whatever you find fun.

If you're looking to make even more gold with transmute spec, pairing it up with Jewelcrafting is a great way to do that. Even if you don't have or want Jewelcrafting, finding a friend, guildy or anyone to team up with to cut your transmuted Primal Diamonds into popular metas or rare gems can add a hundred or so gold and increase the speed of sales. Just be sure to tip.

Anyone who doesn't have a lot of gold can easily build their way up with transmute spec. Start with a few items and once they sell, buy more and continue doing that each day. In this video, I had to buy more and more mats as things quickly sold. You can do the same on a smaller scale and in a week or so have the same amount of gold that I do to work with.

Ok so it has been a day and its time to empty the mailbox. Sales were pretty decent and we sold a ton of stuff.

Trillium Bar x 184 = 7,936g (43.13g ea.)
Living Steel x 2 = 769g (384.5g ea.)
Primal Diamond x 29 = 10,762g (371.10g ea.)
Imperial Amethyst x 30 = 1,969g (65.63g ea.)
Wild Jade x 20 = 1,357g (67.85ea.)
Vermillion Onyx x 1 = 67g
Sun's Radiance x 26 = 1,462g (56.23g ea. Tricky - Limit)

+ Net Sales = 24,322g
- Cost of Mats = 13,730g
Ghost Iron Bars x 1,320 = 6,006g (91g/stack)
Golden Lotus x 157 = 7,379g (47g ea.)
Uncommon Gems x 157 = 345g (2.2g ea.)
Grand Total Profit = 10,592g per day

Our net sales were 24,322 gold minus a mat cost of 13,730 gold which gave us a total profit of 10,592 gold in one day. That's a pretty good margin even though we had some very weak procs.

I absolutely love Alchemy and the potential gold it can consistently make no matter which spec you are. If you have enough characters, you can level Alchemy on three of them and pick each spec like I've done on my alts. I actually have four Alchemists. If you don't have that luxury, Transmute spec is the best for players who don't mind a little competition, have Jewelcrafting, and either have a bit of gold or patience to start. It's a great spec for making gold in Mists of Pandaria.

Thanks for watching and if you're interested in the other two specs, here's links to those that will become available as they're uploaded.

If you haven't yet, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, for more free leveling and gold making guides to help all players have fun and get rich in the World.. of Warcraft!

"Now Go Transmute Mats to Riches!"